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July 12, 2016 "People are complaining that Donald Trump is highly inconsistent, given to stormy temper tantrums, doesn't seem to have a clear grasp of reality, and has no ability to stay focused. Also, people who examine his videos up close say Trump often sniffles, he's been sniffling off and on for months. I've seen it myself on video. Now, we don't want to jump to conclusions but what other form of behavior sounds like that description? Oh, I wonder if that is similar to cocaine users. Jumpy as hell, sniffling, unable to keep focused. Would that surprise anyone? "  KHM

July 7, 2016  "There was a time when as Americans we could know how our lives would turn out day to day, month to month. No more, an underlying current of far, far right anger is slowly creeping into our lives. In some places it's anti semitism, in others it's hate of cultures we don't know. Donald Trump helped trigger this but it's a movement that's been brewing for many years. We're about to see the rise of a force that's been largely absent from our culture for many years. But now it's here and growing. Time to face it, what might have been called Nazism now has a new name and face."  KHM

June 28, 2016 "No matter what happens, Donald Trump will turn out to be the most unpredictable, unprincipled, ultimate waste of time this country has ever experienced. By the time the election is finished Trump will have destroyed America's self respect. This may be the worst American embarrassment in modern history far beyond George W. Bush or Richard Nixon's terrible judgments. And the Republican party, once an American institution worthy of respect has shit all over itself. I grew up with midwesterners who would honor both Republicans and Democrats. Now what's left of the Republican institution is literally crumbling under the weight of Donald Trump's onslaught. Americans, all of us, have a job to do. Trump cannot be allowed to ruin this amazing country." KHM

June 17, 2016 "I watched some videos on Youtube about the middle east, the Kurds, ISIS, all the rest of it. And two thoughts come to mind: 1. While watching people in Iraq and Syria I had this creepy feeling that there may be no real difference between all these cultures. I have great respect for the Kurdish people, I know they are fighting an honorable fight but when, as a westerner, I see people from all the middle eastern cultures together they begin to merge into one another. I watched two ISIS fighters being interviewed and they seemed to have absolutely no moral beliefs except that any non believer should die. The Kurds are up against that mentality, ridiculous absence of any normal respect for human life. And the longer I watched the more I realized large sectors of the Muslim cultures seem to be have any regard for life as we understand it in the western civilization. is that a big too big to bite off? I guess that sounds awful to say but I watched Muslim people cutting down other Muslim people without any regard to their right to live. And the second thought is I'm not sure the cultures of the middle east, even the Kurds, will actually sort out this whole war of Islam so the killing stops. Because Muslims are killing more Muslims than anyone else and it's getting worse. In America we hear Trump accuse Obama of huge mistakes in the middle east but I'm not sure anything we do in our country makes much difference?"  KHM

June 12, 2016 "Am I the only American who can't make any sense of this election season? We have Trump who increasingly makes no sense at all. And the conflict between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton where it's obvious that Bernie has been bringing a degree of honesty that is rarely seen in American politics and now it appears Bernie may be moved out of the mix, not quite sure. For sure there will be a lot of pissed off citizens who find Bernie the first trustable politician in a long time. Personally I love him but I have to say there is an air of unreality about his goals. This country is not going to be a socialist paradise. It's America, the home of capitalism." KHM

June 3, 2016 "I'm a really damn cynical person and other than watching Netflix I'm inclined to skip normal television. Ok, so, what do you make of this show called "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry". I'm not really prepared to quite buy into this but it's seriously compelling. I watched a few episodes and wasn't inclined to think it is real but, you know what, this guy may be for real? A psychic who actually can see invisible connections with people? Naw, couldn't be true. All BS, right? You better watch it yourself."  KHM

May 25, 2016  "It's already pretty obvious that Donald Trump will run a race of demagoguery if he turns out to be the nominee for the Republicans. My hunch is he will be the chosen one. So if you don't like what he stands for what can you do? Short term offer money to the Clinton or Bernie campaigns. But longer term it will be critical to keep bringing up that certain candidates backed Trump and keep their names attached to Trump. I believe that is critically important. Once someone decides they cn side with Trump they should never, ever be allowed to have that fact be lost." KHM

May 17, 2016 "This will sound like an odd request but America needs the help of people in other countries. In America we realize we have to grapple with Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. Those of us who are scared silly about Trump know it's up to America to keep him out of the White House. But we need our neighbors to know a large percentage of our citizenry would like to run away from Trump but, of course, we have no other place to go so millions are attempting to contend with a conservative movement that has never risen in such a threatening manner. This is not just Trump, it's a movement of followers who apparently are willing to accept his bizarre manifestation. Maybe more to the point, 'progressives' had better start waking up. Thirty years of rising liberal values has unsurprisingly triggered a parallel reaction and those forces obviously have a right to express their opinions. But this has gone far beyond any conflict point I can remember. America is now unofficially at war with itself. And folks, every single person needs to make their contribution to lowering the heated dialogue." KHM

May 12, 2016 "This is a bit unsettling. Beijing along with approx. 50 other Chinese cities is sinking. Beijing seems to be sinking about 4 inches a year. Other Chinese cities are sinking faster. Ask a construction expert how problematic it will be to have large, sprawling or tall buildings contending with the ground collapsing. Even simple one or two story homes cannot tolerate steady, ongoing subsidence forever. The entire Chinese nation is suffering from a real shortage of water so they are pumping out whatever water remains under all their cities. And that is, surprise, causing the buildings to sink. Another surprise, you rarely, if ever, hear that Chinese cities, even the biggest metropolises are sinking at a rapid rate. Certainly the Chinese government does not want to keep talking about this very fundamental problem for the Chinese people. In fact, China's environment is in huge trouble. We already know about the immense pollution, ridiculous overbuilding creating entire cities of totally empty buildings. The Chinese government and academics actually have long since lost control of their own country. It's falling apart but no Chinese officials are willing to talk about their issues. Let's also add in Brazil, another huge country that is reeling from complete mismanagement. May I say Brazil is not a place you want to go visit, not now, not for a long time. I know some lovely Brazilian people and they don't deserve what is happening in their country. But it is happening. Careful where you travel. I personally would not go to either China or Brazil. Way too scary and out of control."  KHM

 May 5, 2016 "You may have or Americans that seems very far away but you need to be aware That this referendum may turn out to have a big impact on everyone. What is at stake will be heavily economic and may reach far beyond just the pound and the dollar. There are lots of very restless people in Great Britain, just like in America. Here we have Donald Trump, in England there are right wing conservatives who are very unhappy with how immigration has worked out. Sounds like the Trump playbook. Conservative forces rising up demanding better borders, protection, sounds like America. This Brexit vote may turn out to be a very big deal."  KHM

April  26,  2016 "Let's explore a few hypothetical situations:

What if people who regard themselves as Muslims recognize their religion may not be serving their needs. And that living under rules of Islam is no longer useful or comfortable? What would happen? Islam would continue as a major religion. People would begin dressing in a less conservative manner. And gradually support for highly conservative religious rules would begin collapsing. Predictably countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia would react and attempt to keep their citizens under traditional Muslim cultural norms. But, in time, people would become more westernized. Fear of non Muslim behaviors would become less threatening.

How could that happen? It is occurring now but Muslim followers need to gradually educate themselves about their options and alternatives. Westerners are beginning to realize that Islam is a pervasive force which must be dealt with. Presently there is a big negative attached, perhaps that will change?"  KHM

April  17,  2016 "With all the useful ways to use your time, this is hard to believe. On Youtube.com, try watching 'Heavy Construction and Equipment Fail Compilation'. It's a dozen utterly astonishing failures shot on amateur cameras with grainy results. But a couple, like the apartment buildings just standing there  and suddenly, oops,  an entire building falls down. Guess what, my daughter found these. Quite astonishing!"  KHM

April 10,  2016 "Let's pause here. What happened on this page? We took three plus years of Katherine's musing, ideas, crazy ass shit and dropped it into the most recent archives, 2013 to 2016. Why? Because all these archives will be turned into another book about Kate. And along with some of the archives will be material you've never seen. Meantime all the wonders of Kate are still available right here in the Archives sections.  The Editors

April 4,  2016 "How many are thinking Donald Trump looks an awful lot like facist or racist leaders of the past? Actually I don't really think he's a purposeful racist, he just doesn't know better. To most people he seems like a racist (Mexicans etc) but in his own mind I would guess he's just telling the truth. We won't know who the Democratic nominee will be for a while but if Bernie or Hillary I hope they'll get your vote over Trump. KHM

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