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June 20,  2018 "So what to do next? We have a President fully out of control. We Americans, the ones that can't begin to believe Trump has become our 'leader', are totally flummoxed. We are confused. So I'm hoping our allies and our enemies as well recognize that what's going on in America is so bizarre, twisted and unimaginable that our country will recover, somehow. And America will regain its regular balance. That's what likely 70% of all Americans are thinking. And roughly 30% disagree, see Trump as a worthwhile leader and back him. So who's right? As one of those Americans I'm deeply worried that the Trump administration will keep control and not be gradually unbuilt. I know there are some Russian citizens who read this website. And I am aware that Putin is still held in high regard in Russia. Most Americans have no hate or even dislike for Russian people. But the majority of Americans believe Putin is trying to destroy this country or at least weaken it. We're here to stop him."  KHM

June,  2018 "On a totally different level, how wonderful watching and loving 'VEEP', some of the best writing in television. The strange reality is that watching Julia Louis Dreyfus play the vice president often feels like watching actual reality.  I have a strong instinct what really happens in the White House is very much like what you see on this series. Most often the great hilarity is how stupidly silly, normal and ridiculous our actual government appears to be. If you haven't seen VEEP it's worth your time."  KHM

June,  2018 Is our good friend Kim Jong Un killing himself? It certainly appears that way. His diet is terrible consisting of cheese (lots of it), processed meats, lots of liquor. He smokes, no exercise and he has gout related to his diet. Meantime, of course, his fellow citizens are literally starving. American intelligence services are closely monitoring his health issues. He's only in his thirties but on a collision course with a bad health incident. KHM

May 12,  2018 "If you found me in the net sphere perhaps you thought I'm worth checking out because I am a fighter and in earlier days I actually did fight scumbags, especially animal abusers. But we all change as we age. Now what I care about is developing defenses because the armed camp of conservatives are attacking every important institution this country has built. I believe it's safe to say that virtually no one in the Republican camp are telling the truth, at all. It's sure hard to make that statement but it appears to be true. Truth is the currency of the democracy and with the exception of a few Jeff Flakes none of them are telling us the truth. We can lose our way of life and democracy way too easily unless people who will tell the truth are again in charge."  KHM

May 5,  2018 "Anyone watching what's occurring in America should be aware that life has totally altered in this country. Totally. The President could never have  guessed that his unpredictable, ill mannered,  self centered temperament would alter an entire nation. Our political system is poorly prepared for a dictator mentality, that is who President Trump is---the parallels with Hitler are unavoidable. How can Republican women sacrifice their self respect to honor this man? But just as important, the liberals, democrats, anti Trump forces are hung up on his personality and not paying enough attention to his tactics.  Even though numerous Republicans disagree with his ugly presentation they will not attempt to slow him down and certainly won't agree to impeachment.  The rule book of  honorable behavior is long gone, the Republican party has devolved into Trump's party and like it or not the dark conservative forces appear to be winning or, at least, not yet losing. Liberalism in America lost its inherent mojo and far too much time goes into refining policy when the other side is bulldozing America."  KHM

April 27,  2018 " As an American accustomed to whatever 'normalcy' used to mean, seeing the Republican administration operate in the most astonishing, dishonest and outright nefarious manner takes your breath away. Is that a bit too extreme? Not extreme enough I have to say.  I simply can't believe that the American government is being run by people so dishonest. Raised in Minnesota where outright dishonesty, not unknown, is still a rarity. But now it appears American politics has been dramatically altered by Trump. I am told that people in other countries, particularly in Europe cannot believe their eyes seeing an entire administration lying, exaggerating in a manner never seen before in America.  Are we simply naive? It only took one person, Donald Trump to destroy the FairPlay regime we were used to."  KHM

April11,  2018 "Americans have plenty to complain about including the massive "tax break" ripoff. But we also can count our blessings in comparison to Venezuela. Their government under Nicolas Maduro has literally murdered their economy. There was a time 20 years ago, maybe further back, when Venezuela was very prosperous but that has ended and the people are suffering terribly.   KHM

April 5,  2018 "Forgive me, I was trying to say in this country people simply can't keep up with the Trump chaos, the rate of change and turnover is not just unprecedented, it's like living in another galaxy. Trump has fired or lost so many senior people since coming into office you could quite literally start another government. I've lost track but I know it's over 50 people. In most American governments that's five years of turnover or maybe ten years. What worked for Trump in his business is a terrible fit for American government and he really doesn't understand that idea. If he did he'd be operating very differently. And most important, all this focus on "the president" is distorting or even destroying our ability to run a country."  KHM

April 4,  2018 "I have to admit, at the rate Donald Trump throws out ideas I mostly disagree with it makes it difficult for anyone to even keep up. If you are in other countries and can figure out how to watch the Rachel Maddow Show on msnbc she tracks the Trump administration, if you can call it that, with unerring accuracy. She is the highest rated network news person in America right now. What makes her special is she focuses on truth and the Trump people are so amazingly corrupt and seemingly unable to tell the truth that she has a lot to work with. She is left leaning but I don't care. I won't to know the truth and she does that.

Mar 10,  2018 "


The urgency appears to be coming from the North Koreans. Look at the most recent pictures of KJU. He has ballooned up dramatically. And now reports that he has similar health issues to his father. 

I am willing to bet he will be requesting medical help in some form and may want to work out a deal with Trump beforehand. Overreach?

Feb 18,  2018 "I'm normally concerned with serious matters, there are plenty to keep us busy. But I want to endorse a tv show of all things.  There is a show which is strangely backwards, a fish out of modern cultural waters, has no sex whatsoever and it utterly charming. It's called "Young Sheldon" , a story about a young family in Texas in, I guess the sixties. The actor who plays Sheldon, Iain Ermitage, is brilliant and cute. So why should I write about a humorous tv show, there is so much important stuff going on. Well, I have to confess, I don't have a good reason. I just think everyone needs to have a good laugh." KHM

Feb 13,  2018 "Мои русские друзья. Я знаю, что 9 русских людей, которые, я думаю, просто замечательные. Теплая, щедрая и очень заботливая. Я искренне желаю, чтобы Путин и Трамп не ввергли наши две страны в врагов. Это очень неправильно. В Америке крошечный процент нашего населения действительно поддерживает Трампа. Большинство из нас не может понять его мысли. Американцы очень мало знают о России или ваших людях, и слишком много того, что мы видим, очень наклонно. Будем надеяться, что когда-нибудь Америка и Россия смогут работать вместе. Кэтрин Макгилл

Feb 13,  2018 "

"Trump Administration Morally Bankrupt

1. U.S. Intel agencies completely agree that Russia is attacking American yet again. But Trump will not lift a finger to stop them. Confirmed today in Congress our Intel officials all agreed that Russia is attacking.

2. Trump and Tillerson appear to be totally in the bag for Russia. The State Department "has been raped" (words of people who served in State Dept.) by Tillerson's inaction to appoint new staff.

3. Trump's appointees have been, at best, unqualified witness Ryan Zinke giving away our public lands and Tom Price giving away our environment.

4. The Russians are clearly blackmailing Trump. Our "President" refuses to say in public what everyone else agrees is the truth: Russia is our Enemy."  KHM

Feb 3,  2018 "What's the worst aspect of Trump and "his Republicans". They lie constantly, daily, by the hour. Trump does not know what the truth is if he ever did. And it's the lying, deceit, exaggeration that can kill our country. I hate what they are doing to the FBI and EPA but over time those institutions can be rebuilt. But when truth is sold down the river, so goes our amazing country."

Jan 28, 2018 "I know half the readers of this website are in other countries, many in the Ukraine and Russia. Speaking as one American can I say what you see occurring in our country with Donald Trump and his appointees is sheer lunacy and can't go on for too much longer. America has many flaws but never in our history has anyone demonstrated such a lack of good judgment. A very high percentage of Americans, easily the majority, think Trump should be taken out of office but our system allows him to remain. So, we're apologizing and praying that some interstellar force intercedes. Soon."  KHM

Jan 8, 2018 From Michael Sunday, worth reading


New White House Approach To Staffing Important Positions

(Reuters) - The U.S. Interior Department on Wednesday said it welcomed the mass resignation of members of the National Parks Service advisory board, saying they had ignored sexual harassment cases and lied about how they were treated by the Trump administration. The resignations and firings in the Trump administration are so unparalleled that the White House has resolved to try a fresh approach. Sam Arnold Goodenrich who was hired as a temp in the White House after being laid off at a Sams Club will now lead this program termed Super Fast Start.“Americans need to have confidence in the leadership in the executive branch but it does take time to identify likely candidates and vet them properly. So programs must roll forward and we admittedly are shorthanded so we’re taking a new approach. If we locate a likely candidate we ask them to step through rigorous procedures.

“We absolutely check for satisfactory pulse and heartbeat, we look at their teeth, that’s always important and we prefer a full head of hair. As we want to attract younger voters we also want to hire younger new staff. So going forward a candidate must be at least sixteen years old and show evidence of basic education. We ask them to repeat at least the names of five states in the union and avow their parents are Republican voters? We think that covers the necessities.”As an example Mr. Goodenrich commented about recent hires to replace resignations from the Interior Dept.“Our first hires, four young men ages 16 to 18 and one young woman, age 18 have well documented histories as hunters in western states such as Wyoming will step into the shoes of the former National Parks Service advisory board. We like the youthful vitality and fresh outlook. All claimed they were happy with President Trump. Said one appointee, “We’ll be demonstrating the new outlook for this country, we’ll all be on a hunting trip in the spring to shoot some elk.”

Jan 5, 2018 

"Normally I try to write everything on this site but here the important work has been done on a website called longreads.com Joe Arpaio, former Sheriff in Arizona is running for the Senate and this is a person, at 85 years old who has no place in American society but Trump pardoned him.

He forced inmates in Arizona to live in a “tent city” where temperatures reached 135 degrees.Phoenix New Times caught him proudly referring to his “tent city” as a concentration camp, and then later lying about having done so.He bragged about spending more to feed dogs than human inmates, and letting the inmates watch The Food Network to exacerbate their hunger.Prisoners in his jails died at alarming rates, with no explanation given.

The Phoenix New Times investigated the high rate of suicide in Arpaio’s jail, and also reported on his staff’s abuse of a paraplegic, how a stay in his jail caused a woman to lose her baby, and nearly killed a young man with Crohn’s disease.He withheld resources for investigations of sex crimes.

Ryan Gabrielson recalled, in this piece for ProPublica, how Arpaio’s obsession with immigration resulted in hundreds of sex crimes going uninvestigated. (Gabrielson won a Pulitzer in 2009 with his East Valley Tribune colleague Paul Giblin for their reporting on Arpaio.He staged a fake assassination attempt against himself, costing taxpayers more than $1 million. His need for attention appears to be truly pathological.

He’s a well-known anti-government extremist. His officers burned a dog alive for no reason, then laughed as the dog’s owners cried.

It’s impossible to highlight just one galling paragraph from this Phoenix New Times story, which includes the wholesale destruction of a home for the pursuit of a young man wanted for traffic violations. You may not know much about Arizona but now you have a little knowledge of this waste of carbon."  KHM

Dec.11,  2017 

"I am now and have been a pretty moderate American, political party wasn't a critical factor to me. But that has changed irrevocably seeing how the Republican party is butchering our democracy.

It isn't just Donald Trump, it's almost every single Republican in our federal government. They are systematically destroying whatever humanity had been integrated into our government. 

Personally I believe communicating the utter failure of Republicans to live up to common American standards of decency can gradually alter their trajectory during 2018. We can't make them dramatically more human but we can signal our complete dissatisfaction. They do have to win re-election."  KHM

Dec. 5,  2017 "About half the people visiting this website are not in America and I'm hoping to speak with non-Americans dropping by. I know that many people cannot believe much less understand how our country could vote for the current President? You may not understand that America is presently under the control of a regime, Republic ultra conservatives, who are intending to completely alter the American government and way of life. These same Republicans realize they may only have limited time to upend the American culture and make sure our country is controlled by their version of Oligarchs. So time will be of the essence in changing laws before the slowly awakening American public realizes the conservative approach to governing will destroy their entire safety net or most of it. That is happening right now. Ultra right wing advocates are not satisfied just readjusting how America works, they intend to wipe out any opposition starting inside American intelligence and security services.What I hope you readers from other countries can appreciate is that only a modest percentage of Americans support conservative values, at least as they are currently being promoted. In fact, conservatism has always been a major portion of our values but these were once steadfast, high value people. No more, the Steve Bannon brand of "conservative" is more like an ultra right, merciless revolutionary who want to overthrow our way of life. Bannon, in fact, admits he wants far more radical changes. So all of you onlookers, have some faith, our country is not yet delivered to these mercenaries and criminals. Cheer on our opposition."  KHM

Nov. 28, 2017 "I may be premature but the forces of change are building. "Me Too" is obviously upsetting and disturbing the previously normal flow of social change. Trump has clearly been overplaying his hand almost every day. Republicans are showing very definite signs of irritation and discomfort with a president who sure as hell ain't Presidential. But most important, there are still far more basically honest Americans who can't stand the scumbag Republicans. Not all Republicans are scumbags, there are principled conservatives who I may not totally agree with but they have moral strength. Those moral people are surfacing and they don't like dishonesty like Trump brought with him. This will be a long war but people on the side of high standards will ultimately be victorious. Just don't be in a rush. KHM

Nov. 17, 2017 "If you have hung in with me this far you might as well know this little tale. The book about my life (appears above in the corner) included the Romanian Cold Hand history, or at least some of it. The "Cold Hand" is based on years of stories in Russia (primarily) where the military and some scientists did try to find ways to use the human mind to influence an enemy. If you recall the movie, "Men Who Stare At Goats", that was based on real experiments conducted by the American intelligence service attempting to manipulate people by bending their thinking. Yes, true, using mental powers to control others from a distance is actual stuff. Which brings us to the present. People are asking if the Cold Hand could be used right now but with thousands of people attempting to influence a political leader. My response is generally this has been tried before, the Russians, reportedly, attempting to co-opt Hitler with thousands of Russians combining their collective power to bring Hitler down.

You may see some parallels with modern America. Could a leader who is vastly unpopular with one part of the population be neutralized if hundreds of thousands of people all focused on him at the same time? Well surprise, it's being attempted  presently. The difference here is instead of 10,000 or 30,000 people focusing their minds on a specific leader it could possibly be in the millions. I am told, and I want to emphasize this is not me suggesting this approach, I'm reporting about it, that thousands of Americans are apparently trying to focus on a prominent leader every day at noon for one minute. That's it, very straight forward. One minute at noon. Seem preposterous? You be the judge."  KHM

Nov. 12, 2017 "I actually had this dream. I went hunting for a state senator in a nearby state. People knew where he liked to hang out. With a very sturdy friend we persuaded him to accompany us to a home in a downtown area of Chicago where we camped out. For the next number of days this senator was forced to live just like one of his voters on nearly no money, barely adequate food under squalid conditions. Each day the senator was forced to confront the near impossible conditions of living really poor. The senator was being sought by the authorities but we were well prepared to keep him in place. And then he was released with the understanding he would tell the world what he experienced. He didn't, of course, so he was snatched once more and now made to fulfill a far thornier list of demands. Could you do that to one of the high and mighty politicians making life in America miserable. If it wasn't just a dream but a possible reality could you force the senator to see how his decisions were impacting others? Sounds kinda crazy doesn't it? If only all the people in Congress had to live through such an experience."  KHM

Nov. 5, 2017 "It seems that forever, since I can remember, we've been watching the gun advocates resist changing the laws to reduce the number of guns on the street. And, it appears that such a campaign will be uphill for years. So, time to change gears. Let's start connecting the obvious dots: Men who commit domestic violence repeatedly are at the heart of almost all these tragic mass shootings. So, for now, start concentrating on the men who commit these violent attacks on their own families who can be identified. Not only should no man who has committed domestic violence own weapons, many should be surveilled at the very least and in many cases should be jailed. Yes, moving that direction will be complex requiring lots of lawyers to negotiate those murky waters. But, gun advocates may be willing to participate in stopping these violent men from easily controlling weapons. It will take decades to reduce the weapons supply but we can identify these violent men and in some cases separate them from guns."  KHM

Oct. 29, 2017 "I normally don't post articles from newspapers but this is about a ring of poachers slaughtering wild animals just for the hell of it. A sort of bonding experience up in Washington State. Don't feel obligated to read all of this but that special place in hell everyone always talks about should include these scumbags." http://www.chronline.com/news/cellphones-provide-mountain-of-evidence-in-poaching-ring-that-potentially/article_79909c6c-9523-11e7-96ac-4b8a97191f69.html

October, 2017 "Sorry on this one but the whole month of October I was engaged in a clandestine project which I can't reveal but concerns my favorite subject: Jerks Who Hurt Animals. Saying it's a favorite is misleading because I'd like to never have to think about that subject again. But it's always with us. So along with two friends, one a male, one female, we visited with a few genuinely terrible people and helped them see the error of their ways."  KHM

Sept. 29, 2017 "Have you seen Pink perform lately? She has a great band composed mostly of women, not to say the men aren't also very strong players. I enjoyed watching her, she's a gutsy singer. After centuries of women always being in second place the door is truly opening for women in almost every field. Yes, of course most people think this is not big news but I happen to think it's very big news. I'm now old enough to remember when this was definitely not the case. Now it's almost being taken for granted but it seems like yesterday and I can definitely remember it quite clearly, if you were female you had to fight a helluva lot harder just to stay even much less get ahead. I hope that younger women and men are not assuming that women will now increasingly emerge in the light and get better opportunities. I am fascinated by history and it's way too early to assume the year of the woman or the century of the woman is here. But it's getting a lot closer." KHM

Sept. 27, 2017 "This is coming our way like it or not. Just when we will need a strong revitalized opposition to the most corrupt Republican party imaginable we may find a splintered, disheartened Democratic party. The revelations about Hillary's machine controlling the party in 2016, even when she was not yet nominated are devastating. And so, what the hell else is new? I sincerely hope that all of us who are deeply offended by what is happening in the White House will find the determination to stand up and fight. Really, really hard."

Sept. 18, 2017 "You know what truly worries me? It's not that the President is unhinged. Yes that's bad for sure. And there are some other truly outrageous things like all the lies the Republican party tells on a daily basis. What truly worries me is a percentage of Republican voters or at least conservative voters are standing solidly behind Donald Trump. Coming up on a year of Trump in office with the most bizarre behavior in American political history and still his supporters cannot see anything wrong? If you happen to know one of these voters can you kindly put in a good word and suggest they examine their sanity? Thanks from one confused female person." KHM

Sept. 5, 2017 "I have a dear friend with a bizarre name, Audifred Firegirl. I may have misspelled her first name, but that's her name. People might confuse us, we both do crazy shit and on a few occasions we've done some of those crazy things together. Usually it involves some idiot, always a man, abusing an animal or a even a person. Normally it would happen to one of us alone but a few times it happened when we were in the same place together. I know not everyone cares about these memories, maybe no one cares. Anyhow, I'm in a small town, it was here in America but I can't really say where, you'll understand. Audi shows up unannounced, unexpected, she tracked me down through a friend. She just wanted to hang out, she travels a lot, she has a plane to use. We're in a small hotel lobby, talking and a woman walks up to me, out of the blue, says she has read my book and says I should know about a guy living on a farm outside her town who has the reputation, no she said she knows he was hurting animals. That took about ten seconds for Audi to get crazy and start yelling we had to go find this dude.  I know that a normal person does not act like this girl. Audi goes zero to 100 in no time. We had to borrow a car, when Audi gets ramped up nothing stands in her way. Makes me look timid. We drive out there, got lost, found this road. Got to his house. Audi goes to the front door, confronts him, why is he hurting animals? She can yell like nobody's business, believe me. Oh shit, that's what Trump says isn't it? His son and a cousin storm out, one has an ax and he means business. I took care of him easily enough but Audi is after this older man and it got nasty fast. You don't want to mess with her, not one bit. She makes me look sketchy. Well, it finished with Audi settling it out with the man, who promised to never hurt any animal again. Maybe, who knows? This is how my life has gone. I'm so glad Audi has been with me when it got strange. God, I do make it strange don't I?  KHM

August 27, 2017 "Ok, so remember the Americans working in Havana who have apparently sustained hearing damage? Someone or something is causing damage and, thus far, neither Americans or anyone else can explain what is happening. So, as they say, just sayin', if you went back in the archives on this website you'll see references to a company called 'Aray Powersource' which built devices to bring attackers to a halt. Without going into a long song and dance, Aray Powersource was built on research into mental manipulation programs developed primarily by the Russians (but also the Nazis and even the CIA). Then it came out that there was honest to goodness experiments in seizing control of animals with mental powers which resulted in the movie, 'The Men Who Stare at Goats'. That movie was based on real life experiments. Most people believed the devices supposedly designed by Aray Powersource didn't exist and couldn't do anything. Well, here to say that part of the ongoing story about how to stop armies includes and has included audio devices. They definitely exist. The weapons used on Americans in Cuba appear to be similar to what Aray Powersource was building. My grandmother's name is Helen Aray."  KHM

August 22, 2017 "This seems more and more apparent at least to me. Why will Trump not push back on Putin and the Russians? Because he owes them tons of money AND the rumors are they really do have some dirt on President Trump personally. He can't fight back because they have him by the balls. There is no other plausible explanation. Putin will do almost anything to de stabilize America, he is fearful of American military power, he wants to see this country in trouble. Why are people scratching their heads over Trump and Russia? They have him tied up and he can't fight them for some reason? America needs to start asking this question over and over. Why is our President under the thumb of the Russians?"

August 15, 2017 "I'm told that around 300 people read about my life  every month on this website, some more  look at my Facebook page.  Apparently in some periods it reaches thousands of people who are looking in. How weird for me, I honestly I'm not sure how this all came about? And I bet for some of you readers you must be wondering who the F is this woman, where is she, why does she write about herself, what is the point? Yah, that makes sense to me. I was in my early 20's when the author of the book said he wanted to write about my life but in a fictional realm. Hey, why not, this is not an every day occurrence that someone says you're very interesting, I'd like to write a book about you and I said it was ok. Some of that book is dead accurate, some of it was totally invented and I never said I objected. It was intriguing, novel, strange, those kid of words. It was fun to have someone write about me, I have to admit it. So that happened, the book was published and life went on. So what the hell motivates me to do some really crazy things, bordering on, what do you call it, loony tunes? I care so deeply about animals being abused and I also care about lots of other things like what has happened to our country, all the hate and stupidity. So what is the point? It's just me venting, confused. At moments like this I'd be so happy to put my hands on an obnoxious, awful abuser and kick the crap out of him. Oops, not the best judgment."  KHM

 August 8, 2017 "Why haven't Republicans, beyond the handful, stood up against President Trump? What possible explanation can there be? Is it party loyalty, is it a genuine belief in the current President, is it hidden obligations that we'll never see? Or is it corruption of the worst kind, beyond our darkest nightmares? What happened to American values we took as normal, regular? The obvious answer is America is experiencing a breakdown in morals. For people in their sixties or seventies seeing Trump's rise is mind blowing. My parents talk like this all the time and many of their good friends the same. Now what can any of us do? In my opinion it starts with learning more and there is no better place than the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. In the history of television journalism she's almost in a class by herself. Her depth of interest and knowledge, her commitment to digging for the truth is remarkable. And, by the way, Rachel is the highest rated tv journalist in America. Take a look." KHM

July 22, 2017 "Defrauder-in-chief, supreme con artist, crook, betrayer-in-charge. Who might we be talking about here? At this point who thinks the Republican administration is operating patriotically, in all honestly. preserving the best aspects of the American way of life, this is who we elected.  It's really almost impossible to believe  But this is the new America. Dishonesty has become a way of life, at least in the White House. "

 July 18, 2017 "Who or what group is in the lead to somehow convince Donald Trump he should stop being the President of America. Does that sound really crazy to think that Mr. Trump could simply be talked into resigning?Most people would think that is simply stupid. But guess what, there is some very real indication that if the President would step down it would be because he decides of his own volition to move on. Here is the evidence: The President is obviously very hard headed and most likely negatively reactive if he is pressed by threats that he could be pushed out. However, if the President was encouraged to resign because he faces nearly overwhelming attacks because of the Russia questions. And additionally, Trump's supporters may be just as supportive whether Trump is in the White House or back in the private sector setting up a new political support group." 

July 8, 2017 "Signs of new reactions to the Trump administration. Well prepared group attempting to fight the heater skelter attacks by Trump's team.  https://unitedtoprotectdemocracy.org/about/

High level attorneys with lots of experience coming to the table with sharp tools. Take a look at their mission."

July 3, 2017 "The decaying Republican party, disgusting, lacking humanity and finally embarrassing to America. Our country is hosting the most uncaring politicians in history, it's not just Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell. With rare exceptions conservative Republicans are like (thanks Tom Donahue) a rotting corpse stinking up the American culture.


June 12, 2017


The novel written about Katherine McGill (me) and my life may have a sequel. The author is considering a second book based on some existing writing (you can see on www.katemcgill.com) and new chapters again based loosely around my life. But I will not be on the cover, perhaps you will instead? I don't care to have my face splashed out there but if you think we share some female similarities and if you like standing up for those in need why not become "me". Michael tells me it will take at least a year to assemble another Kate McGill release so you have time. Send a message on my Facebook page, Katherine Harendt McGill  and announce your interest. Attach a picture if you can. The best news: You can be in your teens, twenties, thirties, and forties. Some chapters will cover all those years.

Kate McGill has a Facebook page: Katherine Harendt McGill but most of what she posts on FB also appears here. But not quite everything.

June 9,  2017 "Will Donald Trump Actually Resign?

No, not presently, it would not be in keeping with his past behavior. But the onslaught against him is really just starting. There are at least two credible sources saying he's wearying of DC, the grind, his lack of normal control and the totally unfamiliar arc of events that are flooding over his administration. But will he choose to resign at all?

I believe so because he will reach a point a few more months out where there will be no point in remaining President. He will choose his moment or create it. His Presidency is working in almost polar opposite fashion from his previous life. Would you give up his palatial life with some stress but continuous payoff and limited downside legal exposure for what he has now? Sources all around the White House acknowledge that the President's life is not what he bargained for. And like him or not, Donald Trump has highly developed receptors, he sucks up public sentiment with strangely accurate conclusions. But he is unwise operating inside the strictures of government. As a businessman he is quite canny stepping through repeated challenges, that's where he is at his best.

Give the man his due, he has navigated some incredibly topsy turvy life situations and came out strong. But he is now under the heel of the legal system where he can't wing it.

President Trump will choose his own departure. I would guess by the fall."  KHM

May 23, 2017 "Today I got up, kissed my husband and daughter goodbye, walked out, got on my Trek bike and rode off. And for most of a whole day I never once thought about the current President, the war between the left and right factions and all the rest of America's political climate. In fact, I did a sensational job of not thinking about or talking about any of that shit. I drank in the incredible Northern California weather, I stopped at a small store, bought some fruit and then kept riding. All the time when the inevitable thoughts about the Republicans and how they are screwing us over came up I ditched them. Actually found a trash can and metaphorically threw those thoughts in and put the lid on. Not sure that helps anyone out there, but I hope you can also reflect on the need to maintain your balance and peace of mind. We'll get our country back but it's going to take a few years. Best wishes."  KHM

May 11, 2017 "Do you see how the Trump administration just keeps screwing up left and right. If you're unhappy with this President are you assuming that eventually all this Russian nonsense will bring him down? Forget it, the Republicans have no intention of letting their deeply flawed President disrupt their party. The Republicans control all the levers, Trump appears to be virtually untouchable even with gigantic, foolish, unthinkable stupidity working against him. Make no mistake, the party in charge is going to stay in charge for a while. Actually I do expect Trump will screw them (Republicans) up. But sad to say, the Democrats, presently, appear fairly clueless about demonstrating leadership."

May 4, 2017 "Ever get the feeling we're living in an altered reality? The American House of Reps wants you to know they dig altered reality too. They did their version passing the most disgusting ripoff of a health care bill. It promises to destroy the future of millions and most already are not enjoying easy times. Many Americans are really not aware that Trump's administration is willing to pass a deranged plot masquerading as smart legislation. Please remember the Republican party brought us this disaster. And the few of you who fell for Trump, starting paying closer attention. KHM

April 3, 2017 "What can you actually do with these nut jobs running things? I mean, really do something? Yes, here are a few:  1. Be willing to discuss the fact that we're in deep shit with Trump. It means a lot to those who are reluctant to discuss the political situation that you may be willing to talk about it. 2.  Stand up and be counted no matter what.  3. Watch 'Silicon Valley', it's a great tv show."  KHM

Mar 20, 2017 "Hiding behind the Trump facade and chaos are some real heroes, journalists, reporters, investigators who are all that stands between us and the disintegration of democracy. Who can believe that America is living through the Trump era. Looking back we had it so good with Democratic governments and even the Bush administrations seemed not all that bad today. But here we are with the worst incarnation of a political administration ever seen in our country. So say a prayer for the working journalists that's who's keeping the lights on for all of us."  KHM

Mar 10, 2017 "Thinking that we'll see the Trump era turn around, improve, maybe even take America into a great new era. Right, likely.  Not. This can't end well for this country. Our president appears to be incapable of rational, logical, intelligent and closely associated feelings and emotions. It will be the Russian debacle, no, wait, it will be some of his cabinet massively screwing up, no, it will be the stock market crashing after Trump overlooks a few critical facts and American accidentally wipes out a few more villages. The danger is the President is grossly distracted. And our lives are likely dependent on whoever is running the show."  KHM

Mar 5, 2017 "So is it possible to defeat or upset your enemy with your mind alone? I doubt it but a concerted, focused and determined campaign to reach another person and disrupt their life, yes, that is possible."  KHM

Feb 23, 2017 "When I actually hear from folks the single most frequent question is about the so-called Romanian Cold Hand. Is that real, who made it up, can you really stop people with the Cold Hand etc.? Now that desperate citizens in the middle east are apparently trying the World Ray option I'm being asked what's up with the Cold Hand, do I still attempt  to use it and what the hell is it anyway? So, ok, my blessed grandmother introduced me to the Cold Hand but it was called an unpronounceable Romanian term back then. She actually tried to talk me out of learning about this mental phenomena but, as they say, I was the persistent female. She nearly got her wish, the Cold Hand the way I attempted it constantly made me sick. For two years, age 14 to 16 I spent a lot of time not feeling so great. All my pals were out having fun, attempting sex, drinking. Not me, I'd hide out in the basement (the Cold Hand likes the dark) and put myself through gross discomfort. My actual breakthrough came on a wrestling mat in the gym, I was trying judo against a much larger guy (who I really liked) and suddenly he went flying across the mat and I had not touched him. He had trouble coming around, holding his head and neck in pain. That's when I realized the Cold Hand had "worked". I apologized up and down to him. He couldn't figure out what happened. Me also, it took time to realize what this mental leverage could do."  KHM

Feb 20, 2017 "My most informed person about the middle east claims that the World Ray (that's a crude translation from Arabic) is actually alive but not sure the World Ray term fits. Citizens in Syria and Yemen have, apparently, thrown up their hands because no one is actually helping them against Bashar al-Assad and the Russians are directly trying to destroy their cause. So based on religious beliefs and their grasp of history they began trying to direct their mental powers such as they are against the Syrian tyrant. That means thousands of very down trodden people directing their minds against Assad. Such is the current World Ray. It's not even known in America yet but I kept hearing about it because of my involvement with the Romanian Cold Hand. Is this a little too much out there energy? Well, look at the American President, he's a little too out there as well so a World Ray sort of adds up. I am told that every single day precisely at noon is when people are trying to gang up on Bashar al-Assad----with their minds. I learned years ago when I began studying the Cold Hand that the most vulnerable human organ where mental attacks are concerned is the heart. So that's where the World Ray brigade is aimed. His heart."  KHM

Feb 8, 2017 "Now it's being called the 'world ray', encouraging people to focus their mental energies on one target, in this case a truly disgusting person, Bashar al-Assad, premier of Syria. If anyone thinks this can never work, just another jump the shark? It's not I have personally experienced what your mind can do. Big time good and big time damage. In this case we'll settle for some damage.But as has been expressed on Facebook, people who follow me don't want to wait for a week, they want to move forward on this notion."  KHM

Jan 27, 2017 "Deep breath. If you read this on my website you'll see a book cover on top of the page. The title is based on a long held psychological belief in Russia and many eastern Europe countries, 'Romanian Cold Hand'. Is there such a phenom as the 'cold hand'? Is the partially fictionalized book for real? Could I have actually paralyzed a person only with my mind, that is the thrust of the 'Cold Hand'. Here's a little secret, this power of the mind, I am convinced, under certain conditions, can be weapon like. Ok, so that's the premise. Now I'm hearing of a new movement except rather than one woman lashing out from her mind, it's being suggested that it could be millions using their minds. An immensely expanded 'cold hand'. And how could this work? Here we jump the shark a little bit. It's being attempted now on a limited scale by people who are desperate for help.

Would it be possible to destroy a truly hated person such as the man who leads ISIS or Syria by millions of people combining their minds in a focused attack on that person's mind or heart.  The power of millions of minds employed to destroy a terrible person. So March 14th , 2016 and every following tuesday at precisely 3 PM eastern, 12 PM Pacific, millions, hopefully, will visit Bashar al-Assad telepathically, particularly, his heart." KHM

Jan 17, 2017 "Now it's dawning on everyone. We're subjects of the new Don and he means to rule with an iron hand. That's how it's coming down from on high. I have a close personal friend who is much closer to the great Donaldo than she ever expected to be. Much closer. No, not that close. But I'm expecting we'll get some clues about the new reality."  KHM

Jan 15, 2017 "Here's rude news you must read: http://www.nbcnews.com/specials/democrats-left-in-the-lurch. This is the sad, upsetting reality that faces all Democrats and liberals. Hope you read it."

Dec 11, 2016 "You think it's going to be bad with this new President? Watch Trump's transition team start pushing their choices for his cabinet at a much faster pace than is normal. Trump's people have already made it clear that whatever used to be "regular" will be left far in the past. Republicans will now control all the levers of power and they will do anything to hustle their choices no matter what. Did you really think Trump's agenda would be anything approaching normalcy? KHM

Dec 5, 2016 "What constitutes a person being psychotic? Does this require a psychiatrist to define a person's behavior as being irrational, insane, dangerous? We see these terms every day in print, on the internet, everywhere, some people are, in fact, irrational, out of their minds. So what do we make of our next President? Is he actually quite sane? He will be leading America soon. Can we trust him...at all?"  KHM

Nov 30, 2016 "I read the Wall Street Journal, I read other conservative sources, I even look at Breitbart and that is often painful. I do all this because I want to know how the now-dominant Republicans are thinking, behaving or misbehaving? So, now, Trump will presumably be President, that is sinking in with the general public. But it's also sinking in with Congress and other elected officials. And Trump is definitely not sitting well with some Republicans. I found this item online: 'Likely not many will believe this but indications are Jeff Sessions will be Trump's attorney general designee. He is appropriately conservative but it appears Sessions may have some doubts about Trump's, ummm, stability. As A.G. it will be critical that the relationship with the President is predictable to some extent. Trump's frequent tweeting does not help the public think he is stable. And for public consumption Paul Ryan will be welcoming President Trump. It's not like he has much choice. But people back in Wisconsin, Ryan's original home, have been saying Ryan has serious reservations about Trump and has no effective way to further vet Trump. It's common knowledge within the Senate in particular that Trump's vague unpredictability is very concerning.' 

Nov 12, 2016 

From Michael Sunday:

Am I the only Democratic voter wondering what the hell has happened to the Democratic party? Why does no prominent Democrat appear to be in the running to run the Democratic party? The person who runs the Demo Party will have to be ready for a hugely defensive and ultimately offensive strategy to overcome the conservative successes. It is now clear, too clear that the people running the Democratic party for years have had good intentions but now we're seeing a giant failure of planning and execution. Republicans control all three branches and will soon control the Supreme Court. Yes we all know these facts. As my old friend in Wisconsin said today, politics is a body contact sport and for some reason Democrats are not on the playing field. Is that fair? Actually I know plenty of active Democratic politicians would tell all of us that they sure as hell are on the playing field dressed to play ball.

I don't think the failure are the elected office holders, it's the party elite, the ones calling the shots. All the supposed visionary leaders neglected to keep the party faithful directed and prepared for the approaching wave of 1955 era Republicans. Who are now in control of this country.

Nov 6 2016 "Don't tell me I'm crazy but I'm afraid Donald Trump will win. I hate saying this. I am really fearing this outcome. Oh how I hate saying this."  KHM

Oct 29, 2016  " Actually it is not of my creation, it was sent to me in surface mail, I took a picture of the letter, destroyed the letter and then I lost the photo as well. So this is from memory: The new President takes office, he continues tweeting and making connections with other countries without supervision from the State Department. There has been confusion over who would be the Secretary of State which allowed certain normal internal lines of communication to temporarily lapse. People at State, in the White House and even in the military found themselves at odds occasionally and levels of doubt enter the normally iron clad bureaucracy to become disrupted. The new President continues tweeting and making statements, totally in character, that cause other countries to have grave doubt and mistrust in what is coming from the White House. On a saturday night a party is given for certain Republican supporters in Washington. The President makes a brief appearance, enters his limo cavalcade to return and for approximately ten minutes communications are again disrupted, only cell phones appear to work. In those ten minutes an embassy is attacked in Africa. The American military is called into help but the President is tweeting and preoccupied. Suddenly the attack, it appears, is crowned by some kind of very small thermonuclear device. No on panics but the President is unable to learn critical information and a military official triggers a limited response to the first bomb. In America people are fearing for their lives and there is no actual civil defense response. The following monday the stock market crashes in response to stories and rumors flying around. The new President is visibly unprepared for this emergency."  KHM

Oct 23, 2016 "This is not the America I grew up in. It's becoming more unpredictable, harder to understand. Why are so many Americans seemingly considering voting for a a person who has no real experience in politics. And what these people clamoring for change don't seem to realize is America's place in the world is determined by a consistent point of view. And Donald Trump is the paragon of inconsistency. So especially those of you who don't live in America should be realizing that the events transpiring right now are literally revolutionary. Perhaps earth disrupting. I can see that possibility and now events are unfolding in ways no one can anticipate. Sounds pretty creepy. Right? Yup, this is creepy." KHM

Oct 15, 2016 "Getting stranger and stranger in America. We've had eight years of predictable or semi predictable people running our country. Now the party in the White House is looking less and less like the party that will be in charge. The Hillary Clinton camp is fighting hard to take the election but I have a feeling the mysterious Donald Trump could win. And at least half of America is not really prepared for what Trump may bring with him. In fact the whole world may not be prepared for a Trump presidency. It will bring huge unknowns, maybe even some good things. But it may be full of unknowns that America is not familiar with and this could upset the previously stable and predictable way of life in America. Bigly."  KHM

Oct 8, 2016 "What do you think about this election? I'm talking to all of you in the Ukraine who keep coming back to my website. Does what is happening in America resemble what happened with Vladimir Putin and your country? It's starting to look like we may our very own Putin like leader here in America. So we're headed into this election and we really don't know what to expect if Trump is our new leader. This is new territory for America. We've never had an election like this. not ever. So why should this matter to anyone not in America? There are Americans who now have more in common with people overseas because we're about to see America transformed." KHM

Oct 3, 2016 "Now let's talk about the future. Whatever happens with Trump all those crazy ass Trump followers have to land somewhere and that's a terribly serious issue, at least for me. America is facing a crisis of disintegration. What holds us together is coming apart. At the heart of our culture we are seeing a growing divide between right and left and in the middle, where most of us live, it's falling apart. Moderation, the middle, middle of the road, whatever you call it America is about left and right cooperating. I'm not saying anything everyone doesn't already know. But the Trump people are not going away, that is certainly their right. But if no one is actually holding down the center the two extremes will be exercising more power."  KHM

Oct 1, 2016 "What happened between mid July and now? Why no postings? Well there is an actual answer. I went overseas as a volunteer. My daughter went with.  We were heading for a project saving animals but Haddie, my daughter sidetracked us when we heard one of the staff were about to try and track an abuser. Off we went, it took most of our available time but we caught the son of a bitch, he's now jailed. It made me feel better that I got to beat the crap out of him."

July 12, 2016 "People are complaining that Donald Trump is highly inconsistent, given to stormy temper tantrums, doesn't seem to have a clear grasp of reality, and has no ability to stay focused. Also, people who examine his videos up close say Trump often sniffles, he's been sniffling off and on for months. I've seen it myself on video. Now, we don't want to jump to conclusions but what other form of behavior sounds like that description? Oh, I wonder if that is similar to cocaine users. Jumpy as hell, sniffling, unable to keep focused. Would that surprise anyone? "  KHM

July 7, 2016  "There was a time when as Americans we could know how our lives would turn out day to day, month to month. No more, an underlying current of far, far right anger is slowly creeping into our lives. In some places it's anti semitism, in others it's hate of cultures we don't know. Donald Trump helped trigger this but it's a movement that's been brewing for many years. We're about to see the rise of a force that's been largely absent from our culture for many years. But now it's here and growing. Time to face it, what might have been called Nazism now has a new name and face."  KHM

June 28, 2016 "No matter what happens, Donald Trump will turn out to be the most unpredictable, unprincipled, ultimate waste of time this country has ever experienced. By the time the election is finished Trump will have destroyed America's self respect. This may be the worst American embarrassment in modern history far beyond George W. Bush or Richard Nixon's terrible judgments. And the Republican party, once an American institution worthy of respect has shit all over itself. I grew up with midwesterners who would honor both Republicans and Democrats. Now what's left of the Republican institution is literally crumbling under the weight of Donald Trump's onslaught. Americans, all of us, have a job to do. Trump cannot be allowed to ruin this amazing country." KHM

June 17, 2016 "I watched some videos on Youtube about the middle east, the Kurds, ISIS, all the rest of it. And two thoughts come to mind: 1. While watching people in Iraq and Syria I had this creepy feeling that there may be no real difference between all these cultures. I have great respect for the Kurdish people, I know they are fighting an honorable fight but when, as a westerner, I see people from all the middle eastern cultures together they begin to merge into one another. I watched two ISIS fighters being interviewed and they seemed to have absolutely no moral beliefs except that any non believer should die. The Kurds are up against that mentality, ridiculous absence of any normal respect for human life. And the longer I watched the more I realized large sectors of the Muslim cultures seem to be have any regard for life as we understand it in the western civilization. is that a big too big to bite off? I guess that sounds awful to say but I watched Muslim people cutting down other Muslim people without any regard to their right to live. And the second thought is I'm not sure the cultures of the middle east, even the Kurds, will actually sort out this whole war of Islam so the killing stops. Because Muslims are killing more Muslims than anyone else and it's getting worse. In America we hear Trump accuse Obama of huge mistakes in the middle east but I'm not sure anything we do in our country makes much difference?"  KHM

June 12, 2016 "Am I the only American who can't make any sense of this election season? We have Trump who increasingly makes no sense at all. And the conflict between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton where it's obvious that Bernie has been bringing a degree of honesty that is rarely seen in American politics and now it appears Bernie may be moved out of the mix, not quite sure. For sure there will be a lot of pissed off citizens who find Bernie the first trustable politician in a long time. Personally I love him but I have to say there is an air of unreality about his goals. This country is not going to be a socialist paradise. It's America, the home of capitalism." KHM

June 3, 2016 "I'm a really damn cynical person and other than watching Netflix I'm inclined to skip normal television. Ok, so, what do you make of this show called "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry". I'm not really prepared to quite buy into this but it's seriously compelling. I watched a few episodes and wasn't inclined to think it is real but, you know what, this guy may be for real? A psychic who actually can see invisible connections with people? Naw, couldn't be true. All BS, right? You better watch it yourself."  KHM

May 25, 2016  "It's already pretty obvious that Donald Trump will run a race of demagoguery if he turns out to be the nominee for the Republicans. My hunch is he will be the chosen one. So if you don't like what he stands for what can you do? Short term offer money to the Clinton or Bernie campaigns. But longer term it will be critical to keep bringing up that certain candidates backed Trump and keep their names attached to Trump. I believe that is critically important. Once someone decides they cn side with Trump they should never, ever be allowed to have that fact be lost." KHM

May 17, 2016 "This will sound like an odd request but America needs the help of people in other countries. In America we realize we have to grapple with Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. Those of us who are scared silly about Trump know it's up to America to keep him out of the White House. But we need our neighbors to know a large percentage of our citizenry would like to run away from Trump but, of course, we have no other place to go so millions are attempting to contend with a conservative movement that has never risen in such a threatening manner. This is not just Trump, it's a movement of followers who apparently are willing to accept his bizarre manifestation. Maybe more to the point, 'progressives' had better start waking up. Thirty years of rising liberal values has unsurprisingly triggered a parallel reaction and those forces obviously have a right to express their opinions. But this has gone far beyond any conflict point I can remember. America is now unofficially at war with itself. And folks, every single person needs to make their contribution to lowering the heated dialogue." KHM

May 12, 2016 "This is a bit unsettling. Beijing along with approx. 50 other Chinese cities is sinking. Beijing seems to be sinking about 4 inches a year. Other Chinese cities are sinking faster. Ask a construction expert how problematic it will be to have large, sprawling or tall buildings contending with the ground collapsing. Even simple one or two story homes cannot tolerate steady, ongoing subsidence forever. The entire Chinese nation is suffering from a real shortage of water so they are pumping out whatever water remains under all their cities. And that is, surprise, causing the buildings to sink. Another surprise, you rarely, if ever, hear that Chinese cities, even the biggest metropolises are sinking at a rapid rate. Certainly the Chinese government does not want to keep talking about this very fundamental problem for the Chinese people. In fact, China's environment is in huge trouble. We already know about the immense pollution, ridiculous overbuilding creating entire cities of totally empty buildings. The Chinese government and academics actually have long since lost control of their own country. It's falling apart but no Chinese officials are willing to talk about their issues. Let's also add in Brazil, another huge country that is reeling from complete mismanagement. May I say Brazil is not a place you want to go visit, not now, not for a long time. I know some lovely Brazilian people and they don't deserve what is happening in their country. But it is happening. Careful where you travel. I personally would not go to either China or Brazil. Way too scary and out of control."  KHM

 May 5, 2016 "You may have or Americans that seems very far away but you need to be aware That this referendum may turn out to have a big impact on everyone. What is at stake will be heavily economic and may reach far beyond just the pound and the dollar. There are lots of very restless people in Great Britain, just like in America. Here we have Donald Trump, in England there are right wing conservatives who are very unhappy with how immigration has worked out. Sounds like the Trump playbook. Conservative forces rising up demanding better borders, protection, sounds like America. This Brexit vote may turn out to be a very big deal."  KHM

April  26,  2016 "Let's explore a few hypothetical situations:

What if people who regard themselves as Muslims recognize their religion may not be serving their needs. And that living under rules of Islam is no longer useful or comfortable? What would happen? Islam would continue as a major religion. People would begin dressing in a less conservative manner. And gradually support for highly conservative religious rules would begin collapsing. Predictably countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia would react and attempt to keep their citizens under traditional Muslim cultural norms. But, in time, people would become more westernized. Fear of non Muslim behaviors would become less threatening.

How could that happen? It is occurring now but Muslim followers need to gradually educate themselves about their options and alternatives. Westerners are beginning to realize that Islam is a pervasive force which must be dealt with. Presently there is a big negative attached, perhaps that will change?"  KHM

April  17,  2016 "With all the useful ways to use your time, this is hard to believe. On Youtube.com, try watching 'Heavy Construction and Equipment Fail Compilation'. It's a dozen utterly astonishing failures shot on amateur cameras with grainy results. But a couple, like the apartment buildings just standing there  and suddenly, oops,  an entire building falls down. Guess what, my daughter found these. Quite astonishing!"  KHM

April 10,  2016 "Let's pause here. What happened on this page? We took three plus years of Katherine's musing, ideas, crazy ass shit and dropped it into the most recent archives, 2013 to 2016. Why? Because all these archives will be turned into another book about Kate. And along with some of the archives will be material you've never seen. Meantime all the wonders of Kate are still available right here in the Archives sections.  The Editors

April 4,  2016 "How many are thinking Donald Trump looks an awful lot like facist or racist leaders of the past? Actually I don't really think he's a purposeful racist, he just doesn't know better. To most people he seems like a racist (Mexicans etc) but in his own mind I would guess he's just telling the truth. We won't know who the Democratic nominee will be for a while but if Bernie or Hillary I hope they'll get your vote over Trump. KHM

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