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Mar 12, 2016 "You can see it coming a long way off. The Republicans now have a candidate who will move part of their electorate: Donald Trump, the most overhyped human being in America. But as the baggage, gaffes, mis judgments, bad taste, disdain for women, genuine bad judgment and ridiculous statements pile up Americans are realizing that a) he is the only logical choice for conservatives because he can fire up the base or 2)  He's the scariest candidate for President in 50 years, wait, make that 75 years, wait....you get the idea. It's not worth it, not at all. Oddly I find him charming and kind of fun to watch but I absolutely can't see him as a President or any other elected office. If there were only a way to elect a sensible person and have that new President exploit Trump's advantages and there are quite a few. I bet he is actually a clever negotiator. But President, sorry, no."  KHM

Mar 4, 2016 "Time for a little excess and useless fun. I'm way too serious too much. If you go on Youtube look up a guy named Ken Block. He's a stunt driver, an extraordinary one. I drive way too fast in a car that sort of defies description, a converted Audi racing car but that's for another time.  On Youtube Ken Blcok puts on a spectacular show in Dubai, the land of excess if there ever was one. The video work is spectacular,he the driving is sensational and the whole thing is just outrageous. He drives a ridiculously tricked out Ford Focus through all the beautiful if strangely unnecessary streets and architecture of Dubai. I've never been there but I'll say, it has its attractions. So look up "Ken Block, Dubai" on Youtube, that should find it. If that doesn't quite do it for you he did one called Wild In The Streets in Los Angeles in an all wheel drive sixties Mustang with 845 horsepower. I said this was about excess. He is a remarkable stunt driver. You also get a really fun street tour of Los Angeles where they obviously blocked off the streets with lots of police cars, you see them at every corner. And BTW, in the Los Angeles vid he interacts with one of those bizarre low rider cars controlled by a remote device. It won't cure cancer but like I said it's fun!"  KHM

Feb 29, 2016 "It amazes me that a goodly number of people read this website, I'm shown the stats occasionally. So thank you all for even paying attention. Like many of you I look out in the world and see so much wrong, people being exploited, governments wildly out of control, all of that. But gradually it's been dawning on me that defending innocent animals (people also where relevant) is my calling. It's always been in my life, now it's becoming more vital. So for those who don't find animal defense compelling or even important I'll apologize but that's where I'm headed. These poor animals exploited and damaged deserve protectors."  KHM

Feb 22, 2016 "Let me say it's flattering to have someone write a book about you, a form of biography. So I liked that, then I began hating 'my book' because it dramatically limited my life as now I was sort of 'public'. Then a bit later, now in my twenties I realized no one gave a rats ass about me or that book. If I was so deserving of a book where the hell did I disappear to? Along about age 29 it dawned on me that being so physically reactive to animal abusers was not going to help my life or that of my family. So even though I might have become a public somebody with all the meaningless nonsense that goes with 'fame' I realized no damn way. My private life with family or just walking in the woods or sitting by the ocean ranks at the top. Oh my, someone has matured. But fear not, there is incoming purposeful disruption for animal abusers on a new scale."  KHM

Feb 19, 2016 "People ask me where the heck are pictures of me? What gives? In that book about Kate McGill we're told she was a model but models have pictures taken all the time. So first, I realized that having pictures of me circulating could be dangerous. And on a few occasions attempts have been made to hurt me or stop me or push me around. Yep, that happened. Why would I be attacked? At various times I've had knowledge that seemed to be in great demand. Thank heavens, not so much currently. So part of the truth is when that book about me was being written the author needed to jazz it up and also couldn't really talk about parts of my life. A few times it involved Aray Powersource but just as often it had to do with my getting really upset about animal abuse and taking steps to prevent abuse or so I hoped. Anyway, I really don't want pictures of me published anywhere. I began waking up to that reality when I was in my teens and it grew in importance as I aged. Does that make me a chicken or coward? And I can only say it's my life, end of discussion."  KHM

Feb 12, 2016 "I did not invent or even contribute to the following idea, I'm merely passing it along to readers. Supposedly a former military person came up with this. How do you stop radical terrorists? Most of the foot soldiers are between 18 and 35, they carry out the bombings and killings. Currently most are from one religious group, ethnicity or nationality don't matter at all. With the time and money required to attempt preventing terrorist attacks why not, instead, experiment with removing a limited percentage of all these likely suspects. Security and intelligence can already pinpoint a fairly accurate guesstimate of who is likely to commit the crimes. So, arrest them on suspicion and isolate them. Naturally in western nations the outcry will eventually become vocal, very vocal. But, it will take months or even years for a coalescing of citizens to organize themselves and raise a real ruckus. But where does France, Belgium, Germany and other threatened nations put these sequestered suspects? Not in jail.  Populations in western Europe are righteously disturbed by the terrorism already it is possible the objections will become more muted. So where do the newly selected suspects go if not jail? This will be thousands of suspects. Possible isolation sites might include Siberia where the Russians already warehouse less than desirables. No country will want them, they are suspects after all. In Latin America, apparently, a few governments disappeared people but you really don't want to kill these suspects, that's also wrong. If this was two decades ago Arab nations had the money to build massive retraining camps but the price of oil is too low for them to make that investment. In many cases, a high percentage, these are men who had already been moved from Syria or Iraq. What would you suggest? This notion is starting to surface but no one can come up with a realistic place for this population to go and give them useful skills?" KHM

Feb 5, 2016 "The worldwide hackers group Anonymous will certainly take on Donald Trump. He is showing perfect signs of facism at every term, it will only become more fascistic as the months roll by. In my opinion there is a good development in his rise: People are voicing their frustration with the status quo, normalcy, being screwed over by the unresponsive federal government. Trump is carrying that banner and giving people an outlet for their frustration. So is Trump and impossible nomination? Back in the fall no one on the liberal side was taking him seriously. Now everyone is seeing his prominence. Can hackers really damage the Trump campaign? They will certainly try but it's not clear how truly powerful the group can be?"  KHM

Jan 29, 2016 "I've mentioned Aray Powersource previously and it runs all through the book about my life. Just to say it, I didn't write that book (look above) but I did grant interviews and gave the author people to speak with. Why does any of this matter? Because as insignificant as Kate McGill is or was, the company which I now run under the watchful eye of my grandmother actually generates plenty of interest around the world. We had two cables followed by formal letters from the Sinaloa province in the last three days. In both cases those parties basically wanted to buy the company but it is, not, for sale. Similar exploratory probes from Yemen, France, Ohio, Russia and Iran. Believe it, don't believe it, Aray Powersource, a company which has a limited number of products and even then you have to show proof that your use of our products is legitimate. We get requests to visit our warehouse but we closed that. Requests for product demonstrations which we have to turn down because we don't sell products that take up space anymore. And we don't sell anything to anyone in countries dominated by authoritarian leaders. You would be surprised how many countries that eliminates quickly. Why does this matter? Well, for an operation that hardly seems to exist Aray Powersource still has some juice left."  KHM

Jan 23, 2016"If you haven't quite noticed here is one plenty strange dude who has surfaced and, thus far, people are treating him as an unusual but otherwise normal person. He's not at all. Donald Trump is bringing totally new tactics to the table, the political establishment is not ready for him and he has a very high probability of taking the Republic nomination. Now what makes him so exotic? Mr. Trump is not playing by the rules of high stakes politics, he is very simply listening to his inner instincts which, at this point in the campaign are seemingly allowing him to steer well around all the normal resistance. I can tell you, if the support Trump is receiving now continues, America will have the first replica of the Nazi movement to witness since before world war two. Every aspect of Trump's personality is pointing to an autocratic blunderbuss of a leader. Just watch."  KHM 

Jan 12, 2016 "If you're weird enough to read this website, well, you're definitely weird. So let me test you. I have been saying that earth is about to experience visitors, aliens although I hate that name. A few are her now and they are hardly the same or copies of one another. One is showing up in the political turmoil we're witnessing. Wanna guess who? Most would say Donald Trump but it's definitely not him. He's from here for sure. What about Bernie? Oh come on, he's genuinely us. Well, time to say it. Marco Rubio is my choice and I'll tell you why. From what I'm told people born on our planet have a very difficult time spotting visitors because they are so well evolved and trained. But visitors have one 'tell', they repeat things because their training and algorithmic development are not flawless. Try being a copy of you sometime, not easy. He also has 'that look'. A bit too well assembled, a bit too slick, not a perfect repro of us and Marco, he's betraying that flaw. Also, experts tell me many visitors came in from Cuba and he has that heritage. Finally, a visitor cannot be POTUS, no can do. Too complicated and upsetting. So keep your eye on the Rubio, he's just visiting."  KHM

Jan 8, 2016 "I think there is evidence, at least I think so, that we may be approaching a time when our planet may experience visitors. I have absolutely no doubt.

The very first sign or symptom reported concerned horses and cows in fields outside Minneapolis, most were horse boarding farms. the horses acted strangely at night, skittish and unpredictable. Almost irrational. Those signs began spreading to farms in Iowa and eventually South Dakota. Farmers and horse trainers could not fathom the animals' behavior. Outside Washington DC in a small laboratory two scientists had been tracking signs and occurrences for over a decade and very quietly reporting back to an individual in the Senate Office Building who, in turn, made a weekly call to a press aide in the White House. That aide, an attractive woman with two college degrees had reasons to briefly speak with the First Lady, who, in turn, spoke to her husband. The President juggled literally thousands of important details every day but once a week he made a few moments to speak with the press aide.

'Molly, do you personally put any faith in these reports?' 'Mr President, these two scientists are utterly objective. They believe this combination of signs is concrete. There are beings nearby, near Earth who have been visiting periodically and the scientists think they may wish to contact you."  KHM

Jan 2, 2016  "As has been my custom in past years let me start the new year with two lists. I certainly realize none of my pet peeves or pet projects may influence the world but it can't hurt to try.

Most upsetting problems:

1. America's confusion over who will make the most desirable leader / President. If anyone doubts the makeup of the American electorate, the successes of Trump and/or Ted Cruz shows us that a percentage of Americans have no earthly grasp of how the real world works. Trump's banning of Muslims or Cruz's notion of carpet bombing in the middle east shows all of us how deluded people can be. We need Muslims to defeat ISIL and you can't bomb your way to eliminating terrorists. America must carefully screen any emigrants and we will continue using our airpower to beat back radical Islamists. If either Trump or Cruz is the Republican nominee America will be in greater trouble than we already are. Am I in love with the Democratic leaders? No sorry, wish I were but I'll take Hillary with all her flaws. I love Bernie's essence but he's not a realistic candidate like it or not.

2)Terrorism Yes, we must become more successful at stopping terrorists.

3. Big Game Hunters killing all these amazing and valuable animals such as elephants or Lions. I hope one day these killers get their just rewards.

4. Chinese thieves and hackers and the Chinese government that supports them. The Chinese culture looks increasingly untrustworthy. The lack of morals and ethics in the present Chinese leadership makes it impossible to trust modern China.

5. The turmoil in the middle east. It does not look promising for a stable, less troubled Muslim world.  For non Muslims it's virtually impossible to comprehend how the two sides of Islam have degenerated to such a sorry, sad state.

Promising Positive Trends:

1. Hope. Thank heavens people still get up in the morning thinking things will improve.

2. Women in our future. Increasingly it appears that the only realistic possibility is for larger numbers of female leaders. The men have had their opportunity to fix things, it's not happening.

3. Chinese rebels taking power. No, not yet happening but people inside China report a slow growing critical mass of educated Chinese realizing their nation is presently led by misguided people.

4. Sanity. Our world is in the hands of 'leaders' taking us down the drain. It has to stop."  KHM

Dec 2, 2015 "I will explain more about Aray Powersource soon but meantime because this is also relevant in October 2015 we had an inquiry from somewhere in Mexico about purchasing Aray Powersource 'materials' (which means secrets). Our internal follow up person finally figured out the inquiry came from inside Sinaloa state which just happens to also be Joaquin Guzman's home turf---El Chapo. Even though a substantial number of people believe Aray Powersource was a misleading rumor, joke, fabrication etc. not everyone believed it. And sure enough, the inquiry was followed by a cable and bank draft to purchase our technology. We then had to tell this party they could not purchase our products which was followed by another offer to simply buy the whole company. We told them that wasn't possible. Why would El Chapo want Aray Powersource defensive tools? To keep the Federales off his tail since he last escaped. But you'd have to ask the man hisself." KHM

Nov 18, 2015 "As we're approaching the end of this year it feels like I have some loose ends to tie up. One of the biggest loose ends is  Aray Powersource. For many readers, especially overseas, you may have no idea what Aray Powersource is? If you read the book about my life as a twenty something (look up on this page) Aray Powersource was a company started by my grandmother, Helen Aray who inspired me to do crazy escapades and affirmed the idea that you can accomplish what you want. She was born Haganah Harendt, she struggled to reach America after world war two with her mother Haddassah Harendt  and over time they both adopted new names and roles. Haganah became Helen Aray, Haddassah became Queen Royal Elixir and together starting in the late '40's they began building a little company designing electronics that could control human behavior. Most every person who heard of this preposterous idea thought that simply impossible and dismissed it. However, a small working group of American intelligence operatives did not think it was crazy at all. Because, it turned out that Helen and Queen Royal presented an opportunity to explore control of mental and emotional reactions. So here's the hidden truth: There were electronics built, a warehouse filled with devices in boxes and even crates. But, and this has not be revealed previously, Aray Powersource was basically a cover, a charade for work in the intelligence realms that continues to this day. I'll tell you more soon."  KHM

Nov 13, 2015(continuing the Firegirl) "So Audi grabs my arm and walks me out to our barn and tells me we have a mission to accomplish down in Santa Clara. That's a couple hours south from upper Sonoma County but her level of determination is unstoppable. So we take her Audi (naturally she drives one) and start driving, we end up at a night club in silicon valley and she heads into this place.   Minutes pass, I get restless and then she bursts out the door waving a piece of paper. Breathlessly she says, 'I collared this dude who wants to portray himself as a big hunter but he thinks I'm a hot babe so he says he'll skip the hunts and wrote me a check to this small animal defense center in Canada I love.' Now we'll see if the check clears?"  KHM

Nov 12, 2015 (continuing story about Audi) "We hang out for a day, Audi is big fun to hang with. Fast talking, glib mouth, extensive vocabulary in three languages. A lot of stuff I never mastered. Audi's 'thing', you might say, is she is heavily committed to defending animals, a deep interest we share but she, again, is a step ahead of me. We're talking and she casually says she is tracking and intervening with a few big game hunters. I hate these ridiculous thrill seekers that kill beautiful animals and I've had my episodes confronting a few. Audi is well down that path, has tracked hunters mercilessly, taken revenge, is totally serious about preventing these big game kills. I told her I don't really want to hear the details, it could endanger me."  KHM

Nov 8, 2015 "Well, just like the old days but who would think I'd be still doing this stuff? I am a Mom, I run a household, I run a business but that is for another day. Yes, I am still running what Aray Powersource has become but this is not the time to talk about it. Anyway, Audi Firegirl shows up in Sonoma County, our little hideaway on the coast north of Jenner. We are compadres and have some history but it's been a few years, my life has become far more settled. You get older kids.... I'm in our small barn tending to our couple animals and she sashays in, no warning, nothing, just shows up. Audi has never known how to quietly enter a room , it's not in her genetic makeup. I have an outrageous side for sure but Audi is in the next class up. First, she's armed, she favors an old fashioned sawed off shotgun which bounces off her right hip. To be more exact her butt. She has been wearing a well disguised bullet proof vest which actually swings down below her crotch as well as her upper body. I am well developed, lots of working out, Audi is a bit shorter but truly muscular and she loves to strut it. Men think she's adorable, women are split between rejecting all her machismo or lusting after her. Audi, I think, is now 39. Most men can't quite believe a woman walks like she does---a real swagger that's quite intimidating. More to come....."  KHM

Nov 4, 2015 "How about some good news? Thanksgiving is a time to remember there is still plenty of wonderful human behavior and events all around us. You knew that right? Yes, it's way too easy to forget that most people get to enjoy their lives most of the time. I'm one of the worst at remembering the world is still a positive place and a limited number of bad guys. I tend to see that dark side a lot. So it's a reminder to me to lighten up. Ok, next we'll talk about candy canes. Enjoy Thanksgiving."  KHM

Nov 1, 2015 "Did you know that ISIS doesn't keep prisoners, they kill them. There isn't really a value in holding onto an opposing soldier. And apparently the Kurdish Peshmerga do about the same because ISIS won't pay to get them back.  So the ISIS volunteers know going in that if they are captured they are gone."  KHM

Oct 30, 2015 "If anyone asked me if I thought America should commit troops, again, in the middle east, in Syria especially, I might have said yes. Now, not nearly so sure. Because there is increasing evidence that captured ISIS soldiers, the lower level ones are not committed ideologues. It's a job for them and jobs have been really scarce ever since our president George W. attacked Saddam. You can tell locals thought Saddam was as bad as we did but he kept things stable. Then he's gone because of us and it becomes chaos. The next employers in town are ISIS and they paid wages so the hard up locals gladly join up. Americans really don't understand how bad life in Iraq or Syria actually is. I know I didn't really know. But as they capture ISIS fighters they discover that under the surface they are mostly young guys who had zero options and took the gigs. They all seem to agree on blaming America for disrupting their world. Saddam was a terrible guy but he was 'their' terrible guy."  KHM

Oct 24, 2015 If you are in China (or other countries) the best email address is katemcgillskates@gmail.com.


Rúguǒ nǐ xīwàng liánxì kǎitè fāsòng diànzǐ yóujiàn zhì katemcgillskates@gmail.Com

Oct 23, 2015 "Of all the mistakes President Obama has made in foreign policy I think calling ISIS 'junior varsity' indicated he was not getting an accurate assessment from his defense people. If you read Peter Galbraith's amazing book, 'Unintended Consequences, How the War in Iraq Strengthened America's Enemies', you realize how clueless America really was in Iraq. I like Obama but his grasp of the middle east is so clearly not deep enough. I will say keeping Americans largely out of the ground battles may prove prescient longer term. I have a strong feeling the Russians will get more involved as Putin is worried that if Syria collapses the next step will be emigration to Russia and eastern Europe. So perhaps Obama will win plaudits for going slower in Syria? Do I know what I'm talking about? Frankly, yes I do."  KHM

Oct 20, 2015 "I guess Katherine will not mind if I introduce myself now that she's brought me out into the light of day. I am known as Audi Firegirl, . My name comes from Audiffred Feuerkind, my family name. Literally that would mean 'fire child' from the German but I prefer 'Firegirl' which fits better. I was raised partially near Berlin's Templehof airfield but lived most of my life in America (There is an Audiffred building in San Francisco). Katie and I have trained in martial arts since we were little kids, we both share a deep love for men with brawny minds, flexible emotions and a commitment to helping the underdog. And we love driving utterly unorthodox high powered killer rallye cars. We also adore border collies, such smartypants dogs. Katie and I are sisters in arms, defenders of vulnerable animals. We look great in jeans and peasant blouses! Love you Katie." Audi

Oct 19, 2015 

We would like to hear from Chinese people who read this website:

Wǒmen zhīdào hěnduō zhōngguó rén kàn zhège wǎngzhàn. Dànshì hěn shǎo yǒu zhòng guó rén fà sòng de diànzǐ yóujiàn. Wǒmen shōu dào láizì qítā guójiā, dàn hěn shǎo láizì zhōngguó. Wèishéme wǒmen bù cóng zhōngguó rén de láixìn. Nín kěyǐ zhíjiē xiě xìn gěi kǎitè·mài jī ěr zài cǐ dìzhǐ:

Oct 17, 2015 "Yes I did open this door. People want to hear more about my 'twin' Audi Firegirl. So to say again, we are two very separate women. And we are decidedly not twins. I'm taller and lanky, she's gorgeous and super conditioned, we're both very strong, work out all the time so I guess we do share some properties. Anyhow, in the email the readers want to know the skinny on when Audi and I had to assert ourselves, so to speak. It was three years back, I hope this doesn't sound utterly cliched but we drove down to near Memphis to hear music, we both go nuts for Stax / Al Green era r&b and I knew a place where that fabulous music still is played. Had a great night dancing together and with others, some black some white, very cool scene, soulful to the nth degree. Heading back we had to stop and ask directions in a rural tavern, a couple backwoods guys made some observations about us, were we keeping company? (you see where that's going) A few lezzie type comments (which didn't offend either of us) but it got out of hand. We tried to step out, a very huge guy in overalls blocked the door. I didn't think it would get ugly but Audi grabbed my arm saying, '...time to operate Katie...' so we ended up back to back. I tried to be cool but Audi can run hot real fast, she called out the meanest guy who did not take us seriously so Audi wiped the floor with him. She is so incredibly quick and perfectly balanced. There were no weapons in sight, so ok but you never knew. So I removed the man mountain at the door with two kicks. Then saner heads prevailed, they made a path for us and we drove back to our hotel, albeit rather quickly. I'm gravitating away from such frenzied actions but I have to admit going back to back was so damn cool and this gal literally has your back when it counts!"  KHM

Oct 15, 2015 "Well, this promises to be interesting. My husband called me here in Minnesota, 'Honey, you have company, she's back.' I'm thinking, 'Who?' and then it hits me. I have often been confused with another woman a bit younger than me who is known as Audi Firegirl. It happens we both drove fast cars and mine was an Audi, a rare model called the Sport Quattro S1 (here's a little footage but I could never drive like Walter Rohrl, a true master) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4bcWHUWzfc. Anyway my Sport Quattro was kind of kluged together, not so sophisticated, was actually built by a guy who used it to run illegal substances. I inherited my Audi from family friend Buzz Roemer. My Audi still exists, tucked away in a barn and comes out to play on the roads of California. Blindingly fast fun!!

Ok, back to Audi Firegirl. We've met up and even ran together briefly. When we both realized we had this Audi connection we began hanging out. Is that her real name? Honestly I don't know but she is a total handful. Where I'm 5'10" she's a bit more diminutive but can bring a shitload of hard whoopass and twice we had to operate in tandem, actually back to back to cure an encounter with a few men who thought women should know their place. Audi and I were not given to knowing our place I assure you. I think you can see how folks would confuse me with Audi Firegirl, we share some extreme qualities. However, where I tend to hang in the background Ms. Audi operates completely in the foreground and adores the attention attached. So why does she turn up now? One of my close mates claims she materialized from a stint partnered with the Kurds in Syria. The girl is far deeper into weaponized hardware. I'm a good archer, she's an ardently rigorous firearms chick. She favors sophisticated rapid fire weapons and really knows how to use them. My friend here in the midwest heard Audi was cruising around, apparently deciding to settle down and I always told her she could hang at our farm west of Minneapolis. We had some good times and a few scary ones. She often reads this site so I bet I'll hear from her. Hey Howdy Audi!"  KHM

Oct 13, 2015 "I don't know if Joe Biden will run for President and I haven't been thinking that he would be the best candidate for the office. But every indication I get about 'who is Joe Biden' says that he's a one of kind political animal who is universally well liked. From what I've learned Joe Biden is apparently appreciated even by the Republicans. And what this means is America is not going to have one of the few decent human beings in Washington DC again running for the highest office. I know that many of the people who served close to him also disagreed with Joe but people really genuinely like this guy. Take note, he may be the only politician out there that is universally appreciated. I don't believe there is anyone else like him.  KHM

Oct 9, 2015 "The Democratic debate is coming up. Hillary will be crowned queen because she's so professional, dedicated, prepared and experienced. I love Bernie, everyone loves Bernie, even the people that are scared of him but he won't be the nominated candidate. Too angry, older, too left wing. And he's Jewish but I wouldn't even worry about that much less that he's a socialist. The real big deal is the difference between the democrats who tend to be fairly rational and the Republicans who are just a complete circus and fairly useless. Where the hell is one solid middle of the road conservative who is lucid and wants the process to work for everyone. The Republican party should be the hope for the future but it's not even close. What a mess."  KHM

Oct 5, 2015 "With all the momentous events and concerns swirling around us I want to point to actor Randy Quaid as a guy worth salvaging. What happened to him? He and brother Dennis Quaid had good careers in acting, Randy appeared credibly in a number of movies and then he flew off the rails. Not fell off, flew off and I feel badly for him. Whatever his motivations or mental conditions Randy Quaid deserves better than being arrested. I don't know, maybe he may deserve the harassment? But he's dealing with some kind of demons, that's clear. He and his wife claim people are out to get them, people from Hollywood. I just think it's a shame that their lives have devolved to a point where law enforcement chases them. So Randy, here's to you, to finding a better angle on life so you can have some peace."  KHM

Oct 2, 2015 "A friend told me I should put myself up for a Republican candidate for POTUS. Ironically I do share some values with many conservatives, it's not so far fetched. However, Republicans are consistently embarrassing themselves and the voters with some utterly illogical ideas. Try listening to Ted Cruz, he is genuinely dangerous. Anyway, of course I'm not a candidate for the Presidency, it requires an utterly different public personality, it ain't me. However, if the government does call looking for an enforcer to stop animal abuse put me up. Seriously."  KHM

Sept 24, 2015 "Here's the hot idea for 2015 and it's already happening. The Russians will gradually pull together a coalition of themselves, Bashar al-Assad, the Iranians, and affiliated fighters. Putin wants a form of stability in the middle east and thinks the American plan is failing. He also wants to expand the Russian sphere of influence using the same model as used in the Ukraine. Just wait, it will happen."  KHM

Sept 18, 2015 "What will happen to the stock market? It's down and plainly will drop further. Americans don't like the looks of what lies ahead in politics, not at all. The much promised Republican renaissance with this wide range of candidates has slumped and then crashed with Donald Trump using all the oxygen. Ben Carson is the anomaly who doesn't belong anywhere and has virtually not qualifications except to be a good doctor. Do you really want this guy to run America? The lowest of the low is Ted Cruz who would be genuinely unsafe to have in the White House. Hillary is not well appreciated even though she is the logical person to run America as she actually understands the world as it really is. Bernie Sanders is raising lots of issues that need raising but will not be the Jewish, socialist candidate. Get real. Why is the stock market dropping? Because it directly reflects the general public's fear and dissastisfaction with anything and everything. All of us are fearful of how far the market will drop. I think it's headed down because no one sees anything on the horizon that sounds or looks genuinely promising. Here's my prediction, Trump will likely be the real candidate which will hand the election to Hillary."  KHM

Sept 1, 2015 "Our country, America, is watching from afar as the Kurdish people fight off Islamic radicals in, at least, Iraq and Syria. A percentage of Kurdish people also live in Turkey, they comprise a sizable portion of the Turkish population. Less is known about the Kurdish population in Iran. The Kurdish Peshmerga fight battles with ISIS daily, the female soldiers carry a single bullet reserved for their own suicide if they fear being captured by ISIS. The Kurds are fighting a noble, courageous battle to sustain their own homeland against mindless butchers who commit crimes of the worse depravity. You can read more about the female soldiers in Syria at http://thekurdishproject.org/stories/follow-kurdish-female-fighters-through-a-day-in-syria/. The Kurds deserve your interest and support."  KHM

Aug 27, 2015 "Have you heard of this Efrain Rodriguez who claims to be a visionary and prophet who thinks the earth will be destroyed by an asteroid. And, btw, soon he says. So there's all this flack constantly that crap is gonna fall on us. Now, what do you think? Will we receive an astral visitor? So I want to make a request: If there is going to be an asteroid coming this way, I can suggest a few places it could fall. However, before that event takes place someone needs to go to three specific towns in Syria, tell all the locals to take a hike, a long hike, stay out of town until they see a big rock showing up, wait a few days, then go home." KHM

Aug 26, 2015 "Ok, I admit this is creepy and weird but I just can't shake this image. Supposedly this is the front of the building housing the Italian Facist Party headed by Benito Mussolini. He was the Italian equivalent to Adolph Hitler for all you youngsters. This was in 1934. If you knew nothing more than this picture you would know something really evil is going on. Benito was captured by partisans at war's end and hung upside down in a town square along with his wife or mistress. Is this real, I'm not sure but it came off the internet and that's always true."

KHM                 Related image



Aug 23, 2015 "Is this even possible? Rupert Murdoch, the deeply right wing owner of newspapers and property, a Republican if there ever was one has publicly endorsed former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg to run for the Presidency. Murdoch didn't really love how Bloomberg ran New York City but still called out Bloomberg to consider a run for the POTUS job. That's such a huge deal! Murdoch thinks enough of Bloomberg to make that suggestion even though they may not be totally aligned on many important issues. What that says to me is Rupert Murdoch is looking at Trump and the other candidates and finding them all wanting. Much as I may like Hillary she is running into a ton of flack and it's going to hurt. I think Michael Bloomberg would make a great moderate, realistic President. Because we are in such big trouble! "  KHM

July 2015  "I will be taking a vacation, some summer time off. In my absence the owner of my website will be providing some material. Hope you enjoy his writing."  KHM

....................................................................................................................................................................                                                                 Sunray Gnus 4

Reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has executed Choe Yong-gon, 63,

who served in a high level vice premier position are now being followed by other similar disturbing reports from Pyongyang.

Mr. Yong-gon has not been seen for nearly 8 months, usually a sign that another high level leader has met his fate. Kim Jong-un has exterminated members of his own family who he considered disloyal, a threat, or upsetting.

In past months the unpredictable dictator supposedly disposed of Hyon Yong-chol, a high ranking defense minister. Reports said the out of favor official was killed with an anti aircraft gun in front of an audience including young people. Sources in North Korea were quoted as saying “Our cheerful leader really enjoys the kick of a big gun and that weapon really took care of the despicable Mr. Yong-choi."

North Koreans are not surprised at the dictator’s harsh repression. Said one street vendor in a small town far from the capital, “People like me are a large threat to the government because I have been breathing and I once saw trees. 

But, we’re sure this program of killing high ranking officials will end when we run out of officials or those tall high brimmed military hats they wear.”

August 7, 2015 Watch Out For: After the autocratic government of North Korea decided to reset its clocks back thirty minutes to declare the country’s liberation from Japanese imperialists on August 15, other countries may follow suit. 

Current Venezuelan ruler Nicolas Maduro may try to co-opt Hugo Chavez’s charisma (the previous boss) and again alter local time for his country. Under Chavez Venezuela purposely lost a half hour. Maduro may now delete ten more minutes “to defeat imperialism”. In America back-in-the-pack Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is reportedly considering creation of his own time zone calibrated to bring him back to 1888.

Rumors the Republic National Committee will hold a “death match” debate similar to wrestling matches using that title appear untrue. In recent hardcore wrestling matches opponents hit each other with hard objects, roll in shards of glass and come out bloody. In a quest to attract more rabid fans wrestling contests where blood is prominent cater to a small but growing audience.

A person with knowledge of the RNC commented off the record, “That’s a crazy idea. No one in our debates beats up opponents, it’s a civil exchange. The RNC runs a moderated debate with room for all. Although, it’s possible having candidates physically attack each other would have some appeal.”

Talk of a dream team Democratic ticket composed of distantly related Senator Chuck Schumer and red hot actress Amy Schumer is circulating. The Schumers have appeared in a recent anti-gun press conference together. Amy’s father is a second cousin to Senator Schumer. Observers are unclear, however, who would be top of the ticket? While Chuck Schumer has years of political savvy and experience, Amy is a far bigger name currently and can crack jokes standup style. A joke telling female president has great appeal. However, she is apparently too young to actually be POTUS.

                                                               Sunday Gnus (1st in series)

Representatives from the avowedly ultra liberal action group FairyTroops claim they will attend many of Donald Trump’s campaign appearances in coming months. Their current public spokesperson remaining anonymous by choice commented, “While voters may see an incongruity in a ultra liberal group making this offer we don’t.”

“Our offer is to try and appear with Donald Trump as a cordon of protective guards at any public event we’re allowed into. Our guards will be prepared to confront any threat to Mr. Trump. We believe his good health and welfare is vital to the election of a rational President whose leadership can keep America respected by allies and a true to our traditions of free speech.”

“While some Americans will doubtlessly question our sincerity we swear to stick with the Trump candidacy until he is finally put forward as the Republican nominee. Our guard detail will include at least a fifty percent female contingent. The other fifty percent, we hope, can be made up of LGBT, disabled, or American veterans.”

“America will be far better off with Mr. Trump running for President expressing his uniquely individual opinions against the final Democratic nominee whoever she may turn out to be. We will not be offering guardianship to any other conservative candidate, we want Mr. Trump far out in front of the pack.”

“Our FairyTroops will be identifiable wearing buttons emblazoned with ‘No Big Game Hunting’. While his Trump-ship may not agree with our stance on this controversial topic, who cares?”

July 9, 2015 "What a difference a few days make. I was back in Minnesota for July 4th celebrations, I love fireworks, I love putting on crazy patriotic getups and being nutsy.. Then I get one of those calls, 'Kate, we need you here, we have to, uh, 'retain' this guy from Houston, he's trying to, you know, put another notch in his belt, this one's for a rare (animal)." I'm redacting like crazy trying to stay just this side of legal. I got two of those calls from people that truly know a threat to rare wildlife when they see it. We are not in Africa, surprisingly, this is central Asia in a wildlife preserve not well known in the west. Run by impassioned people who are true protectors of endangered species. I told one of them, '...you have guns, you're sharp with weapons of all kinds, you take him out....' But this person, couldn't afford the exposure, he was already on a shit list with Putin, with two other former Soviet dominated countries. If he was caught, well, not good. And, no guns, even though our friend from Houston was carrying heavy rifles we couldn't attract the attention. In this country, everything is closely monitored by two separate authorities (I'm really trying to sidestep all the tipoffs some hotshot snoop might be seeking). So I was told to bring my 'equipment'. I practice three times weekly but I still don't feel up to speed. Anyhoo, four hours in an aging Mitsubishi SUV across rough territory and then I have to stalk him. The idea is not to kill this asshole, just make it harder for him to shoulder a weapon for, let's say, five years. I have a female guide who only speaks European dialects. But right away as a tracker she's way, way ahead of me. She is uncanny, we're on to him quickly, he has rear guard coverage, two burly Russians or Slavs I would guess with Kalashnikovs. We wait for three hours in some trees, the target animal emerges from some rocks, the Houston guy moves in. It's show time. I have to wound him and then take down the two guards and hope there are none others hidden. He sets up for a kill. I put a very special arrow into his left supporting arm which carries into his thorax. My spotter moves my bow arm 20 degrees to the first guard, I catch him a little more than I wanted, he goes down screaming. But the third guard is running like a madman toward the two of us. I get off an arrow, I get him in the upper thigh but he's still hauling ass. I get a second into his upper right shoulder, that should do it. Noooo, still hauling ass and now I see his eyes. There's nothing in there, he's like a robot. Oh shit! Magically, my five foot three guide, forty year old Italian woman with two kids hangs a really nasty ass knife from fifty paces out into his chest. Thank heavens! This might have gone hand to hand and he is a big mother thumper. We are on him, he's in real pain, she treats his wounds (yes, also a nurse, gawd). We call a certain government phone, tell them some hunters are down, need help. Another day at the office a gorgeous rare animal gets some more time on earth." KHM

July 4, 2015 "I am aware that people all over the world read this website, so very cool. So let me be the staunch patriot that I truly am. For those Americans stopping by can I please remind you to take a minute and appreciate that this is still a free democracy and offer thanks to all the women and men who serve in our armed forces. We are so incredibly fortunate to live in the United States. And for those of you who live in other countries and may have deep doubts about America, I'd just like to say with whatever flaws America has, we are motivated by our love of freedom. When I was 20 I didn't really understand what that means---to love freedom. Now a bit more than 20 years later I cherish every minute of our good fortune. Happy July 4th. Now I appreciate this day." KHM

July 2, 2015 "Can anyone really like Donald Trump? I think he's a pompous ass, so do most people. But I gotta say, he's injecting some rebel life into this presidential thing. Is he crazy enough to think people will respect what he says and the way he says it? No, most won't but Donald Trump is speaking to a certain slice of the populace who really, really want someone to speak their mind and not hide behind anything. So this is America, a runaway crazy guy who is giving our country a new voice, even one we don't want to hear."  KHM

June 26, 2015 "Yah, shaddup already. Half the notes were from women who chewed me out, kind of, for starting this line of thinking, then most said maybe it's ok for me to talk about how I look. The others were men who wanted pictures. Grrrr, men, well, sometimes I appreciate them and sometimes I prefer female company. Oh, God, I'm so predictable. Anyway, this started because occasionally I want to feel sensual and attractive like any woman. So it was warm and i wore less than normal and drove downtown. Got out of the car and right away way too much male attention. So I actually had to finish an errand, A nice looking guy in his thirties approaches me and wants to take my picture. I had a little flash: You can take a few pix but I won't tell you my name AND, you need to make a contribution to Sea Shepherd Global right now! Because I just happened to be sending them a contribution in my purse. He gave me $25 in cash which went into the envelope and he got his pictures. Is that cheap and dumb of me or a little clever?"  KHM

June 24, 2015 "I was never one of the girls, growing up, in college, I wasn't a major gal pal. But I do have girlfriends and I treasure them. When I was in my teens and twenties I could look spectacular (I was told) and for a few years I pushed the envelope in that regard. By 26 it had become clear that putting yourself on display is definitely not wise. My mother consistently chanted that I needed to cover it up but for a time I loved showing it off. Then I woke up, stopped parading and by late twenties had migrated to rational, far more low key and finally became more private and that's how I've stayed. However, in my '40's, working out two hours a day and taking real pride in what mother nature allotted me I have momentarily lapses. One such lapse occurred this week, it got extra warm so I wore not quite enough. Wait, hang on, naw I'm not doing this."  KHM

June 22, 2015 "Now we have one clown in the Presidential race,  Donald Trump. A human being who has absolutely no business running for office in that he has no serious qualifications. Except he's an utter fool and maybe that's a qualification by itself. But next, wait for it, I am being told our current vice president, Joe Biden may be running for office. Yes, that very office. Here's a hitch. According to Robert Gates who served as Secretary of Defense under both Bush and Obama, Mr. Biden has been on the wrong side of every significant issue. That is, Biden took positions which were proved incorrect by actual history. How to choose? A man who is the very definition of misplaced ego or a man who mis-speaks at every opportunity and is not taken seriously by much of anyone. Oh, wait, which is which? Good heavens, what will become of America?" KHM

June 19, 2015 "Who is the least prepared for the approaching war with radical Islamists? The French people? They have already seen recent terrorism in their country. English people grew up with terrorism from the IRA. The list can go on. I worry that my own country, at least the civilian population, really doesn't have a clue. Even though we all lived with the terrible tragedies of 9/11 but I think most Americans are not yet taking this seriously. Particularly I worry about women who I don't really see getting up on this threat. They are still back at getting their nails and hair done. Make no mistake, what we saw in Boston, it's going to be visited upon America again."

June 15, 2015 "Not a day should pass that Americans don't remember our military men and women. Not a day if you can help it. Young men and women go into the army or other services voluntarily. Most make it out the other end ok, some don't. And the rate of suicide among military veterans is insanely high yet we move on in our lives and often don't really notice. Consider volunteering to help out in behalf of wounded or disabled veterans. You could consider helping with www.joblesswarrior.org or www.veteranslisteningpost.com, both of which seem valuable. Try to do something that helps." KHM

June 14, 2015 "Lots of people make me nervous. ISIS, the Chinese government, racists, plenty of others but no one makes me more concerned than the North Koreans. A thirty year old guy making life/death decisions for all those people and most likely their supreme leader, Mr. Un, is not so well informed. He has regularly offed his own relatives, his uncle most recently I believe. Soooo, will Kim Jong Un react to his country running out of power? The NK's rely heavily on hydro electric power for their electricity, such as it is. And they be haven' a big time drought, It's serious. They already struggle with limited electricity but now it's become more urgent. We already know who is suffering the most in NK, the poorest people who already have next to nothing. I know the Chinese subsidize the NK's to keep them a lively buffer. If someone is potentially going to press the wrong button it's Kim Jong Un. " KHM

June 11, 2015 "Occasionally I am curious who looks at this website? More specifically, where do they live, in America? In Chile? Algeria? Well, surprisingly, all over the world, I mean really. Outside America, the next most frequent visitors are from the Ukraine, China, Brazil, Mexico, India. The next most frequent visitors are South Korea, Japan, Spain. And get this, 357 visitors stuck around for over an hour reading all my crazy rantings so far this month. Hey folks, I truly appreciate your interest but maybe you should be talking to your wife/husband or doing crosswords? But seriously, when I see the stats for this website and realize that hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors show up---it's really cool y'all. Really cool. Sometimes I will see an email from one of you asking a question, often really personal and it makes me feel so wonderful. So you should know that life has worked out, I have a sensational family and I still can beat up an animal abuser when it's called for. Thanks for being interested, I hope you get a little charge from reading my meanderings. I appreciate your interest." KHM

June 9, 2015 "Coming middle of the month, I'm sure people will wag their heads at this. What happened to this woman who used to rough up animal abusers? Well, that woman definitely still exists but I actually have other passions and once a year I allow myself a lovely luxury to follow the race at LeMans in France. What, she likes auto racing? How bizarre! Not at all, I've always found rapid cars exciting. If you don't follow LeMans it's quite a sight. Now tv coverage on Youtube is so astonishing, they put you right inside the cars and these are amazing vehicles! They blow down the Muslanne straight at over 200 miles per hour and they are inches apart. Literally inches. Sports racing cars are now so incredibly sophisticated and this year the Porsche entries are definitely hybrid racers. If you can watch them streaming the sounds inside the Audis and Porsches sound like space ships. I'm an Audi girl, I still have an Audi Sport Quattro hidden away in a barn. It doesn't look flashy, it was purpose built to look dowdy to evade detection by the authorities. The original owner will be emerging from jail next year as I understand it. HMMM, he may want it back? Google search Audi Sport Quattro S1. Anyway, now the truth is out, I'm still a semi car freak about racing cars." KHM

June 7, 2015 "Just watched some news reports about political candidates for President here in America. And I have one thought: We better end up with someone competent in matters of defense. Our economy will have its staggers here and there but if there is anything that makes America truly remarkable it's our financial way of life. Even with the ludicrous bad judgment of the Wall St. giants seven years ago in mortgage backed securities we stumble along quite well. But our way of life and that of all western nations is truly challenged by radical religious crazies and they are numerous. Whoever goes in that White House had better be so focused and balanced because they are going to be tested over and over. That let's out most of the present Republicans. Rubio, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina. Heaven forbid Trump and particularly Scott Walker who has the devil brand stamped on him. So far it's likely to be Jeb Bush vs Hillary. But before it's done don't count out Bernie Sanders. He will receive immense support from the same idealists who elected Obama because Bernie talks a very good game. But he's too old and as a socialist (declared), no way to be elected. Jeb has actual experience, we'll see...." KHM

June 4, 2015 "Sometimes as an American I can't help but wonder why have we been losing wars for years? The insurgents have a huge advantage over our country, a limited chain of command. Basically get your weapon and shoot people with very short term strategy. Being poorly educated has some advantages. Listening to our last Secty of Defense Robert Gates explaining his job, almost all of his time goes into coordinating unwieldy bureaucracies. I think that's part of the reason our obvious military and educational advantages don't seem to really help. Too many titles, layers, processes and complicated weapons requiring intense coordination. Radical Islamists have a far simpler vision for their life. Not that we agree with that vision."  KHM

June 2, 2015 "Here's a little secret, I'm the only person who knows this secret, sort of. The conflicts between Islamic radicals are the key to how it may be possible to quell the murderous spree. Do you know that Hezbollah and ISIS are, in fact, in direct opposition on the Lebanese border. Do you know that a so-called 'Muslim Fanatic' (not my term) named Abd al-Rauf Kara is attempting to lead a resistance force in Libya to defeat ISIS? Then we have all the militias that are both Sunni and Shia who are directly fighting ISIS in Iraq and to some extent in Syria. In other words there is some chance that very slowly militant Islamic fighters may ultimately confront the spread of ISIS because that spread is a cancer which can harm local Islamic patriots. There is one little down side for all of us Westerners. Any Islamic radical may ultimately want to turn their attention to American and Europeon non believers. Doesn't look too promising for all us non radicals. But we must hope."  KHM

May 28, 2015 "I grew up in Minnesota, still visit at least a few times a year so I try to keep up on what happens in the upper midwest. And even superficial reading of the news you can't miss Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin next door. I spent loads of time in Madison, Spring Green (home of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin), the bike trails all over the state, I love Wisconsin. I think what Scott Walker has done politically is nothing short of awful. No I don't agree with him politically but that's not the issue. It's the lack of tact, his utter mishandling of dealing with state employees and brazen exploitation of vulnerable people that I hate. I could even deal with his extra far right standing, I don't give a shit. But he's running a great state into the ground. Next door in Minnesota business is buoyant, yes it's higher taxes but Minnesota looks out for things that matter. So Scott, can I invite you to shove it?" KHM

May 26, 2015 "All this McGill woman talks about is serious, dark stuff. Wrong. Here's something fun that we all can relate to. Prom pictures of celebrities including the First Lady, Ms Swiftie and Mathew McCon. I adore some of these pix and good captions:  http://www.purewow.com/arts/10-Awkward-Celebrity-Prom-Photos?utm_source=outbrain

May 23, 2015 "In a situation where Americans have no idea who to trust in Iraq (or the middle east in general) we can feel confident the Kurds and their army the Peshmerga will stay allied with America. Make no mistake, the western countries in Europe and North America  are dealing with a challenge of epic proportions. I would guess the average American is not yet understanding how powerful radical Islam has become. Our country has a military well prepared for fighting nation states such as China or even Iran. But America has a terribly flawed history trying to fight suppressed insurgents from Vietnam forward. We are ill prepared to wipe out armed fighters who live with the general population. ISIS has no aircraft carriers and likely doesn't need them. But in two years we may have lost more ground and even technological weapons. We need to be ready, this fight will take multiple generations."  KHM 

May 20, 2015 "So what of the Band of Sisters? Who are these women? And where are they? I'm only now figuring this out myself. It started quite a few years ago, a few women who were sick and tired of their sisters and female friends earning less, being discriminated against, the usual complaints. The difference is some women decided they were willing to go further, much further. And so began an informal interconnection process between motivated, unusually driven women who rarely knew one another. At first in North America, now in many other countries. In Silicon Valley groups having conversations about helping women find better leverage have existed for twenty years. But what I call the Band of Sisters purposely avoid legitimate, public recognition. Their mission runs deeper with a darker intent. Real change that can only be accomplished when men are not running everything. The power needs to be shared. Higher salaries are not what this is about. It's women establishing a beach head without conflicting constantly with the established male rulers."  KHM

May 19, 2015 "Soon, very soon, we Americans will be faced with a terribly difficult decision. Radical Islam is gaining ground, they will soon control most of Syria. In Iraq, they are ascendant and the Iraqui military is in desperately bad shape. If you read Robert Gates' book, his years as Secretary of Defense under Bush and Obama, given all the resources at American's disposal with troops on the ground stopping determined fighters (then al Qaeda) and keeping the country functioning is nearly impossible. Then came ISIS. The decision facing America is whether to bring troops and the fight back into Iraq. As a citizen who cares I believe our country will not bring troops back to fight. I don't think the American public can deal with losing more lives over deserts and cultures that we have little or no investment in. Americans have seen far too much blood shed in the middle east and Afghanistan, American blood. Instead, I believe we will resort to Fortress America and Fortress Europe, defending ourselves against terrorism. And resorting to weapons no one wants to use but will."  KHM

May 15, 2015 "What on earth can any American do about the slaughter of innocents in Syria and Iraq? Is this because Islam actually condones inhuman treatment of people? What I'm seeing written and spoken around the world is beginning to confirm that certain flaws in Islamic traditions, culture and holy books allows for this heinous behavior. You can google a phrase such as 'violence and Islam' to make up your own mind. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world which should tell us that western views about this religion need to make adjustments. Personally the jury is out, I am not prepared to condemn a whole religion for the violence of still a relatively small percentage. But radical Islam is changing the face of the world and not for the better. Which includes mainstream Muslims who have, so far, taken very few public stands on this violence. I am hoping mainstream Muslims will start stepping into this picture with more strength and determination. Their beliefs are being called into question."  KHM

May 12, 2015 "Let's interrupt the tale of the girls who will take over the world to examine what's occurring in the middle east. Which is to say, our wonderful America is rapidly losing the good fight with ISIS. Yes, even though our side has all the right values we are outgunned not by their military (that of ISIS) but the splintering, unstopping wars between the Muslim factions. Back in George W. Bush's day this disintegration between the Islamic sects was happening but no one in the American governance appeared to understand its importance. It's not an accident that every single arab country (except perhaps Jordan) has required a domineering leader, all of them, it's the only way these countries (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia) could function. A dictator is required, none others may apply. I believe no matter what the well meaning Obama administration attempts it will likely fail short of truly extreme measures. To wit: America is likely to quietly condone Bashar al-Assad's regime as he fights ISIS. There will be a totally uneasy sort of alliance with Iran unless and until ISIS is defanged. Which means, to me, the USA force can't compete with the mayhem being created by the Muslim disagreements."  KHM

May 9, 2015 "So predictably my 'Band of Sisters' hates this name but agreed it maybe works better, so ok ladies. I wasn't taking this seriously, that is until two Sisters showed up at our hideaway. We made our family very tricky to find, still in Sonoma County northern Calif. but a new compound. A gift from an interested party to use while we rethink our situation. One visitor was Tera, close to my age (early 40's), and with her an amazing 65 year old, Aura which is apparently short for Aurina. Aura traveled a distance to join Tera and land on me with all their energy. Aura has grandkids, lives in the Netherlands normally and has been a real soldier. The serious kind defending vulnerable beings---my favorite breed. Aura looks my age, I swear, maybe 47 tops, good lord, how does she do that?? (hold on I'm not yet 47, try some years younger, alright?). Anyhow, the terrible twosome showed up with delicious fruits and veggies, took over our house and we talked. This notion that we women need to take over, at least have far more say in things, they are serious. I got taunted and lectured because this is their devotion. Time for women folk to take the wheel. Men will absolutely be sharing but until females begin determining righteous policies we're just gonna have more ISIS and violence. PS: I didn't need much convincing."  KHM

kMay 4, 2015 "I was describing the band of sisters. Actually they don't identify themselves that way, I do. There is purposely no name for the group used publicly. I always thought of myself as determined, tough, physically well prepared, reasonably intelligent. Then I began meeting the crew (their name for themselves). I'll start with Terra, no last name. An American, one of just a few in the crew, grew up in the Memphis area in poor circumstances. She and I sent emails, a few texts, she revealed almost nothing then we met in a small farm town in Iowa, her choice in early summer 2014. People say I have an intimidating, strong presence. Terra, at first from across a street, seemed almost innocuous. As we approached she sort of glided rhythmically. Then I realized she was taller than me (I'm 5'10"), maybe in her thirties with long limbs. Her hair resembles a crown, dark sienna, carefully interwoven strands to her shoulders. But it's the eyes. She removed sunglasses and those eyes burned dark. Her first words to me were, 'I read the book about you. Is that shit true?' One hand on her hip, head cocked slightly, she wasn't passing the time of day. She wanted answers. I tried to be cool, friendly but Terra was in control. She quoted passages from the book verbatim. I explained it is semi fictional, a loose adaptation. Now she was standing about 18 inches from my face, looking slightly down at me. She carries three knives. I am tough but Terra had me all flummoxed. Kind of threatening, a joke cracker and deeply serious. The crew, I would find out, is a collection of truly exceptional women first, fighters and plotters second."  KHM

 May 1, 2015 Why the heck does she keep disappearing? And what are these entries from the future? "Well folks, the future stuff is my idea, it's intriguing to second guess fate. As to the disappearances, a bit more complicated. Three years ago I was approached to join up with a band of sisters, you might say. Women from across the world who feel that there has to be a better way to run things. Leaving it to the men is not working so great. How true but would it be better with women folk in charge? But there's a catch, many of the women are dedicated to not just change but nearly revolutionary change. No baby steps, not calm and deliberate, Real aggressive powerhouse alterations to the social fabric. Frankly pretty scary. And questionable if any of it can be accomplished without horrendous bloodshed. I found myself talking to physically intimidating women, extraordinarily accomplished, intellectually advanced (not always in the same person) women, some advocating for radical steps.  So what comes next? Good question, not sure if I'm in or out of this one?" KHM

 June 8, 2017 "After months of unrest and more than a few actual riots the city of Baltimore decided to attempt a controversial experiment. Leaders in the African American communities were suggesting the police try to employ a small force of local men and women at street level to be another face of law enforcement but not the regular police presence. Naturally traditional law enforcement hesitated and objected, the risks were high and results could backfire. Starting with a crew of twelve, six men and six women receiving limited compensation contributed by two non profits the Street Crew began their rounds. Dressed in highly visible day glow vests and hats which made the members fairly uncomfortable, the patrol worked neighborhoods often with better results than conventional patrols." 

Sept 4, 2043 "Captain Hiram Meltzer walked quite slowly along his property line of three acres west of Fort Lauderdale, Fl. An accomplished boat captain who happily took fishermen and tourists out for sojourns toward the Keys, even to Cuba when he could manage the risks. Now he pondered his own risks. The TV news and what was still left of newspapers couldn't stop speculating on what would happen next. Captain Hi as he was known had stored his two power boats hoping what sailors called the Doom Waves washing ashore would dissipate but in his heart he knew the truth. There had been wonderful, relaxing voyages for years but now the rising tide levels were gradually destroying marinas up and down the coast. Literally tearing up the piers, washing over clubhouses and parking lots, the rising waters were relentless and gradually overwhelming man made structures. His acerage had been miles from the shorelines and beaches. But now, for the first time, tides were crossing inland, overwhelming city streets and homes. Floridians had all seen the maps for years showing the impact of melting glaciers on their state. Now, the Governor appeared on the news repeatedly counseling, urging, reminding citizens to act on the obvious. Captain Hi remembered the first outlines he read from a professor at Princeton named Oppenheimer back when he was still on the water almost every day. That began changing around 2024 when the oceans commenced their threatening creep. But now threatening had new meaning, he could see the incoming water, it gathered a half mile away where the where Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park used to be. He thought, 'No one, none of us ever really imagined we'd see this happen. This is crazy.' He was glad Alice wasn't around to witness the encroachment." Future Archives

July 7, 2021 "Terry Anderson visiting from Ottowa Canada paused to examine a river flowing through Shangba China in Guangdong province. A scientist and demographer attempting to advise the Chinese government on environmental cleanup couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. The river was actually on fire, apparently someone had touched off a flame using the chemicals polluting the water. Nearby a young girl stood transfixed watching the bizarre lightshow. Terry turned to her and asked in a local dialect, 'Mian Shu, does this happen often?" She shook her head in the negative. 'No this burning is new. The river has been filled with terrible chemicals, that's why Shangbu is known as a cancer town. Cancer is all over our village. I'm the only person in my family that does not have cancer.' Terry nodded attempting to grasp the full impact of this much pollution. In North America, at least thus far, nothing was this polluted. The Chinese government had been taking steps to remove polluted soils and prevent use of certain chemicals but Terry knew this area was almost too far gone to be saved. Glancing at the young woman he could easily see the tears streaming down her face." Future Archivesk

July 2, 2021 "Mom, I thought you said next week you attend some kind of conference in France was it? No, wait, Moscow, is that it?" Her daughter was visiting from the east coast. "Haddie, we need to be very clear on places now. I could or you could travel to France, the French are working overtime to protect their citizens from terrorists. But, they are having real problems controlling anti semitism there. In the last six years, well, it's become a national problem. And Moscow, since Putin became so aggressive toward Americans, well, it's not worth going there. Do you know when American business people have to travel to Russia they go with their protection, they have to." Her daughter mulled this over and said, "So what happened in what used to be called Syria, isn't that where that huge explosion happened?" Her mother pondered the question and replied, "Yes, no one still is entirely sure what occurred. At first the Islamic people claimed it was an Israeli bomb, then an American bomb. But both governments pretty well proved it wasn't their doing. Then the Islamic sides began pointing fingers at each other but all anyone knows is a series of huge explosions went off leaving a major depression in the middle of Syria." Future Archives

April 7, 2015 "Anyone else getting really nervous about where the future is going with Islamic people, the middle east, no it goes way beyond just the middle east. When I grew up people in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt were just people with a different culture. Now, what on earth? Did this start because George W. Bush had to push over Saddam Hussein which led to Iraq falling apart? Is the America need to bring democracy to foreign countries destroying the social order that we didn't really understand to begin with? Now look at all these people dying because the Shia and Sunni can't stop killing each other. Is this irrational to be spouting off about such a gigantic world problem? We all know how big these problems are. Yes, I better sit down and shut up. Somehow I can't believe that millions and millions of Islamic people are out to hack up each other and some of us with them." KHM

April 5, 2015  "I'm sure people get tired of me beating this drum but the Kurdish people deserve s, upport of Americans. The Kurds continue to fight on against Islamic terror, they are clearly under resourced. The Kurds and Turks have their own conflicts making life for the Kurds that much more difficult. If you care to read the Kurds' side try http://www.hezenparastin.com/eng/. In this form it's in english." KHM

April 4, 2015 "If you ever, ever consider joining a group that forces you to give up your freedom in any form just walk away quickly. No cult is worth a moment of anyone's time. Why am I concerned with your joining a cult? Because I have recently watched videos about people stuck inside cults. Most are masquerading as churches. Why do people allow themselves to be subjected to cultish abuse? Many are inherently weak and unable to defend themselves. Others it's maybe bad luck. Whatever the conditions that may have occurred, if it's in your power, help others to avoid cult involvement." KHM 

Mar 27, 2015 "The clearest illustration possible that companies run poorly can cause monumental screwups. The German airline Lufthansa had no ongoing system for re-screening their own pilots to discover mental problems. Worse, the CEO seems utterly clueless about his company's liability. He claimed the pilot was 100% ready to fly. It's becoming obvious that whoever was flying that plane was hell bent on destruction. And in this case, the corporate entity behind the incident must go on trial. That pilot never should have been able to take the controls."  KHM

Mar 24, 2015 "There are Americans who have volunteered to fight in the middle east, they fight with the forces arrayed against ISIS and their affiliates. They may be compensated by someone's army but the fact is they have taken upon themselves to fight against these horrendous killers. I don't know any of these soldiers personally, I wish I did. Anyone who operates with such high principles gets my vote." KHM 

Mar 20, 2015 "There is a bill about to be signed by the Governor of Indiana which will basically allow any business to discriminate against gays or lesbians or most anyone else. It's all about allowing people in Indiana to exercise their religious freedom. The Governor Mike Pence is solidly behind the bill and will likely sign it. Anyone who has walked the long road to see discrimination eliminated will now have to get back on that long road as these kinds of bills are proliferating. A similar one exists in Arkansas and other states. Your option is to exercise your choice in how you or your company or organization spend money. In particular you can choose not to spend money in Indiana or with any business that is based there. Only by sending your message of non-support will this kind of lunacy be stopped. Is it unfair to not support a business just because of where it's located? What I would say is consider sending a social media message to businesses in Indiana telling them your feelings about this new proposed law. They, in turn, will put pressure on the Governor. Here's a page where you can learn more:http://irregulartimes.com/2015/03/28/a-list-of-indiana-businesses-to-boycott/

Mar 16, 2015 "It's not going to take a genius to realize that what started as the so-called Arab Spring is now a full fledged revolution But just not the one we were expecting.  It's not the forces of democracy winning. Two major muslim sects now subdividing against each other, the U.S. has virtually no control, limited knowledge, how can anyone know about outcomes or allies?  Yes, all sadly true. Now what, where do we go? We know all this already don't we? Here's what I think. America badly needs to wake up to what's coming. You can say that radical Islam is not really about Islam. In time that will get sorted out. But meantime however you see it, there is serious trouble on the horizon. Call it a challenge, call it a war,  call it an inconvenience to have our way of life threatened but it's working its way here. The 'it' is a powerful, unreasonable, primitive force we are ill prepared to deal with.  Here's one small voice saying the dark clouds are not far away over the horizon. They are here now." KHM

Mar 12, 2015 "My grandmother Helen and I had a womens' day out in Oakland across the bay from San Francisco. I will always have a soft sport in my heart for Oakland, the city that too often gets written off as violent or lacking in purpose or second fiddle to the more famous San Francisco. We walked along the bayfront in Jack London Square which can be on the edge of gritty but also has charm and good history. We turned a corner and encountered two men in their thirties hanging out next to an aging Chevy showing its age. The men, one white, one black made a few comments that were utterly inappropriate and uncalled for. We walked a few steps and my grandmother whispered, 'Well dear, I know you won't let that slide.' I told her I felt it was time to give up banging heads, not very ladylike. She said, 'Get on with it Katie. You have a reputation to protect.' What's a girl to do? So I walked back and stood about 8 feet from them saying, 'Gentlemen, take back the dim witted language and I'll let it go.' They both had a really surly look and one spit on the sidewalk. I told him to clean it up. He spit again. So I walked toward him, he went into a defensive crouch, actually pretty well articulated and he laughed. I took him off his feet with a kick to the chin and then chopped him in the face. The other man whirled around pulling out a knife. I clobbered him hard three times, the knife flew in the air, both were pretty bloody. I walked back to Helen, took her arm and we sauntered up the block. She hissed, "Nice, very nice. I'd feel terrible if you lost your chops."  KHM

Mar 8, 2015 "First my apologies to readers all over the world who are utterly confused by the two preceding entries. Yes, I jumped into the future by 18 years which I realize may appear a bit weird but that's me sometimes. The future will return and become more bizarre in upcoming entries. Meantime, back to our present reality. If you look up the statistics on the number of American veterans who are dying by their own hands it's beyond unbelievable. A posting from NBC News said that in 2010 22 military veterans were committing suicide every day! I really can't process that notion, at least not easily. How can that even be? Twenty two people killing themselves every day? One a day is terrible but 22 people daily? Oh god, it takes your breath away. I pray that more vets will find help, that the VA will finally become more useful and effective in helping vets,"KHM   

Nov 10, 2033  "Another mess in what used to be Syria. I guess it still is but now you hear about Assyrians as well. The American military had such a treachorous problem originally to get rid of Bashar al-Assad. It took so long, over three years for the allied front to fight what was then ISIS. No one was prepared to fight the Syrian army who was also fighting ISIS. Then out of the blue, very quietly, the Russians made their entrance but on an extremely limited basis. The Russians after Putin were more careful where they threw their weight around but finally the threat from radical Islamists became too powerful. Eventually al-Assad realized the end was approaching, he refused to leave his country and family. The compromise deal pleased absolutely no one and finally a small ops team, apparently from three countries captured him and took him out. Anyway the chaos in what was Syria could not have been imagined. Or, honestly yes it could. But then no one could have guessed at the huge role the Egyptians would play. So now, at least for the next ten days there is a relative calm but Syria likely will be no more." KHM

Nov 6, 2033 "The Water Guards as they are now known had to step in again, two warring sides. They had a balls out gun battle in San Jose yesterday. Right next to one of those overgrown tech centers that supposedly don't use water but with all those devices (what used to be called computers) running, of course they use water. Apparently a group of workers who are, of course, out of work showed up armed to the teeth. There often is not enough water for basic human services. But the Intelopolis plants are so heavily defended, well, the Water Guards stepped in with non violent weapons and that was that. The water tubes coming in from Oregon also have to be defended. So they're again using lightweight prisoners to keep the water flowing. What a mess."  KHM

Nov 3, 2033 "I've always wanted to do this........ Here in northern California it's bad, without natural moisture all the official government sources are claiming the next two desalination plants will come online in ten days. But that's hardly going to make a big difference. Every household has no choice but to severely limit water consumption. At least we still have trees although the landscape is really turning brown everywhere. But it's better here than many places. People in Florida, I don't know, it's just mind shattering. So much of southern Florida is now largely underwater. The joke going around is they found Rush Limbaugh's house totally inundated. I'm sure he's reconsidering his position on climate change. Today the new ruler in Iran was on television speaking in perfect english. Who would have predicted that America and Iran are now working closely without obvious problems. What happened in Iraq back in 2018 certainly clarified who were friends and who weren't. Finally after decades the two dominant muslim tribes appear to be working it out. It only took thirty more years than made any sense. But that leaves lots of the new militants still holding parcels of what was Syria. No one, not any side can figure out how to dislodge them as they demonstrated they have a nuclear weapon. The hardliners seem to have an iron grip on what's left of that country. I'm sure no one in Iran could have seen this coming." Katherine Harendt McGill

Mar 2, 2015  "I guess I'm allowed to do this? The guy who wrote the book about my life has another website which is all about how we can protect and defend ourselves. Not so much physical defense but not being taken advantage of, not making costly errors in judgment. I found it useful and also easy to read. It's www.sundayusa.com. Take a look." KHM

Feb 27 2015 "I am told that the statistics for this website about me, Kate McGill,  show that the largest number of visitors are from China. In America we'd say 'WOW!' That's simply amazing. Apparently the Chinese visitors are are about tied with those from America but that means hundreds and even thousands of Chinese people are visiting and reading the postings. So I want to say to all the readers from your great country: 问候我所有的朋友和追随者的中国。我受宠若惊,并感谢来自中国的人愿意了解我。谢谢。让我补充,我非常关心的象牙贸易商谁是破坏大象,我知道很多这些商人都来自中国。请尽量让你的同伴中国商人停止交易的象牙。我有很大的信心,中国人民将最终结束他们在ivory.And交易请给我的联系页面电子邮件。谢谢。Katherine Harendt McGill.

Feb 22 2015  "Lost in all the constant hammering of media in Iraq and Syria is the emerging tale of the Iraqui's actually taking charge of their own battles. Iraq with Iranian help and plenty of tribal fighters are attacking ISIS in Tikrit. Not only is America not directly or apparently even indirectly involved but their attack was news to many American personnel. The Iraqui's appear to be gaining some strength against ISIS. Wouldn't that be good news? I hope so."  KHM

Feb 18 2015  "A friend of my daughter asked me a question that I think deserves an answer. She asked if I thought the Romanian Cold Hand or control of someone's mind by another person was all just garbage? Did that stuff really happen? By the way, after she asked me this question she stood in our kitchen looking at me with a churlish little grin. So my answer is I did and still do believe that some elements of what might be termed mind control can and do exist. The book written about my younger years tended to exaggerate my ability to control the Romanian Cold Hand and in some cases didn't have it really accurate. But, I did have and still do have some ability to exercise those powers. My mother never did nor did her mother. So if it's really possible, why am I not going out and controlling bad guys every day? That requires a pause for air. The answer is in my experience two things were impacting my control of this phenomena we called Romanian Cold Hand. First, as I have aged it's been more difficult to control the Cold Hand. I think some of that is emotional on my part. I am not alone in saying exercising such a mental tool can be dangerous to my health. I found the Cold Hand hurt me every time I attempted to recall its powers. And second, I found myself becoming uncomfortable reaching for the Cold Hand. It took my mind and body on pathways i found less relevant to my life. So basically I stopped attempting to use the Cold Hand, I no longer wanted to put myself through the experience. It tended to make me feel like I was a freak show. That wasn't and isn't much fun. So I am Cold Hand free now for a few years. Would I ever attempt it in the future? Sure, I may be a freak show when I reach for the Cold Hand but it sure can be devastating on another person."  KHM

Feb 16, 2015 "I read about Boko Harum, the African Islamic terrorist group and discovered that their name means either 'banned books' or 'non Islamic  teaching'. In any case their brutal violations of human spirit deserve addressing by any civilized military force. Where does this end? I'm afraid we'll be fighting this insanity for decades." KHM

Feb 14, 2015 "With all the misery and violence in the world we could use a break. At least I certainly could. Here's one lovely escape I've discovered. The TV series running on HBO in America, 'Veep', starring Julia Louis Dreyfuss. As the name implies, she plays the America Vice President. Julia is so perfetly matched to the humor and dialogue. This is a series you have to watch and listen carefully as the dialogue goes by so very quickly. I know some viewers outside the USA who are not so familiar with our brand of english or may not understand the American political system could be a bit lost. But I hope anyone who can follow the dialogue will give it a try.  Besides being hilarious Veep tells a a tale that is so oddly true. These politicans and their support staff operate in a state of suspended animation, at times. Perpetually chasing the latest moment or urgent demand, they all come off as victims but in the most hilarious and ridiculous situations. I truly hope the truth is nothing like what we see." KHM

Feb 10, 2015 "Yes, you can send me mail, go to the Contact page. And I read what you write. Lately a few writers have been asking what happened to 'the old Kate' who would grab animal abusers or exploiters and manhandle them (i.e. beat them up). So I owe everyone a response. The old Kate is still this same one but frankly I've had to question whether the beat them up and kick them to the gutter approach was working? I wanted to think that physically assaulting a bad guy would make them change their ways. It stands to reason, if a person is intimidated they'll change their ways. Well, big sigh, not sure it's true. Scumbags don't change their ways that easily. Wish it were true. And I began realizing this when someone forwarded an email which quoted one of my 'guests' as saying he was proud of having an altercation with me. (in that one I did quite a job on this particular guy, he was hospitalized for a while) This doofus apparently wore his injuries as a badge of honor. So that Kate is taking a vacation while the regular Kate tries to help beef up deserving causes and people who deserve our help. But fear not, someone will run afoul of me."  KHM

Feb 8, 2015 "I'm certainly not imagining this, radical Islam is spreading rapidly across the disrupted Arab nations in Africa. Very rapidly. In no time it will be in Libya and Egypt although the Egyptians potentially can prevent their gains, at least for a time. But what is obvious is the Arab Spring has loosed a terrible cancer across the middle east and the western nations are not able to contain it. In particular President Obama appears unable to even respond with but his options are few. I don't have a military age son as yet so I don't have a dog in this hunt, as yet, but I believe boots on the ground is coming."  KHM

Feb 3, 2015 "Somewhere previously I mentioned devices sitting in a warehouse in Utah made by Aray Powersource which I implied could potentially stop armed troops. So I'm being asked, if that device exists why isn't our armed forces all over it? If it works, well shit, put it to work. The answer is the devices are not rock solid dependable, have had a tendency to not work as desired. And so, reluctantly along with my grandmother Helen Aray, the Aray in the name of the company, we closed down or at least stopped selling. Helen moved on to a new challenge and I presently rant and rave about radical whatevers and try to figure out something useful to contribute." KHM

Feb 2, 2015 "We can all agree that the middle east, radical Islam, all huge problems. And very likely difficult to solve without significant American intervention. But I have now talked to two people, one a military guy, the other I can't really talk about, he's very specific to his field but both study the problems of radicalism, Islam but also how this plays into the future. I promised I'd keep their identities secret, both consult with various, oh, entities. They say that ISIS is a reflection of a larger and deeper issue with these religions wanting to demand parity and even dominance with western powers. The fundamental is the growth in radicalism reflects a growing urgency, these people want to control the world and have us live under their laws. Both experts believe even winning on the battlefield may not be sufficient. Yes, it's kill or be killed but these messengers from the 11th century genuinely want to return the world to conditions so primitive as to be unthinkable, at least if you're a woman, or a child or anyone else. I take this seriously and personally. I hope you do as well." KHM

Jan 31, 2015 "I know only a little about the actualities of life in Muslim controlled countries. I try to read about what's happening with the Kurdish people. They seem to be fighting the truly good fight against the worst of the Islamic radicals.  I understand the Turkish nation is worried about the growth of national Kurdish dreams, it would directly impact Turkey. But I hope Americans will start paying attention to the Kurds, they are tireless warriors in an awful conflict.  You can read more about their cause at www.rudaw.net. We have to start helping the troops on the ground in this ugly war." KHM

Jan 28, 2015 "If some deranged authority put me in charge of our military and defense forces what would I do? And what would you do? Let's share the reins of power, here, sit down, we're running this whole western operation. First, I'd like to call up ten very wealthy people and ask them to participate in our defensive posture including adding funding to our medical efforts in the military. I'd like the American public to know big wealth is kicking in billions more to keep us safe and help reinforce our life saving efforts. Ok, thanks for that. If it was me I'd call up the Saudi Princes and tell them we want the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia to end now. Oh, yah, no more beheadings as well. Hang on there's a few other corrections required in Saudi Arabia. Hmmm, this could take quite a while. Ok, facing up to ISIS. I'd import an Aray Powersource device that is sitting in two large warehouses in Utah, set it up right here. Turn on that switch, both of them. Wow, look at all those men collapsing, the ones in the black uniforms. And they're not getting up so fast. Ok, that's not quite a whole solution I admit." KHM

Jan 23, 2015 "When I grew up the scariest things we heard of in Minnesota were farming accidents or a local soldier being hurt in the line of service.  But trouble was generally far removed from our quiet, happy lives. Standing on the porch of our family's cozy little home in downtown Wayzata last week it dawned on me, evil is pounding down our door. Pounding with both fists. Hammering like a maniac. Young Islamic men who might once have had happiness, behaved like young kids, silly careless children now strap on bomb vests and walk into hotel lobbies to push the plunger. No this isn't any big news, it's every day life. I guess I'm just trying to say our world is really going into some strange place. God, I miss that simple, unblemished life. I hate that our children may miss out on the innocence we enjoyed. I miss it like crazy." KHM

Jan 20, 2015 "We have it pretty great living in America. Relative safety, earning opportunities etc. But eventually we'll start seeing what the people in Europe confront every day. Insanely committed religious radicals are likely here already. One day we'll find out. Meantime, if you believe you've seen evidence of radicals out to disturb our lives, your life, call someone. Do something please. Yes I'm aware this is not the first time I said such things." KHM

Jan 18, 2015 "My family and a few friends have watched Homeland on Showtime. We're in the beginning of Season 4 presently. Watching the portrayal of how American intelligence services function, the roles our intelligence analysts play in tracking terrorists is dreadfully upsetting, sometimes uplifting, gut wrenching, blows apart all the unreality of how America is attempting to defend itself. In one episode you can find yourself rooting for the home team and then be disgusted by what our soldiers must do to fight the wars. One episode graphically illustrates how American intelligence can inadvertently make mistakes, destroy lives while attempting to protect our country. We are embroiled in a no-win battle that we can't refuse to fight. We're seeing Muslims migrating to terrorism because, I suppose, they are brain washed into thinking their attacks are necessary and appropriate. This is a war, perhaps, unlike any America has fought in. Right now terrorists seem to have the upper hand. No I certainly don't have the answers on fighting radical Islam. I'm sure if you are a person who has become radicalized it all makes sense."  KHM

Jan 12, 2015 "Normally, if I post something I don't hear much. But this last posting about organizing highly intelligent people to help brainstorm on dealing with radical Islam seem to hit a nerve. Surprising because most of what I do doesn't seem to hit many nerves. Unless you think having people with guns come looking for me. That does happen periodically which is why we now have yet another house, actually, small compound. It's in Northern California, that's all I can say.  So that idea stands: If lots of very smart, connected people began discussing how we try to deal with radical Islam, maybe some good ideas come up. The theory that this would mean how we kill a lot of terrorists is not what I had in mind. I'm not saying anyone who turns to terrorism doesn't deserve to be dealt with harshly. Not at all. But the ultimate solution has to be neutralizing their movement, perhaps even turning it to a positive goal. Seem unlikely? Oh, good heavens yes, right now a huge long shot. But ultimately those who are functioning as fighters for radical causes can only be turned to a better course if we find a reason for them to give up their terrorist ways. How wacky does that sound.? Let's convince ISIS fighters they should stop killing. It can be done but it will take a monumentally brilliant strategy."  KHM

Jan 10, 2015 "Alright here is my little brainstorm which will, no doubt, fall unheeded on the floor but it's worth proposing. The western world and, for that matter, all of the world has a stupendously huge problem with radical Islam. The violence, death and destruction is quickly pushing vital issues off the front page and becoming, really, the biggest one of all. So, how do you solve a mushrooming, volatile world challenge? You gather the smartest, most connected and able people together. And ask them to talk about it. They may fall far short but let's not waste the best talent we have just because they may not specialize in terrorism. Problems to solve are simply enormous headaches requiring clear thinking and deliberate solutions. I'd start with people who have proven track  records in finding solutions: Bill Gates, the Google twins, Kim Ung-Yong, Rick Rosner, Sir Andrew Wiles, Judit Polgar, Terence Tao, James Woods (yes, the actor is also very high IQ guy). I'd like more women but I'm just looking at a few lists. A smarter person could ferret out other choices. We gotta do something kids, rampant ideologues are destroying the world."  KHM

Jan 7, 2015 "Hey, guess what? I'm pretty reachable. When I agreed to write these little, updates or whatever you call them I told Michael I would not be interacting with readers. Too intrusive, too much trouble, violate my privacy. And then I responded to a few people, just to, you know, see what it's like? And I found I liked it, I've enjoyed answering a few questions about my life. My personal life, my family, that's off limits but that leaves the rest of the world. It isn't practical for me to show up at book signings, that's not me. I am not a public person but email isn't bad. But recently someone told me the email address for this website is not working. So, if you promise to be nice you can send to katemcgillskates@gmail.com. Yes, I know this is likely not smart but  try me. We'll see how it goes? Thanks   Kate"  KHM

Jan 4, 2015 "I haven't told anyone this before and logically I'd tell my husband Peter or daughter Haddie or my mother Sarah. So it seems idiotic to now tell the world but that's what seems right. I'm in a restaurant in San Francisco on the edge of chinatown with an old friend and I see a young Asian man, he looked Chinese to me and they don't all look alike. He's staring at me rather shyly but in a determined manner if those things go together? I get looked at, it's a familiar feeling. I am tallish, I have been called 'statuesque', I've been called 'dramatic' and 'sexy'.  So it doesn't bother me. Suddenly he's standing at our table and asks my name, I told him. He then said, 'Do you remember my father?' I replied, 'I'm sorry I wouldn't know who your father is?' He replied, 'Yes you do, in Hong Kong at the (he names a trading shop) in April 2014.' Then I knew who he was or who is father was. I confronted a Chinese trader in Hong Kong over his dealing in ivory. I did my best to terrorize him short of hurting him. Two of his 'aides' attacked me, I threw one into a closet, the other through a window. I can be extremely difficult to stop when I want to be. His father had some kind of physical seizure, not sure what but he didn't look good for ten minutes. So I told the young man I knew about his father, his long reputation trading ivory.  The son said, 'You hurt him, not his body, his mind. My father stopped handling ivory, something I thought he'd never do. It's an old Chinese tradition. So, I guess, thank you. He will have to change his entire life, perhaps even friends.' Then he bowed courteously and disappeared. I wasn't elated, not sure what I felt but I could smile that much more easily."  KHM

Jan 2, 2015 "Goodness knows why people follow this website? Well I hope you all derive some satisfaction by reading me tripping over my own thoughts. Anyway, I have one media comment to offer. For the last two or more years if I dared read show biz gossip it was unavoidable to see Katherine Heigel being vilified and chewed up because she was temperamental and an uptight diva. I would say Ms. Heigel is getting the last laugh after being written off largely by everyone in Hollywood. Hey, I am just repeating stories I read in the bathroom but it sure seemed like she was a goner. Please watch her show 'State of Affairs'. Katherine Heigel is believable, totally focused and demonstrating she is a fine actress. This tv show puts the real world in front of us, she inhabits her character convincingly. I love the show so far. " KHM

Dec. 30, 2014 "I know some readers of this website just want to hear I'm out there beating up some doofus who hurts innocents. Well, guess what, maybe I will but in the meantime a little wake up call: A small slice of the western world is bumping into someone, generally a male, who is f'd up, likely sick, mentally unstable, threatens people. We read the stories every day. Every god damn day someone goes off and kills others. So for heavens sake, if you're unlucky enough to know someone who is angry, screwed up and potentially violent----Jesus, turn the bugger in!! Call someone in a position to act on your knowledge. Yes, normally the police but someone in charge needs to know this person is out there and aching to kill. What if you're wrong? I don't have a good response to that question, no one does. You don't call the cops unless you're pretty certain but between doing nothing or doing something, do it, make that call. Please."  KHM

Dec.  29, 2014 "With all the aggravation and murders in this world it seems trivial to pick on the hottest girl singer, the hottest media magnet, she's earned her place, deserves her lofty role. Make no mistake, she has it all going on, just ask my daughter, hell ask anyone. So my little quibble with her: She needs to publicly step out and proclaim a position on an issue of the day. She has the reputation for being very decent, concerned about treating people well, good high standards. All that's missing is she can sway millions of younger people just by speaking up. So come on darling, pick your poison. How about defending animals, one of my top two issues? But there is no shortage of important causes, your choice. It's time to declare yourself for something that will really, really matter. Anyone in the western world knows who I'm talking about, so does she. I'm a Swiftie." KHM

Dec.  23, 2014 "This will start unraveling, I can smell it, taste it. I want to believe just like you want to believe that those fools in North Korea caused this hack at Sony. I bet you ask 100 Americans and they'll all point to North Korea. Slam dunk. But let's stop for a moment. There is evidence piling up that the Sony hacking was likely the work of a former employee. Worse, much worse, the FBI presented 'evidence' that the North Koreans had their hands all over this hacking incident. The Federal intelligence services who I happen to feel have high credibility and represent this country with noble standards, deserve our support. So it's not healthy if the FBI are exposed to be less than competent and perhaps making a fast , inaccurate judgment call. I hope this is proven inaccurate but it's looking like the officials were wrong. I'm sure loads of pressure descended on the FBI to solve the Sony hack.  We need first rate protection, let's back our boys but meantime the FBI must get on their better game." KHM 

Dec.  21, 2014 "I read something which, if true, tells us a lot about ISIS and the battle for the middle east. One fighter for ISIS claimed that when they took over one of the major cities they had only 300 fighters against 20,000 in the Iraqui army defending that city (I think it was Aleppo). This guy said his side were fighting for something they believe in and the Iraquis were fighting for a paycheck. Is that possible a few hundred determined fighters could drive out 20,000? I know what it means to me. All of us opposing the ISIS movement better start supporting any fighters who are also fighting for something they believe in. I think that would be the Kurds who apparently fight with a passion. It also tells us why the Saudis may not be in this fight on the ground. I don't know Saudi Arabia but I keep reading it's a very strictly managed country with tight control from the top. And lots of repression in their present culture. America needs to find ways to support the Kurds, I'm assuming we already are. Whatever forces have conspired to put ISIS on the ground will not easily be defeated without an equal opposing passion. And hats off to whomever brought down the internet in North Korea. I'm guessing our government had a hand in the effort. Long overdue. North Korea is incredibly dangerous."  KHM

Dec.  19, 2014 "I'm lingering over a dinner in Montreal, myself and a woman who is trying to lead me to a man (sorry but it's always a man) responsible for killing animals for money. I never honestly enjoy dinner or any food when I'm in pursuit of a quarry. This guy happens to be Asian, actually Chinese, but I long ago learned not to focus too heavily on ethnicity or race or anything. Good people are good people period. We've been waiting for him to materialize, we encountered one of his associates, more like confronted. He claimed our evidence of their guilt was, at best, circumstantial. We talked some more, this man just kept rambling on. So I shut him up harshly, abruptly. As I've aged, punishing a person who clearly is guilty has varied between distasteful and occasionally very satisfying. Last night was the latter as we had clear evidence he had been part of a terrible act. It's especially  satisfying if the poundee cries out. I can be genuine badass. Feels good."  KHM

Dec.  18, 2014 "Right now, this minute, there are men walking around in Syria, Russia and even America who have committed crimes of the very worst kind. Some are under suspicion, others have apparently escaped detection, others served some time but were not imprisoned for their worst deeds. I recently watched an episode of 'The Nazi Hunters' and in particular  the capture of Adolf Eichman, the architect of the Holocaust. It's a dramatization with actors but some of the actual Mossad agents who kidnapped Eichman in Argentina appear and talk about how this astonishing act was accomplished. You can't miss the fact that these Israelis were in many respects the most average of people functioning in the most extraordinary moment. Interspersed with the footage of the actors were scenes from death camps that Eichman guided. There are scenes of Eichman in uniform, 'at work' so to speak, and it's sickening beyond belief. He is portrayed as a most unextraordinary person once he was captured. He cooperated, didn't attempt to fight the Israeli captors and went to his death like an obedient soldier. Today, there are thousands of such Eichmans, in North Korea, among radical Muslims like ISIS, in the Russian military, among drug cartels in Latin America and, of course, in Cuba. Pondering such thoughts has made me realize many regular citizens in many countries may actually know real life Eichmans and could blow the whistle on such twisted beings. In China and southeast Asian countries people were killed wholesale to further the vision of dictators. If you happen to identify a criminal of this kind I hope you'll report him or her. Don't fail human kind, turn them in somehow. Make it happen!!"  KHM

Dec.  17, 2014 "Perhaps I simply don't understand the relationship between North Korea and China? The Chinese ruling class obviously exerts substantial guidance with North Korea and provides most of their funding. And maybe  North Korea does some of the dirty work for the Chinese government. So maybe I don't really understand what's going on? But, I know for sure North Korea inevitably will trip up China, the NK's are going to be at the heart of huge trouble for their country. Why would that happen? Because it's going to be an unstoppable  momentum. The Chinese cannot control North Korea, no one can. North Korea is on a path to destruction but it's a question of who else will go up with them?"  KHM

Dec. 15, 2014 "Just in case you haven't seen this coming, the North Koreans are going to destroy the movie "The Interview", the movie about Kim Jong Un that Sony was hoping to distribute. Sony won't have that opportunity. Something far more threatening is coming from the NK's."  KHM 

Dec. 14, 2014 "While I never asked for them the webmaster on this website sends me the stats on who visits Katemcgill.com and, of course, now I read them. The most visitors have been coming from China recently, the very people I would hope to reach. I don't wish to lecture anyone but one of the two main reasons we've losing elephants at such a scary, sickening rate is Chinese ivory merchants are moving money into Africa to kill off the elephants and steal their tusks. I know there are upstanding Chinese citizens who think the ivory trade is simply sick and ridiculous. But it can only be Chinese people who ultimately help to bring down the terrible loss of elephant lives. I hope Chinese people with a heart will start turning on their own to stop this brutal trade."  KHM

Dec. 13, 2014 "High atop a mountain, where is presently unimportant. a very tiny group of men and women are gathered to begin a long delayed ceremony. Seven total, four men, three women have begun creation of a movement to destabilize the radicals presently destroying the middle east." KHM

Dec. 12, 2014 "I grew up in Minnesota. My home state has a long history of producing unusual, unexpected public citizens. Michelle Bachman is absolutely unexpected, she's served four terms in Washington representing Minnesota and has consistently taken positions that are avowedly conservative, often very far right wing. I am not all that conservative but part of me thinks and believes that certain aspects of deeply conservative positions are correct. To that end, Michelle Bachman, it has been reported, spoke with President Obama at a social gathering and she passed along very stunning advice. It's reported Representative Bachman told the President he should bomb Iran so they can't build nuclear weapons. It was reported That the President didn't dignify her idea with any kind of deeper answer but did say it takes quite a bit of process to start pulling that trigger. Why mention it? Well I don't really care for Ms. Bachmann but I will say  she has the guts to step up and address uncomfortable issues. I only wish she had more rational thoughts." KHM 

Dec. 4, 2014 "What was I doing for 45 days or so? Traveling, listening, learning. Even though I've had opportunities to neutralize two ivory traders I'm realizing all my travel and attempts to stop that trade, though satisfying to me, is not winning battles. Very sad. Turning my attention to my own country but I intend to raise funds for the real front line fighters saving animals. Right now I'm disturbed by the demonstrations taking place which are so destructive to local businesses and accomplishing so little."  KHM

Oct. 15, 2014"Does it seem possible that our government leaders really can keep up with ISIS. My belief is our culture is so far removed from the brutal reality of their world. I'm afraid we might not beat them. Is it possible people so inhumane could come out of this winners. I hope not." KHM

Oct. 10, 2014"This is likely not news to anyone who keeps up on the current events but it appears to be a matter of time until a number of terrorist groups in the middle east link up with ISIS. Doing so would be a huge step toward making the Caliphate ISIS wants to establish become a reality. If that happens any doomsday scenario about radical Islam gaining power will seem like underachieving. I'm afraid President Obama has misjudged the swell of power growing with ISIS. He obviously is well informed but it appears as a President he has been fighting battles with Congress, trying to establish his legacy rather than attempting to destroy ISIS. Yes, I realize how utterly difficult it would have been and certainly is now to fight their treachery. I am becoming fearful that democracy, western values will not be sufficiently strong to beat back the Islamic radicals. It began when GW Bush saw fit to harpoon Saddam Hussein who now, in comparison, looked like a walk in the park. He ran his country and kept Iraq sort of stable. The regime of Mr. Bush produced more unintended consequences than anyone has seen in America. All the resources we attempt to throw at controlling radical Islam are plainly not working. Within a year that radicalism may become a near unstoppable power which will reach beyond the middle east. Unless far more destructive steps are taken against those forces. And no one is prepared to make that leap, at least not in the present tense." KHM

Oct. 6, 2014"Someplace out there must be one person who is fighting with ISIS who has a soul I'm assuming most of their soldiers are fighting to get paid, not for any good faith reason. Can you imagine being a soldier fighting for ISIS. How can they get up in the morning and look in a mirror?" KHM

Oct. 3, 2014 "So much of my life has been focused on serious, difficult stuff. I kind of found myself turning a corner in life. Probably long overdue. Really overdue. My daughter Haddie has been reminding her mother to lighten up and have some fun. Here's a little song that says it well." KHM http://haimtheband.com/if-i-could-change-your-mind/

Sept 27, 2014 "Facing such overwhelming problems with ISIS and rampant diseases and Russia's violation of Ukraine's sovereignty I have to say one of the biggest problems facing America is 'Blacklist' has officially jumped the shark. Yes, bigger than corruption, bigger than poverty or exploitation of young children is the bad judgment of the 'Blacklist' writers who took a simple and intriguing idea and made a mess of it. Such overcomplexity and ludicrous stretches of imagination are not working. So heads up writers, you have a great character, don't blow it Simplify your plots, way too much going on. Now that I've taken care of a truly terrible problem it's back to the normal battles." KHM

Sept 23, 2014 "If you read the musings and conjecture that has appeared in the Comments section of this website by one JW Harding you are likely to encounter this one. Wait, you may ask why am I now responding to JW's postings some months after he did it? Because I have not been in any rush to even bring up these ideas. So, back to his postings. Someplace in there will be an idea that connects not me but my grandmother Helen with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, the well known labor leader. I wanted to address this. Helen had met Mr. Hoffa a few times in social circles. So she knew him and his history. Did my grandmother have something to do with his disappearance in the '80's? (I was too young to be involved). The answer is she had no connection with his disappearance but I can tell you certain legal authorities did once send a small forensic team to her home to probe her back lawn and around the swimming pool. I know because I was there when it happened." KHM

Sept 21, 2014 "I do look at various pages on this website, after all, it's about me. I'm still getting used to that wierdo notion. Anyway, back in June, I think, people started speculating about my history. One woman thought my mother Sarah had dreamed me up to alleviate her (my mother's) frustrations. Well that woman doesn't know my mother Sarah who is so grounded it's crazy. Anyway, my mother did not dream me up, I'm here fairly well functioning. Anyway, in the Comments page around that time someone showed up who I always expected and was surprised he hadn't materialized. A guy who knows me, worked with me, knows Helen my grandmother, worked for her. He always claimed to be named for John Wesley Harding, the western outlaw. So if you look it up, that dude's name was Hardin, not Harding. So I'm confused by this guy who I always liked and appreciated is apparently prepared to explain me and my grandmother. He knows us, he was in close many times but you have to wonder what his motivations are? I certainly don't know. So, just sayin', he is for real, I can't stop him from telling his story. I just hope he'll be accurate and not exaggerate, whatever his real name may be? He has a right to say things and I don't try to edit this website. Not my job." KHM

Sept 14, 2014 "You ready for a mind blowing possibility? In North Korea there is a very strong tradition, if that is what you can call it, that at least one descendant of the prior Kim Jong Il must be in charge. I am hearing that Kim Jong Un is having some problems medically, it's just turning up now and maybe he will reappear but if he becomes indisposed the next logical ruler is his sister by another mother Kim Yo Jong. Having another Kim to think about is difficult but apparently the NK's would default to Kim Yo Jong. From that leap of faith it can't be long until the North Koreans find themselves ruled by Kim Kim Wan. That is a hidden Kim who most people don't even know about. But time will tell." KHM

Sept 9, 2014 "Am I the only person watching the turmoil in Syria and Iraq wondering how our country could find itself in such a terrible position. First, I know I'm not the only one, we all are pulling our hair out. This all started when George W. Bush had to eliminate Saddam Hussein, the madman of the hour back then. Now, well, this will sound stupid, but as bad as he and his twin psycho sons were, they now look almost reasonable compared to ISIS. I think ISIS will prove to be nearly impossible to eliminate along with fighting both them and Bashar al-Assad at once. Predictably our country will not put boots on the ground, I think that would be asking for another tragic replay but actually beating ISIS without foot soldiers, it won't happen. And our President is angling to have local fighters take on ISIS. Guess what, ultimately it can't happen. They are clearly fighting for their spiritual goals and being well paid to do it. When will the west welcome merchant soldiers to wage war against ISIS?? Would that be wrong? Hell no!!! I think that with the exception of the Kurds and maybe the moderate Syrians no one else exists who can fight ISIS. I believe trying to weed out ISIS from all the towns and villages will prove to be impossible. My prediction is America will end up in some kind of detente with ISIS and the present Syrian government. Because no one is willing to go into the desert and fight them except locals who are trying to defend their homes. This war is so unequal, the good guys are so badly outgunned, it can't end well. I'm very sad to say that but it appears to be true. America policies played the wrong horses and now we can't put all the pieces back together. Let's do some praying some other power intervenes." KHM

Aug 28, 2014 "Have you seen "Madam Secretary" on tv? It's quite surprisingly good. It plays out the Washington merry go round in a pretty reasonable way. You might want to check it out. I think Tea Leoni is quite a fine actress." KHM

Aug 23, 2014 "You can consider this a well informed insider information. On very good sources I can tell you that these rumors about North Korea may be true. The NK's have been working on a plan that is astonishing but can be verified by photos recently obtained by me or rather one of my informed sources. Sorry, I already said that didn't I? Ok, here it is: The NK's have been known to tunnel into their neighbor South Korea. They have done so on a number of occasions. Well, the North Koreans have actually been digging a tunnel to America. The tunnel broke through in California, 80 miles below San Francisco. Five North Korean soldiers were taken into custody by local authorities dressed in soiled golf shirts and tan pants. They were reported to act dazed and confused." KHM

Aug 14, 2014 “Why are there all these delays and disappearance by me? Easy answer, I go places and conduct a few campaigns. In August and Septermber I was out trying to raise money for deserving causes that help protect elephants. Be clear, the real heroes in this battle are the people who look after elephants and put their lives on the line fighting those who slaughter these amazing beasts to make money. I don’t figure into that category, they are the true fighters. My approach is a bit unorthodox, I try to visit the primarily (but not only) Asian merchants who buy and sell ivory. Not surprisingly they don’t advertise, you have to search them out through a network of anti ivory campaigners, they are also true heroes, they do the risky work and devote themselves, their lives to this noble cause. “I receive a few tips here and there, I have a few intelligent searchers who can reliably track this human trash and we’re always waiting to catch them offbase, hopefully out of their native habitat where they are a bit less protected. Make no mistake, anyone who kills elephants to make money has protection at all times. But I just had a good experience in eastern Europe as a prime target from China was traveling to keep up his connections and sample goods. I get a lot of help, some young, others old, lots of women who can speak Chinese dialects well enough to help me get slightly ahead of a target. In this case we started in Paris believing our Mr Right would visit Lyon but last minute he moved to Bucharest Romania. Four of us moved in to a hotel with good wifi and began the tracking process for real. Mr. Right happens to appreciate Bucharest and chances a visit. Starting at 7 am we zeroed in on Mr. Right’s wife and daughter, we had a way to track them easier. But we were missing the man himself until around 11 am he suddenly stepped into the hotel dining room for a short lunch. That’s all I needed. As Mr. Right was accompanying his daughter Jasmine Flower to view the choices on a sumptuous lunch layout I stepped up behind her, we actually met once briefly at a technical conference I attended just to shadow her. She glanced over her shoulder to see me smiling happily. His team of body guards became deeply preoccupied by my associates who moved them into a nearby conference room. One bodyguard lashed out at our two bruisers who go out on these little runs gratis, they like to exercise their skills. I took the lovely Jasmine Flower by the elbow and steered her persuasively toward Dad and corralled them both at a corner booth. I have translator help at all times in the correct dialect in these encounters and we normally have only a few brief minutes if that. We gave him three very brief demands in writing in his dialect and one was he would need to transfer funds to help the very cause that was trying to stop his terrible slaughter. Naturally he would never normally agree to give such funds to an anti ivory group but we helped him along by leaning on Jasmine. The leaning is accomplished by an associate who knows more about the human body and its weaknesses than almost anyone. Mr. Right watched this take place and we added to that a brief plan to ensure the funds were actually transferred. Why would he agree to such an outlandish plan? Because Jasmine asked for his help, she’s a very smart cookie and she attends graduate school in a western university. She knew we could always visit with her and she hates bodyguards. Can you guess how much time those three or four minutes took to assemble? Months of precise, painstaking research by numerous contributors. So why are we not simply forcing him to stop buying ivory? That’s obviously the goal but not easily accomplished, at least by us right now.” KHM

Aug 11, 2014 "“First, I have to address a little misunderstanding, actually a sizeable one. Way back in 2006, there was a discussion about the guy who was called Da Hij Silbi and who appeared in the book about my life as a teen. I speculated and others thought also that his father was Osama Bin Laden. I can’t really say that now. There is an existing picture of them in the same frame but I’m not sure that means all that much. It could have just happened that way? “ KHM

Aug 7, 2014 "Try this on for size. Have a conversation with your teenage daughter about what would be appropriate to do about killers like ISIS. Naturally Haddie took the position that any more violence just begets even more violence. Hard to fight that battle. Let us just do enough violence to get rid of them. Her point from what she had read and seen was that we're not going to shake off ISIS and their ilk for years and years. So put yourself in Obama's position and now what do you do? Haddie and I talked about that, what to do? My conclusion is you can't allow them to indiscriminately kill and torture. America can't stand back and hope it will be handled by the French or the Saudis. Not a chance. No way. We're largely alone out here, standing in the desert of public opinion with no options except to either walk away or start bombing from the air. With great regret, I have to say bombs away." KHM

Aug 2, 2014 "Lots of pissed off readers who think I'm just so namby pamby for mentioning use of chemical weapons and then saying how much I hate the idea of using such weapons. Darryl said, 'Katherine, are you really so lilly livered that you're against using poison gas on the human waste dumps that are ISIS? Really, we shouldn't try to wipe them off the earth? Get real girl! ISIS would cut off your arms and legs without thinking twice. Of course we should throw every miserable weapon we can muster to stop ISIS. You don't think these assholes aren't going to try and attack America?? Wake up, this is human vermin ready to eat our lunch and worse.' Well, Darryl, I hate to admit I think you are right." KHM

July 27, 2014 "I just posted this and it didn't stay up and I didn't copy it so I have to recreate it. I don't endorse or condone what follows, I hate what it's about but it needs to be said. This was sent to me by a person I communicated with in the past. 'Malevolent Mestopheles says the only way to actually stop ISIS or ISIL is using chemical weapons. They are out in the desert, virtually unprotected. America will not resort to chemical weapons but there are dozens of countries and other parties who want ISIS eliminated. Any power can borrow or steal a drone and load a chemical weapon in the craft. Drop it on ISIS, bingo, they are gone. Do it more than once and ISIS has problems recruiting. And there is almost no way to dependably trace the drone.' I hate this." KHM

July 23, 2014 "I know I'm not the only person thinking this. The marauding ISIL killers in Iraq and Syria are not stopping, they will be joined by more death-wish Muslims who can't see any better path for their lives except killing. I would guess they'll pause in Iraq and Syria to gather their forces and then they will come after western democracies and other nations who don't subscribe to their insanity. It seems to be unfortunate that Barack Obama is the man in charge presently in America because he almost certainly will avoid committing troops against ISIL. Not that I'm in favor of sending in American troops again. It's all about air power, that's all America has to commit now, ground troops will not be used again until these killers actually get out of the middle east and try to attack outside their sphere. Make no mistake, the temperament and commitment being exhibited will be turned on other countries. We're witnessing the growth of a power far greater than anything we've seen in forty years, that's what I think. And it will have to be dealt with." KHM

July 20, 2014 "People wonder how the hell I get myself into stupid situations like the three Sultan of Brunei attackers in Paris? Well I certainly didn't ask for that treatment. They were sent to threaten me. Thank you, I was certainly threatened. Without Gladi's help I could have been hurt badly. I will say I got in a few good licks myself. And if the all high Sultan reads this: Change your mind, Sharia law is not healthy or positive. Tell your subjects you simply changed your mind. Then go back to your ridiculous car collection unless that is now overly boring." KHM

July 18, 2014 "When things seem so odd, unlikely and awkward there is generally a reason for it, ain't there? Yes, what on earth was I thinking that I would come to this hotel and meet with people who I despise in the hopes of making peace. God, how ridiculous. Because what happened should not have been a surprise at all. Three men suddenly appear barging through the door of the ornate, overdone hotel suite. The first one, an almost grotesque, darkly unattractive hunkering piece of threat says to me, 'We are here to take revenge for the terrible things you have said about the Sultan of Brunei.' And it's true, I publicly said the Sultan of Brunei's adoption of Sharia law is unfathomable and violates any code of human decency. I said worse also. The second man, smaller but deeply threatening takes a dagger from his jacket and begins running at me. Fortunately I had a small vision of something like this so I yelled out 'Gladi, I need help.' That would be Gladiola Merchantry, her actual name, who is the most powerful and clever female bodyguard on earth. I'm not exactly helpless in a fight but Gladi is who you want on your defense. She dashed in, intercepted the second man with the dagger and threw him across the room and through a floor to ceiling glass window. She turned to the third man, a tubby and very thick African person, dispatching him with one kick to the groin with his 45 caliber pistol clattering to the floor. Leaving me with visitor number one. I beat him on the head and neck with blows Gladi taught me, no weapon, just my bare hands. He bled profusely on the floor, fortunately the marble part of the floor. Gladi took out her Moroccan blade, prepared to dispatch the first man but that was not in the cards. 'Time to move on Gladi dear and we may encounter more of their types. If the Sultan reads this, you can have your trio of evildoers back, slightly abused." KHM

July 17, 2014 "Parked in a very fancy Parisian hotel, paid for by lofty officials from either Quatar or maybe a similar gulf potentate. I am, for just this moment, the flavor of the moment in the constant seesaw nonsense that is now the middle east. My old friend who showed up in that book about me always said there is no rhyme or logic to the middle east, none of it. Just a battle between the current Islamic interests seemingly bent on destroying each other. So why am I pulled into this? Because, an influential person had been told that as crazy as it seems, certain dedicated radicals in Syria or Iraq had fixated on Katherine McGill to help them work out problems so they could stop killing one another. I don't like any of them but it was concluded that even though I am effectively against all that they are doing, killing innocents all over, I can help them settle differences because I have no dog in their hunt. Yes I do! They represent evil, pure and simple, so that's my dog. Well, it doesn't matter, I agreed to remain in this suite between certain hours to meet with key players to be announced. Yes, really bizarre and unlikely but I have been out in Paris and that's not bad and my safety is apparently 'guaranteed'. Sure." KHM

July 13, 2014"Starting in June Katherine began receiving requests to meet her from first one person, then two, then more. All the requests were essentially from the very people she would most like to eliminate from the world: radicals bent on some kind of terrorism. How could she know these were terrorists? Because they very willingly said so. We have five such requests at one point. Each one wanted to meet Katherine, they promised there would be no trouble, no violence, not any threats. In our small group that advises Katherine we said don't do this, you certainly cannot trust such bandits. Actually if they were really just bandits that's not nearly so bad as a person who kills indiscriminately. Anyway, Katherine sent a few responses but asked, in each case, why would known terrorists want to meet with her? She is utterly opposed to what they stand for and their goals. It turns out somewhere out in the world is a person who had some role in al-Queda at some point who is presently convinced that Katherine McGill has some knowledge they want to acquire." August Roemer, Aray Powersource director

July 9, 2014 "My 'friend' Donateo, who is supposedly Greek is, in fact, Russian. She wasn't leading me to terrorists, she was marking these men for extermination, at least the two that I actually met. Russians don't want Islamic terrorists anywhere near Mother Russia so using me as a Judas Lamb she attracts a man to a neutral country such as Latvia or Poland where they'll be safe. Then, these terrorists want to meet me to ask me questions, I'm supposedly the bait in the trap. Why am I so attractive or desired? I'm strong willed, anti terrorist, willing to take risks and I can defend myself. But this gets more complicated. The Russians want to isolate radicals, they want to push them into a safety zone where they can be dealt with as in being killed. Does this make any sense? Not to me, there are a hundred different ways to attract these highly motivated radicals including cash, promises of armaments, any manner of other promises. The last person a wild eyed terrorist wants to meet is a female anti terrorist, right? Now two of them have shown up. Why am I doing this? To help isolate, spot, corner bad men. Do I want to help Russians? No, I want to help American interests but ironically Russians claim to be dedicated to wiping out dangerous terrorists even while supporting the Russian separatists in the Ukraine. Meantime, I want to go home. But two women, definitely Russian arranged a meeting with me and pleaded for me to stay on long enough so they can corner a sought after escapee from a jail in Iraq. They offered me money, free airline tickets, you name it because I, Kate McGill, is the reason this terrible killer will show up. He 'trusts me'. Not making sense? Welcome to the club." KHM

July 6,2014 "The woman who has the ability to track destructive terrorists led me directly to one. We walked in a room in a hotel, this was a big city you've heard of and there he was! I had seen his face numerous times in news stories. Great, I wasn't armed and even he wasn't armed, he spoke three languages, he has children, he claims. Now what, I didn't expect this to happen. We began talking, first in French, finally in english. I've read about his exploits, this person deserves to be dead. Then, he claims all those stories are misleading and untrue. He acknowledges wrong doing but claims it's in the interests of saving lives. What? People died but he is saving lives? Utter rubbish. Twenty minutes pass and suddenly men in masks burst through the door, tie up myself and my guide. I'm half guessing what comes next but then the 'terrorist' talks to these men in Arabic (I'm guessing), now they untie us and take our target out the door. Well, now a lot has been accomplished hasn't it? Oy, what am I doing here?" KHM

June 18,2014 "Standing outside a shed in an ugly dusty field thousands of miles from my daughter and Peter. This is Latvia, near nothing important but in a neutral little corner. There are no Islamic radicals here, this is quiet, untroubled turf. I'm here tracking a woman who supposedly can lead me, that's us, to one of those brutal, uncompromising, blood letting self styled radicals frequenting the middle east. Why Latvia? It's safer. It's not in the pincers of today's Muslim warfare. How can these people go on killing each other over and over? Two months ago I received a call from a woman whose sister has apparently found a way to deduce the physical location of certain destructive radicals. If someone can track down killers it's worth a sacrifice on my part." KHM

June 13, 2014 "Remember how we sent thousands of troops and employed all the best Think Tanks with their superior thought processes to help Iraq. We eliminated Saddam which was certainly a smart step to establishing democracy. So take all of our accumulated western wisdom and explain how the very people we were fighting to eliminate with all our immense resources are now about to take over the entire country. Testimony to both the Bush and Obama administrations together produced an abject failure. So much for Ivy League educations and our superior cultural knowledge. What on earth are Americans doing in Iraq at all?" KHM

June 10, 2014 "Every place you look there is such bad news. I spend so much time thinking about all the bad asses, let's take a break. We're still here, we hear such awful news but away from that tv it's summer, the sun is shining, not much flooding. Yes a few horrendous tornadoes but most of us are doing pretty well. I guess this all sounds so simple minded but we have so much to be thankful for. Justin Timberlake, what an amazing entertainer. Your Iphones and Androids. You can't beat those devices. People go to church and greet each other after services with a smile. Most of the cars we drive are not blowing up and causing mayhem. You can watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'. OMG really talented, undiscovered dancers! 'House of Cards' and 'Luther' on tv. These are great shows. We don't have to watch drivel on television. The stock market is highly optimistic, even in many developing countries the stock markets are advancing. We have the potential of a woman President! This is long overdue. Did I already say it's summer! Yah, have some fun!" KHM

June 4, 2014 "A friend living in Iraq tells me that his country is literally coming apart. All the efforts of our American troops and investments in their infrastructure are starting to fly apart. Apparently it's not easily seen from America but to Iraquis it's obvious and sometimes violent in almost unimaginable ways. It's all Muslims killing Muslims but, of course, others get caught in the crossfire as so often happens. It's not like this is some surprising news, it apparently took Saddam Hussein to keep all these warring Muslims from killing each other and we were hell bent on ousting Saddam. All our injured and killed soldiers on a mission with high morals have now loosed the true monster of Muslim disagreements. What can they be fighting over, certainly not religion? Anyway, I'm hearing that now the true hideous beast will emerge. The Muslims fighting in Syria spill over into Iraq and vice versa. We almost certainly will see just how ugly Islamic cultures can get when faced off against each other." KHM

June 1, 2014 "I recently attended a social gathering and over a dinner table talked with a woman who is a deeply committed liberal, also quite smart. She began explaining to me how she and a good gal pal were planning a trip to Africa but were going to book a few days in Egypt. She was quite fascinated with Egyptian culture and history. Yes, she knew it could be threatening and there is some instability. I proceeded to read her the riot act: Egypt is one of the most dangerous places on earth for a woman, much less two women. Rape is common and almost accepted among Egyptian men, women have to scrounge up a foothold for safety and that's if they are lucky. I concluded by saying if she and her friend go to Egypt they should plan on being assaulted. She, of course, was terribly upset that another woman would say such things and she was insulted. I replied she is a dumb bitch and will get what she deserves if she goes there. A few minutes later her husband sidled up to me and thanked me for trying to talk her out of it. It is a genuinely bad place for women as are almost all middle eastern countries except Israel. Thank me later." KHM

May 26, 2014 "What is the deadliest threat to our freedom and way of life? Bureaucracy, the dense ministry of get in our way officials both public and private. Terrorists are threatening our lives every day but layers of officialdom are gradually pulling our society down into the muck. The pain and unnecssary suffering caused by vertical floors of administrators is not improving and rarely streamlined. We all know a few people who work in the bureaucratic halls of power. They need to earn their living like all of us but our lives are increasingly in their hands. A terrorist can scare us but we can sometimes fight back. If you are trapped in those floors of innocent roadblocks you are often powerless. Know a source of legal advice and a way to contact them quickly, avoid signing up for anything more than you absolutely have to and read what comes in the surface mail." Sarah McGill, Kate's mom

May 24, 2014 "I suppose it was a matter of time but in search of the missing Maylasian airliner two quite intelligent agents, attractive women if you're still allowed to say that, knocked on our door. Well, there isn't exactly a door, it's more of a passcode. So in our limited space we commenced a discussion. Could criminals manipulate an Aray Powersource device, the QX4, to overpower pilots on an airliner? For which we had an interesting response. When the device was created code had to be written and in that process a was invented. The puzzle was based on an old religious cliche which made it impossible for a person who follows radical Islam to manipulate the device. Of course no one believes that could even be possible. But it is." August Roemer, Director

May 20, 2014 "It's time for all of us to start paying attention to what is right in front of us. Almost anyone who owns a phone or computer is looking at social media may be seeing messages that can save someone's life. Were beginning to see a pattern that murderers, criminals, all kinds of people are definitely telling the world they are going to commit crimes---before the crime is committed. People with bad ideas in their heads sometimes can't resist telling someone about their intentions. Are you hearing someone say they have intentions to do something bad, wrong, troubling. We all must resist the instinct to avoid trouble. Alert police or some authority if you think someone is going to hurt someone. Do it. DO IT!" KHM

May 11,2014 "Some people would say we should spend no time on human beings who are so clearly lacking in humanity. And it's true we should celebrate positive, life giving residents of earth. But in case you're not aware of it, the Sultan of Brunei who has been the focus of my latest, and perhaps, useless rants on this page has quite a tale to tell. He is believed to be the wealthiest person on earth and the ruler of Brunei where he recently declared Sharia law to be the new standard for his fellow residents. If ever there was a perversion of humanity it is Sharia law. Anyway, the Sultan has a little brother. Here's some little tidbits from Automotoportal.com: 'His brother Prince Jefri, known as the Playboy Prince, used to 'help' him in choosing which and how many cars should they buy. Famous for his lavish lifestyle, besides his expensive and exotic cars, Jefri also has a 50 meter yacht called Tits which contained two lifeboats named Nipple 1 and Nipple 2. However, after 1998. and the Asian financial crisis when Prince Jefri lost billions of dollars and ended up in court against his big brother, massive car purchase was stopped, the mechanics were sent away, garages were locked and cars mothballed. But soon, Sultan has returned to his old habits. Surely we will here more of the magnificent cars in his private collection.' Their collection is unbelievably massive including some of the most valuable collector cars ever built. You can be assured there are residents of Brunei who could use a little help from the Sultan but instead he has tied up billions of dollars in rare cars. I'm sure the destitute in Brunei are happy the Sultan has this vast collection." KHM

May 4,2014 "So what happened to the Sultan of Brunei since he declared Sharia law in his country. Well, frankly, not much has or will happen to him. He's totally insulated. I'm guessing Hollywood celebrities will keep up some harassment at the Beverly Hills Hotel, scare off some customers but that means we're essentially punishing the people who work there and not the Sultan. Yah, I know, this whole deal stinks. This guy can hurt people, maybe even kill some innocents and we can't touch him. For right now, the Sultan of Brunei can rely on all his money, persecute others and we're left with his two luxury hotels to put on pressure. Ugh, I'm sad." KHM

Apr 28, 2014"Yes, sorry, I just jumped into line and requested that this website allow me to post this out of sequence. It takes a few weeks for items to be posted and I know that so I'm pulling rank (or whatever this is) because I think this is such big news. I don't think this will be in the news until early May but I know about it because I have connections all over. The Sultan of Brunei will soon declare his country, Brunei, will soon exist only under Sharia Law. That's Islamic law that is the harshest, most unfair and totally ridiculous to gays and women. Yes I'm also jumping the gun on this but this declaration by the Sultan of Brunei is about to become law. It's been discussed in that country since late in 2013 so it will not be a surprise to many people who understand life in Brunei and Indonesia (which surrounds Brunei). So here's the only good news about this horrendous decision. The Sultan of Brunei controls the Dorchester Hotel group which, in turn, runs the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Bel Air Hotel. The Beverly Hills is a fixture in LA, a wonderful hotel run by dedicated professionals so I'm not happy about saying this. As soon as this is announced there must be an instant boycott of those two upper crust hotels. It's got to be absolute enough that the Sultan will have to dispose of those wonderful (and very luxurious)institutions. This jerkoff Sultan should not be allowed to control anything in our country!" KHM

Mar 30, 2014"In 1995 I began a journey with no clear goal but to protect those who are defenseless. Kids, that's about it. Just look out for vulnerable beings. What has become of Aray Powersource, that was always for the same reason. It was the most effective approach we could find to protecting people or animals. That was always my motivation. It's been almost twenty years of this constant life disruption and distortion. If I am going to live like this I want to make it worthwhile. So I am requesting the website bearing my name will change with me. Let's see if we can make a bigger difference. But we have a little unfinished business to deal with." Katherine H. McGill

Mar 24, 2014"Do you seriously think some soccer mom is running around in Ukraine or Russia trying to pick up a bunch of metallic tubes that scare people? Let's say these devices actually exist and they are powerful as is being described on the Kate McGill website. Now let's ask how Ms. McGill has the money to flit all around the world. What I'm trying to say is does anyone believe that's a real mission? Really? I think it's all just a cover story for something far more important. Look, the Ukraine is in huge trouble, the Russians are going to pick off the parts they want. Katherine may not be a paid spy but she sure as hell can observe and call in orders to strike. She is apparently tough, likely at home in a field of war. Let's send her!" Col Abraham Gonsalves ret.

Mar 20, 2014"People I met in the Ukraine asked me why I came to their country? My mother Sarah who has put up with my headstrong and sometimes nonsensical behavior asked me the same thing. Why did I insist on madly pursuing evildoer miscreant abusers? Turn it over to someone, call the police. Well what infuriates me is difficult to successfully channel into a convenient police officer's hands. What I was attempting to accomplish in Ukraine, seen from a distance, looks stupid. What have I actually accomplished in the past 24 plus or minus years? Honestly what I have done is waste an enormous amount of precious time to realize a few brief moments of utter satisfaction. In that novel about my life it opens with a scene involving my grandmother, Helen, executing a Nazi who otherwise would escape punishment. The Nazi deserved to be summarily shot. When I pursued an animal abuser, and then when I might catch up to this worthless piece of crap and then I got my hands on him (it's always a man), that's when it feels like I have a proper purpose. Is this any way to live? I grew up half Jewish, I should have had a real career. But this is what has happened? My life would have been easier becoming an attorney. But you know what's weird? My Great grandmother, my grandmother and even my mother did not want that for me. They really encouraged me to be the badass I became." KHM

Mar 15, 2014"These people are all from Minnesota: JudyGarland, Prince, Winona Ryder, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lindsey Vonn, John Madden...there are more. What Minnesotans tend to have in common is they are nice, very friendly. Even Prince I'm told. Also Hubert Humphrey, nice guy. So, how do\we account for one woman raised also in this state who presents herself as warm and friendly but now it appears that may not be the truth. Because Katherine Harendt McGill has been accused of repeated savage criminal attacks against a series of men, a long series of men over many years. She is also accused in three countries of espionage. In Iran, Romania and now Russia. There is more. Katherine is no longer the warm, friendly young woman of high values. Now she's in bed with some genuinely nasty people who, I think, are really right wing, so unlike Katherine. What is she doing hanging out these nuts conservative, hard edged a-holes. I grew up with Katherine, we spent lots of time at Summit Beach, just hanging out. And now she won't talk to me, I have to communicate with F-ing lawyers. You know how awful this is? I just want the sweet Katherine back. I hate seeing her as my enemy." Andrew Roemer2

Mar 13, 2014"I don't choose to send in opinions to this website even though it's about our daughter Katherine. But occasionally I'll offer a comment as I'm doing today. Because of the novel about Kate's younger life most people will only know about the matriarchal side of the Harendts and McGills. And because Kate's mother, grandmother and great grandmother appear throughout that book those are the names readers will know. But my family, of course, have a history which I never felt required explanation. We're like any family with our issues and problems and successes. But the McGills are, by choice, very low profile so it's ironic that my daughter is so totally high profile. I wanted to address one rumor about our family. That rumor is based on limited knowledge of Constantine Lord Milton McGill who lived from the 1890's to 1968 living primarily in Canada but with a home also in Scotland. He would be my grandfather and he came from royalty. Here it gets obscure, I've never taken the time to track down the facts. I'm bringing it up because she is related to this man and rumors that Kate is a real princess are based on that relationship. Perhaps we need to find out more about him but our daughter may, in fact, be a princess." Paul Milton McGill, Kate's father.

"Mar 8, 2014"Russians masquerading as locals are showing up in Crimea. What the Ukranians had feared all along is happening. Putin's troops are likely going to take over and control. Crimea. Now there is much greater urgency to recover any Aray Powersource devices remaining in either country and ship them back to America. But here is why: There are rumors all over Europe that not just the QP4's and other similar devices have another completely different functionality. I was told that this emotional or physical impact that has been reported is really a cover for a deeper purpose. Tech types believe the devices can be used to impact high speed stock trading. Also rumored that the QP4 can impact missle guidance systems. We don't believe that is true." Aggie Roemer

"Mar 3, 2014"Translated from a series of internet transmissions via Skype: 'Hey pigshit, you owe me very big time. You said nothing ever will come of these flimsy little worthless pieces of space junk rejects. Simply worth nothing, did I say that already?' Response offered: 'Daryl you can call me nasty names all day but we saw it with those high grade nightvision scanners you were sure would fail. Our team of two witnesses at 10:33 pm, 300 Rusky troops standing around, polishing their machine guns and two seconds later mowed down by this invisible wave of pain and suffering, they collapse screaming. Not a shot fired. Nada Captain Horseshit, not a shot and no functioning Russian troops. No sounds except truck engines at idle, not a body is moving. Our space junk rejects just devastated 300 able bodied Russians. Just like that!! No one is injured except their Commie Pride. Our QP4's at work. Send the $200 to my wife Neicy back in Augusta smart guy. Aray Powersource strikes one for the good guys." Your pal Sooner

Mar 1, 2014 "Message received at the Aray Powersource office in Sonoma County: 'What disruption and harm your precious little devices caused in our military base in Russia will be repaid quickly in America." No name left with message.'"

Feb 27, 2014"Yes, delayed a few days telling this little tale but we're still out in a Russian field, yes it's cold. It's myself and a few Ukranian people, one of them another woman. We were running madly back the way we came as the QP4 Aray Powersource devices had been triggered by one of the Ukranian men. I was there, I thought, to retrieve these metallic tube devices because they should be destroyed. We stopped running,the encampment of Russian soldiers went loudly crazy when the devices were triggered, shouting, yelling, angry voices were all around us and then it all went very quiet. I'm thinking this is a very bad sign. Did the Russians die? There were something like 12 QP4's generating a powerful, silent signal. All the violent verbal reaction stops, it just goes deathly still. I have seen various A.P. devices triggered but total silence is not a normal reaction. People are in pain, they are frozen in place, many have gotten physically ill, this is not a fun experience to go through. What has happened? No one should have died, that is the ultimate purpose of any Aray Powersource device, stop attackers but don't hurt them. Also I realized there has never been a deployment of multiple QP4's in a battlefield situation. Ever. This is the actual wartime experiment with real soldiers and armaments. Our company had never actually accomplished such a deployment. We experimented but never saw it finally done. Then I realized there were no electronics operating. No phones, no computers, no nothing. This was apparently an unintended side effect of these devices in operation. So battlefield gear built to the toughest standard by the Russians, and they are not fools, their stuff works normally---well it's all off. I realized that's why the total quiet. Everyone is reacting to this utter stoppage. After a few minutes the QP4's also stopped broadcasting their high impact signals and now you can, once again, hear voices, first quietly, then much louder. Well I grabbed the arms of two Ukranians and we began beating a retreat, we reached a vehicle and were soon driving toward the border. Everyone is perplexed, unsure what this all meant? But for me it meant one thing for sure. I demanded to be picked up by my long delayed field exit helicopter which was waiting some miles distant. I had enough of all this. If that meant some maverick QP4's were in someone's hands---so be it!" KHM

Feb 24, 2014"So there I was huddling in a Russian field at 5 am, the sun was not up. You have to read the previous entry below to understand this. Two villagers hustled me out of bed, put me in an aging Land Rover and drove me for an hour crossing the border into Russia. Two of their neighbors had taken some QP4 devices and attempted to set them up close to a Russian military encampment with the intent of scaring off the Russian troops. What happened was almost comical. Their friends brought me to a ditch in the Russian field because the two male villagers were about to broadcast a signal toward the Russian troops. Then the villagers realized they could be starting a war with the Russians who are heavily armed. What happened was just as I arrived the devices lit up 50 yards in front of us. In seconds there was a bad smell in the air. I recognized the smell. It is a side effect of the QP4 generating its scary energy. I grabbed the two men and in my limited Ukranian explained that in three minutes we had to rbe out of there or get devastated by the broadcast signal. Too late, the broadcast commenced and suddenly cries from the Russians could be heard very clearly. They were in pain and experiencing sickness. It's not fun, that is why we were planning to take the QP4's home. We retreated, the military encampment was suddenly lit up with huge lights and sirens began wailing. More to come." KHM

Feb 22, 2014 "Yes, I am no longer in Ukraine but it wasn't for lack of villagers pleading with me to stay just a little longer. I had not realized that this village which does not appear on any map happens to be quite close to a Russian military encampment. It's not permanent apparently. The Russians chose this place to hold their troops and equipment temporarily. Actually, all that military hardware is literally in Russia, not the Ukraine but the Ukranians are terribly upset because they are assuming the Russians will cross the border en masse and occupy the Ukraine. So, I was awoken a few days ago in the middle of the night by villagers who had decided they would collect all the QP4 devices without telling me and move them. These are simple, uneducated people who thought they could take the devices, set them up near the Russian military, turn on the devices and the military would flee. No, not quite what happened. Remember, the reason my grandmother and then myself came half way around the world was to retrieve the QP4's, pack them up and ship them back to America. Unless someone understands what they are and their power potential they just appear to be harmless metallic tubes about 15 inches in length with a tiny electronic gizmo embedded in the tube. And you can't just flip a switch to activate their energy. It requires some four hours to turn them on, adjust their broadcast rates, redirect their energy field and set a timer for duration of broadcast. And then, get the hell out of the way because their impact can be devastating. Well, two men decided to activate ten of the QP4's about a half mile from the Russians. They knew how to control the power because I showed them but only so, if necessary, a local could turn them off. That would be only if the power wasn't at a peak in which case anyone nearby would be down on the ground in pain. The power rises and falls in response to a cycle plan which must be programmed. I can do that programming. So what ensued was scary and could have started a small war. I'm tired, I have to come back tomorrow." KHM

Feb 15, 2014 "First, you how many internet sites there are here in this part of the Ukraine? One. Grand total of one and it takes an hour plus to get here. I was supposed to be on the plane four days ago. Why? Because first one then more very wonderful, salt of the earth people collared me in this tiny village and asked that I stay to set up the Aray Powersource QP4 devices all around their encampment. Some out here, some out there but they knew exactly where they wanted them. I tried to explain in my entire Ukranian vocabulary of 12 words that I need to go home to my family, I don't belong here. And when I go back I need to take all these oblong metallic poles with me. They need to be destroyed. My satelitte phone won't work here so I can't reach my little 'rescue' team. Great, they are killing me with kindness if I only will stay and program these wicked devices. Because, Russian troops will roll through here today. And, three of these people already experienced what happens when you trigger the QP4's. One woman showed me by dropping to the ground (dirt) and rolling around screaming. Then she stopped and looked at me. This handful of simple peasant folks want to see the Russians on the ground. There is not a lot of love lost. Ukraine was part of the Soviet empire for decades. These people know Russian soldiers. But there are no Russian soldiers, there are only local militia definitely not wearing Russian uniforms and they can be very difficult. I finally got this worked out, I leave tomorrow Russians or no Russians." KHM

Feb 10, 2014 "You know how god damn cold it is here? I grew up in Minnesota, I can handle cold but this is f-ing nuts. I'm here four days, I simply can't wait to return to California. This will be my last balls out crazy ass trip for any reason. Locals begged me to hang around, they put me in a surprisingly cozy cabin with two of Esther's daughters. The Ukranian men are really ugly but some of the women are spectacular. How can that be? One of the girls, Natalia, is sixteen. She could turn on light bulbs with her smile and she is tagging after me everywhere. But everywhere is sort of nowhere. We're near a sizeable town rather close to the border and Crimea is maybe 100 miles southeast. Natalia speaks fairly good english, she tells me Ukranians are deeply fearful that Putin and the Russians are going to pull off some overthrow in the Ukraine. And her brother said they are hearing Russian troops have been massing all around us, fairly close by. Today, just as we arrived in this town I got my first look at the Russians. Jesus these are tough looking hunkas. Expression-less heavily armed. Some wore regular Russkie uniforms but some have no insignia, just nothing but they are all Russkies." KHM

Feb 6, 2014 "My strong resilient grandmother made this trip from California to Ukraine all on my insisting this would be important.Sometimes I wonder what the hell I am thinking. This has become all about these god damn QP4 devices. Really who gives a shit? Now I'm making the same trip and it is so far, so Russian over here. I like Russians but not in these numbers but here I am on the crazy mission which may have no purpose? That was until this morning. A woman, her name is similar to Esther, I think. She rode in a bus with me, her english is not good. But she got my attention and then she brought her son and a friend of his. That second boy began explaining with a lot of hand gestures something that sounded like fear? Finally I realized he was saying his village wanted me to set up all these QP4's because they wanted to scare off the Russian soldiers---if they ever came. The question is how did these devices end up here, in this Ukranian field? The answer I have pieced together is Andrew must have tried to sell them or did sell them and they were purchased by someone here in Ukraine and then this woman buried them out here for safekeeping. As it turns out, I am familiar with the programming procedures, I can do this. God is this the mission I am supposed to be on?" Katherine H. McGill

Jan 30, 2014 "We had to walk two hours, maybe three across a barren, snow covered farmer's field, totally grey and icy. We flew for hours, some of it on two Russian airliners and if you want to see the true heart of their culture you see it on their airplanes. Barren and unpleasant, poorly serviced. Oh now I'm just complaining. I came all this way for one important reason: My granddaughter Katherine dogged me and finally talked me into this wild goose chase. I'm tired and this is so far from home. I rarely get aggravated. Ok, anyway. I'm in the Ukraine because my incredible granddaughter thinks we'll find our missing devices. Frankly sometimes I wonder why we chase this stuff? So I'm standing out there, the wind is blowing, I'm upset. A local woman is walking me along this crop row, talking in Ukranian, I guess. Maybe it's Russian. I just want to go home. She bends down, pulls up this kind of board. We're losing the sun. She stands up and hands me something wrapped in dark cloth. I unwrap it. Jesus. It's one of our missing Aray Powersource QP4's, one of the real ones. I look at her, she has this half smile and half frown and we can't really talk to each other. She blurts out in half english, 'No one can walk out here, not for four miles.' She sweeps her arm around the whole field. 'Terrified, they are all terrified, all of our peoples all around here.' I was understanding that something out here was upsetting all the locals.'Then she points to the QP4. Her face showed real fear. That's what we created, devices that can terrify. This is not what we started out to build but that's what Andrew Roemer has triggered." Helen Aray, founder Aray Powersource

Jan 25, 2014 "In early March I believe we will see two very important events both in central or eastern Asia. One will almost certainly involve Vladimir Putin. The other will have something to do with flying but can't really tell if it military? I believe Comrade Putin is up to something not in harmony with the winter Olympics." KHM

Jan 18,2014 "Я відвідав Україну у двох випадках. Я просто люблю українським людям і вашу культуру. Я сподіваюся, що ви можете тримати проти росіян. Я знаю, Путін зробить плани взяти за Крим після зимових Олімпійських ігор. Так що я сподіваюся, що Україна буде протистояти Російської натиском." Katherine H. McGill "

Jan 14, 2014 "If you read my last posting my strangely correct great grandmother Queen Royal had me trying to fathom what on earth she was explaining (see Jan 8)? Am I to believe she could actually see forward in time? Yes Andrew Roemer did abscond with our Aray Powersource QP4 device, it was duplicated, then we found out it had multiplied in numbers so she was entirely right, things were out of control. So now she said you will find your answer in a farm field. Oh please Queen R. What am I to do with this? Then in the middle of the night I began remembering an experience in the Ukraine where I visited some time back. Locals outside Kiev took me to visit a farm because there had been rumors for years about 'aliens' who could speak to Ukranians, weren't Russian or any other known cultural extract had turned up on that farm in the 1940's, then again in the 1970's and 1990's. It was a place of great mystery which some Ukranians would show to trusted friends to help them solve this mystery. In that field locals had turned up the strangest looking farm implements, made out of wood, shaped somewhat like ray guns and utterly incomprehensible to anyone. So I'm seeing this replay at 3 am, I came back to those 'ray guns'. What could that be? These people were talking among themselves about their future and what the Russians were planning as it was so clear Putin wanted to recover a part of the Ukraine. Most people thought it would be Crimea which the Russians had given to Ukraine in 1954. Anyway, I'm mulling this over, getting nowhere, it's 4:30, I have to attend meetings at 9am. Then I realized that Andrew Roemer had showed up unannounced in the Ukraine, tailed along with me over my objections but stuck with me. Shortly after that he turned up in Germany and reverse engineered our QP4.And as we were walking in that field looking for aliens (so to speak) Andrew disappeared. I thought he was with others but no one knew where he went. I forgot about it because I didn't really want to hang out with Andrew anyway. Then I realized those 'ray guns' of wood were a metaphor for the QP4's we had lost. My dear great grandmother foresaw our loss of secrets 19 years before it happened." KHM

Jan 8, 2014 "Oh, God, this is so completely weird. I put aside a box of letters from my great grandmother, who has wished to be known as Queen Royal Elixir. I always thought she could live forever. Anyway, in the box is a note written to me in 1995, I had just returned from France. Here's what it says: 'Katherine, in January of 2014 you will discover that you have been betrayed by the brother of someone very close to you. That person will steal secrets of yours and sell them to a foreigner. You won't be able to control what happens next. You will be helpless, you will need to seek help from my daughter, your grandmother who also will not be able to stop a chain of events. Your only hope will come from an extremely unlikely source that you cannot believe will be useful. The solution, if there is one will be found in farm field but I can't tell you where that field is located. But there will be found a large collection of your lost secrets. But to find the secrets you will need to walk among people who will be entirely preoccupied with very important matters in their lives. The person who caused you this difficult problem will disappear right in front of you. My dear Katherine all this will come to pass, I can see this tableau of events and you may find one more person betraying you. Queen Royal, your loving great grandmother.' So now I have to set about figuring out how she could possibly know all of this." Katherine Harendt McGill

Jan 3, 2014 "This whole debacle about our former QP4 device, oh just forget that. I fly all the way to Barcelona, that's a very long ways, and what I'm shown are a set of devices which took our original useful ideas and warped them to become unrecognizeable. Yes, it's a weapon but not something that we could lend our name to. Our weapons are intended to help quell problem breakouts, this device can nearly destroy people. That's the job for some country's intelligence bureau. Just to say, their device when it's turned on makes some terrible noises and no person wants to be anywhere near it. I suppose that means it works. Ugh, the opposite of what we try to build. Not subtle, not clever just ugly awful. I hope they have no success with it. Meantime I had to insist that our name be removed from any aspect of their project. Hopefully they will. Meantime, after repeated attempts I was convinced to fly to the Ukraine where I met with some very courageous people. Some were soldiers, most were civilians. They believe the Russians, who are presently preoccupied with the upcoming Winter Olympics may threaten to overrun the Ukraine, likely in Crimea. They requested we show them some defensive devices they could buy but we'd have to wait on the money. Instead I gave them a large load of devices on the house. These had been paid for by another client who then disappeared so we weren't out anything." KHM

Dec 26, 2014 "We had a few idyllic days here on the Sonoma Coast. Normally we're getting rain but now there is a serious, big time drought across California. We get the great weather but now the great drought. So that was the nice stuff. Yesterday, Christmas day, I get a call on the phone only a few people know about which is either family or trouble. This man introduced himself, explained how he had talked Aggie Roemer into giving him my number. Then he said, 'Ms Katherine, I call myself, I'm a working scientist and engineer in Barcelona. I tell you now your device, the one missing or the ones missing, they also can be armed to be true weapons. I can do this for you.' I'm thinking, great now we have a whole new set of problems. Charming. So I replied, 'What will your modifications add to our product?' But he wouldn't tell me, he wanted to show me so tomorrow I fly to Barcelona." KHM

Dec 18, 2014 "In previous announcements appearing on this website we have commented on the appearance of reverse engineered Aray Powersource devices bearing the model number QP4. In the last 8 days we discovered there may be more than the missing 18 QP4 devices. It appears the German firm which attempted to re-engineer our product may have, in the process, manufactured an additional number of QP4's, perhaps as many as 114 devices which are now scattered across the planet. The person who originally triggered this unfortunate distribution of QP4's recently admitted to this expanded release. We wish to address what the unregulated theft of the devices could mean. Our company has only ever tested this and numerous other devices in a laboratory setting and with no more than six devices in operation together. As stated previously we had seen QP4's operating and their unintended results were devastating. That had never been the intent of Aray Powersource so we collected all extant examples and destroyed them. Regrettably two devices were not destroyed and one was taken by a relative of one employee. That one device ended up in Germany and was reverse engineered. We wish to take great pains here to remind interested parties that knowing the actual impact of larger numbers of devices chained together electronically

Dec 9, 2014 "We have discovered something which I have to now admit. What we thought was our big problem with the QP4 device has proven to be only part of the problem. When the German company re-engineered our device we knew they would miss one very critical small tweak. Our original designer had built in a fail safe line of code which would prevent that and all Aray Powersource products from seriously damaging anyone. The Germans, meticulous as they were, couldn't see that code tweak. The result is out there in the world there are a total of 18 devices broken into three sets which could seriously injure people. If all six WP4's were stimulated simultaneously in a contained space there could be serious problems that can't be undone. I am so sorry we find ourselves in this situation. Aray Powersource presently has no website for a reason. The entire purpose for our various devices is they can be most useful when they are not clearly identified. Everything we attempt to do is provide durable, rugged products which can be used to help tame down groups of people, or alternatively, be focused on particular gathering places but with no lasting negative impact. As of right now, we could be responsible for some damage with this one device. We know that people with an interest in our activities read this website as Aray Powersource appears on katemcgill.com prominently. We want to ask if anyone stumbles across metallic devices roughly fifteen inches long, round in shape with squared off ends please try to retain them. It will say QP4 on two sides. And our phone number is etched into every device built in the last twelve years, right on the stem. Please call if you have any leads to pass along. Thanks." Katherine H. McGill

Dec 5, 2014 "In a few months the winter Olympics will be held in Sochi Russia. Our company has already stated that we will have two instaltions at Sochi but we also need to state that neither of these installations will have anything to do with the QP4, nothing at all. We have already clearly stated that Aray Powersource will have nothing to do with that internally developed product. We retired the QP4 but it happens that my own brother (one of them) took it upon himself to snatch a product prototype, take it to Germany, reverse engineer the product and then sell it or gift it to a foreign government. Would you think that makes family get togethers a little uncomfortable? Yes, quite. We have not yet sent a team to Russia but they will leave in a few days. As to what I personally think of this situation: I love both my brothers but one is in a permanent dog house with me. I only wish Andrew had thought better about his ploy." August Roemer, PR Director Aray Pow.ntirely

Nov 22, 2014"We are informed we needed to disclose more details on our sadly upsetting disagreement with Andrew Roemer. For our family being upset with anyone member of the Roemer clan is disturbing but Andrew made some questionable decisions which placed our dangerous QP4 devices outside our control. Four sets of QP4's that we know of are presently under someone else's control. This is why: We performed an experiment 100 kilometers outside Berlin utilizing 200 volunteer soldiers in full battle dress encased in protective armor. The devices were installed across 4 acres. When fully lit up and inside of 30 seconds all the military personnel were on the ground. I immediately circulated among the soliders and many were seriously ill. All did recover in a few hours but their physical reactions went far beyond anything we'd ever witnessed. We immediately pulled the devices out of active development but Andrew took them over my wishes and set up demonstrations for military brass. We obviously tried to prevent his activity but he could not be stopped. Now we are forced to pursue a serious, ongoing search for these missing sets." Helen Aray, founder, Aray Powersource

Nov. 20, 2014"Everyone seems to have their say about Andrew Roemer's transgressions except for the one person who really matters on this issue. I founded Aray Powersource, I ran it for years and turned it over to my granddaughter Katherine McGill. But I have a few things to say about Andrew Roemer expropriating our QP4 device. The QP4 came into being because of almost bizarre circumstances. We do have a chief designer, he doesn't have a public name and won't because the person designing all the Aray Powersource crowd control or behavior modification devices should not be a public figure. Ever. So we'll call him Xenon. Xenon is the genius behind all our products in the last twenty years. But the QP4 had a second birth father, a man from Finland who unquestionably was even more a genius as well but had a mean streak, let's say. So when our chief designer and the Finnish gentleman teamed up we didn't realize what might result. On first test we found most of our staff turning up with physical malaise and no one could get work done. Nosebleeds, broken window glass and on the second test we destroyed electronics in the next two buildings. All true so I stepped in, demanded the work be totally stopped, we collected all the extant devices and parked them in a heavily secure place. Except for one QP4 which Andrew Roemer spirited away taking it to Germany where it was reverse engineeed. Months later I was told that hundreds of copies of our QP4's sswere now floating around. To bring us up to date and to be far more specific there are at least five separate field installations in five separate countries. Andrew for his part, has so far steadfastly refused to disclose their locations. So we've alerted all relevant governments. The problem is that all of these QP4's are programmed to begin functional transmissions in the near future and that could be devastating." Helen Aray, founder of Aray Powersource

Jan 14, 2014"I am expecting this will be unpleasant but has to be dealt with. Two of my very closest allies and friends, Aggie and Buzz Roemer have been the most supportive and important compatriots for my whole life. Aggie helps run Aray Powersource and Buzz performs miracles constantly for me. The last one getting me out of very large trouble in a foreign country when I was in custody. Buzz and Aggie are the best. We all grew up with their third brother Andrew who we called Tom tom. Andrew had all the intellect to match his brothers but Andrew made a decision which, unfortunately, disrupted all the relationships. He took a disabling device we built at Aray Powersource and effectively sold it to another country. The QP4 had characteristics which were disturbing and unpredictable and Helen Aray, my grandmother, was dead set against that device seeing the light of day. I agreed. Compounding the problem (we never raised the issue of theft) the QP4 was reverse engineered in a German lab and reappeared with a different name and appearance certainly not under our control. But the reverse engineering could not incorporate certain essential qualities which only our company could create. The result is the new device known now as Smackdown is genuinely dangerous well beyond any potentiality we would have considered. And the Smackdown is now making an appearance in a particular theater of war. So relations with Andrew are not good and we are faced with some difficult decisions. Meantime I requested that Andrew be given some space in the comments section of this website to explain his end. I will not agree with his point of view but I felt we'd all profit if he could speak his mind. So about now he'll be posting material." KHM

Jan 8, 2014 "I am told a sizeable number of visitors to this website are from Russia. I see mail from so many countries surrounding Russia as well. So I want to take a little space to offer my personal thanks to the Russians who are hosting the Winter Olympics with a ton of pressure on them for many reasons. In our lives we are all so aware of the political and military pressures, it gets messy. So I hope people will take a moment to remember we're all humans underneath these uniforms. I am literally praying these games will come off without any major hitches. I have traveled in some the countries surrounding Russia, a few where Islamic populations are dominant. Our company, Aray Powersource will have two installations in the Sochi area hoping we can contribute to a peaceful event. We set aside any personal feelings about who is right or wrong. We're hoping to avoid destruction or violence." KHM

Jan 5, 2014 "Would it be reasonable to actually boycott all Japanese industries because of what one small town is doing to kill off dolphins? Deep breath. What I believe will have no bearing on nothing but yes, I do think we should boycott the crap out of Japan until they stop harvesting whales and killing off the dolphins. Well aren't I just a ton of fun? But I believe we have a responsibility beyond world trade. We need to defend these poor animals. Oh, lord, am I saying this incorrectly. Are dolphins animals or mammals?I know this much we need to stop this slaughter. I can't imagine anyone justifying terrifying these wonderful dolphins and it pisses me off no end. I love Japanese people and the incredible products they produce. But this is my little appeal to decent Japanese people. Stop killing whales and dolphins." KHM quot;  

Dec 9, 2013 "Coming up soon, I think in January is t. he barbaric Japanese practice of hunting and killing dolphins. It's commonly referred to as the Taiji Cove dolphin slaughter. I am told our new Ambassador may speak out about this outrage. She's the new kid in town in Japan but I certainly hope she says something. Anyway, what can any of us do? The most obvious is to boycott Japanese goods and services but in doing so it's important to speak up yourself in a public fashion. Of course that may not be fair to Japanese companies and workers, we can all see that. Workers at Nissan or Toyota get penalized. But this is such a ridiculous practice which the local Taiji government claims should be supported as it's an old local practice deserves our public reaction. Of course it's difficult to actually get your voice heard but Facebook or Twitter does get seen. And companies selling Japanese goods should realize Americans can have a public conscience on these matters. What I do is take an hour and send emails to car dealerships announcing my boycotting their Nippon made products. I won't buy any new Japanese products until the Taiji slaughter ends." Katherine Harendt McGill quot;  

Dec 2, 2013"Not quite what I was expecting. Now my husband Peter and I are both in Russia together. We've never actually done this before. Peter's real life work is involved with Intelligence and closer to counter Intelligence. I never really talk about it in public but this time around we share feelings about appropriate action. I'm certainly not in love with the way Mr. Putin runs this place but if we can help neutralize terrorism then I'm for it. I've already read plenty about the way the Russian government handles internal threats, not sure I'd agree with that but it is their country. I find terrorism terribly disturbing, most people do as well. But mainly we're offering them (the hosts of the Olympic games, a chance to use this recently discovered advantage of one Aray Powersource device. I can't really talk about how it works, that would defeat the purpose, but we believe it may be possible to spot aggressive behavior before it does some damage. What would happen to the perpetrators? Would they receive fair and just treatment? It's an open question I'm afraid but better people aren't getting blown up. Would I send my own family to the Sochi games site, is it safe? I wish I knew. Peter and I can't attend, I'm not much of a games watcher anyway." KHM quot;  

Nov 28, 2013 "We're sitting in a building, I can't tell you where it is or what it looks like but it's in Russia, I can say that much. And it's not all that far from Sochi, site of the Winter Olympics. We've made a little discovery of sorts. One of our Aray Powersource devices, not a powerful one, all this time had a little algorithmic anomaly we never paid attention to. Until now. I won't go into a big explanation but a trigger embedded in the device which we relied on to help us ferret out a certain group of people has some unique value. It can help us track a person by thought pattern. We've seen some limited evidence of this odd ability but didn't think about it. Too obvious we were thinking. Well now, without anyone requesting this, we're hoping to offer the Russian intelligence officers some leads on people who they may need to track. I can hear the groans from the civil libertarians in the states all the way over here. We're aiding 'the enemy'. Well, the enemy of our enemy is our friend sometimes. More to come we hope." Peter Scalissi quot;  

Nov 23, 2013 "I no longer have an operational role in the company I founded, Aray Powersource, but yesterday when August Roemer's brief 'announcement' appeared on the Kate McGill website my cellphone began ringing crazily. I am the chief diplomat of our little operation when required. Aggie's note was not supposed to appear anywhere in public, it's a genuine misunderstanding. But now, here we are. Sometime back I was contacted by an old friend in Moscow to talk about Aray Powersource possibly participating in the Sochi Olympics. Now we're not recognized by the Russian government but they do know we're out here. I would have my arguments with Mr. Putin but on one issue we're aligned. His country faces a grave threat from rebel forces and in this regard I think America should be offering to help out and our product line can be well suited to the task of keeping rebellious warlords from hurting anyone. So, long story short our A.P. devices will be delivered to Sochi for no cost. We just didn't want to announce it this early. Thank you, Helen Aray in Guatemala" quot;  

Nov 22, 2013 "In a few hours two huge trucks will appear outside our warehouse south of Minneapolis. We'll be loading up our four most powerful devices with a small team of analysts and loading all of them into a military transport for shipment to Sochi." August Roemer, Aray Powersource "  

Nov 12, 2013 "Ok, ok, shush. God I can hear all of you thinking out there. What happened to the three intruders that they dropped in their tracks at our front door? Well, the 3Q Aborter (yes, nasty name but it's called that because it does that) has a few seconds time lag and then momentarily it kicks up the energy dramatically. Me, Lilly and Haddie all knew that so we dropped back a short distance. If you're behind the 3Q you are spared the spike. As the three came forward the spike attacked them. It's actually not quite that direct but it's strong. And, Haddie put an arrow in one guy's leg as he ran. Lilly would have inflicted much more severe damage. That girl can hurt you. I wasn't really thinking I would be needed and I wasn't. So your other question, why do I sound rather casual if people show up as attackers? I know that's weird isn't it? The attackers I fear wouldn't be seen, would likely come in by air (chopper or other) and would be using chemicals. We do have a defense for chemicals but it's not being discussed today." KHM "  

Nov 9, 2013 "I suppose we should have expected this. Much as Peter and I have tried to keep our home and property (you can call it a compound I suppose) private and hidden anyone can be found. Yesterday Peter was out of the country, I was home with Haddie and we have one security person who we'll call Lilly who is a woman and a defensive bitch. We have firearms but they are locked away purposely. We have an ultra sensitive border collie who picks up anyone's presence on the property. He began barking but quietly, a sign that someone (or thing) was nearby. Haddie picked up her bow and arrow which is kept near a side door. Aside from a few key people we don't have visitors normally. When Haddie is home she can bring in a few friends but we are very cautious. We have a complete video system on the land, it's extensive. I checked the monitors and saw them right away. Three people in military garb wearing partial hoods carrying fighting sticks, no guns. I'm more concerned with no guns, that means they could be serious. I told Haddie to go upstairs, she would have a better vantage point. I moved our border collie into a holding room and then I armed myself. Then we waited. The intruders stopped in the woods conferring. They weren't leaving, not right away. So I juiced up the Aray Powersource 3Q. It surrounds the house with a field of disturbing energy, let's call it. Of course we are not immune to the impact of the energy so it gets a bit tricky for us as well. I called up to Haddie to put an arrow at their feet. These arrows are not to be trifled with. They carry a deeply invasive scent which sounds lightweight but is disturbing. Then the three figures came running at the front door. I think the energy plus the scent prompted them to 'attack'. Ten feet out from the door they dropped in their tracks, all three. Lilly got there first while I shut off the 3Q. I walked out and said, 'Folks, you don't have an invitation. Who are you?' Some hemming and hawing, then one guy said with an eastern European accent, 'We came to see Katherine, we wanted to see how well defended you were.' We got them up, gave them something to drink and escorted them off the property. Just a regular day on the ranch. I didn't figure they were going to hurt us, we get these little forays occasionally. So if you read this and had the idea to do your own assault trying letting us know in advance. Ok??" KHM "  

Nov 7, 2013 "I wrote in the Comments section about 'Orange Is the New Black', the tv program on Netflix. I think lots of women relate to this program, plenty of men also. It's the story of women in jail but it's just so totally realistic, utterly mind blowing at times. I thought I was a tough woman. Not so tough as these women. You should watch it." KHM "  

Nov 4, 2013 "Oh, God, the news from Syria, how depressing, how totally sad. The moderate rebels fighting the Syrian government are now being overwhelmed by the al Quaida backed forces. If Bashar al-Assad had not gassed his own people I bet you'd see the western forces start to back him. The muslim reactionary forces are sweeping over the middle east and beyond. America fought in Iraq to prevent the radical muslims from taking over, now they are winning in Iraq. Our country is losing the battle to stop the collapse of the moderates in all of the middle east. This wave of muslim reactionaries will be the most important battle we have to face." KHM "  

Nov 1, 2013 "I don't think most Americans know much about the Ukraine. I certainly didn't until I went there hunting for clues to the white houses and 'aliens'. I guess to complete the picture I should mentions Nazis also. Can't have aliens without Nazis on the internet :}. Anyway, the Ukraine is an important country once completely under the sway of the Soviet Union. But now there is this pivotal battle raging in a peaceful fashion to decide if the Ukraine will lean more heavily toward the west and America or lean toward Russia? I must admit I don't know much about all the details but this is so rare that an entire country is blowing back and forth between two major world powers. Maybe it doesn't interest you all that much but I'm told the outcome could change the balance of power in the world. Meanwhile our lives roll on." KHM "  

Oct 25, 2013 "I'm older now, no longer a kid in her teens or twenties and I want to thank a member of my family Sal Torpaydo. He is my grandfather. First time I met him at our little house in Wayzata, Minnesota he was the most suave, debonair man I'd ever seen. He drove this monster midnight blue Lincoln limo. Well he didn't drive it, he was driven absolutely. I need to say, Sal back in those days would be described as a mobster, he was surrounded by muscle. But he used to tell me that long before he had become an established guy in his circles of tough guys he had to stand up for himself, by himself. My daughter Haddie and I were in Oakland, California a few weeks ago and we ran across a couple gang bangers near Jack London Square and these three guys were up to no good, that was obvious. Here are two blonds, we were not out strutting around but they thought we looked like targets I guess. I was obviously feeling protective of my daughter. These guys stopped us, it was dark out, there wasn't much traffic, with Haddie around I couldn't get physical, not with three of them. So I had to put up a front. One guy had a real attitude. Sal used to say if you run into a bad attitude keep it cool, friendly, don't push it until you have the upper hand. My instinct is usually to get physical but this time I listened to Sal. Instead of threatening anyone I appealed to their sense of protecting women. Fortunately that worked and the storm passed, we walked on. Thanks Sal for helping me keep my cool." KHM" "  

Oct 18, 2013 "Let me restate about the Google barge. The company will soon say that the barge is for educational purposes and it may well be. But I guarantee you there are experiments ongoing within the barge that have deeper and darker purposes or porpoises." "  KHM

October 16, 2013:  "Back in 2011 I wrote a short entry which apparently is not on the this website today. In that entry I described an event and object which I thought would appear sometime in 2012 but I guess it did not? That event and object was a water borne boat or barge that was likely to show up in San Francisco Bay heavily hidden to protect what was on the boat. I can't tell you it's precise contents but back in 2008 or 2009 I had conversations with three engineers who refused to tell me what company they worked for but I assumed it was a large, fast growing operation. At first I was totally confused why they would want to talk with me at all but it became clear they were trying to understand a technical problem. Bigger computers were using larger and larger amounts of electricity. They were feeling around for ways to put computers on boats or barges and use the surrounding water to cool the computers, now called servers. Maybe they were servers then also? They asked me to study the problem of how to keep this totally secret? Why they thought I'd know that answer I'm not sure but after researching that problem I gave them a few answers which included just parking the damn thing far away from prying eyes. Turns out this water craft had to be near land. And there would clearly be prying eyes. Maybe it ends there but a person I trust and who has been right before tells me this project is not about just using sea water for cooling. It has to do with developing monitoring apparatus based on the water which would allow eavesdropping on land based facilities. Subsequently we sold a group of Aray Powersource devices to an American company that demanded total secrecy. But those devices were specifically developed for use on or even underwater and those devices could monitor conversations and electronic communications undetected. This was way before people were talking about the NSA monitoring of Americans or foreign governments. We've been selling Aray Powersource products to a company in Switzerland for years which we always presumed were really for the NSA."  KHM

Oct 14, 2013  (For english speakers this message is intended for those who speak Ukranian):

Для наших українських друзів: Мені сказали, ви відвідуєте веб-сайт Кейт Макгілла і, дивлячись на записи в 2012 році. Власник веб-сайту (я не контролюю його) намагається з'ясувати, чому ви зацікавленим у тому, що сталося, коли ми були в Одесі? Кетрін Mcgill

Oct 12, 2013  "Glad to see Peter the husband is making an appearance. As Katherine the wife I second all his statements. I never really thought much about announcing our marriage but I'm quite happily married. Do I have relationships with others including other women, of course. Can there be friction in our marriage? Well, what marriage doesn't have friction? So, I think I can address this: Peter's profession has to do with security on many levels, he must be very conservative, it goes with the turf. I am quite conservative regarding the sanctity of American life, our culture, our national safety. But, don't confuse me with the nutjobs that shut down the government to satisfy their ridiculous machinations. We need less government but we need a functioning government. I hope Americans saw who planned the government shutdown. The Republicans need to seriously refresh their approach. Ain't workin' folks. I believe Peter will have a cautious, analytical outlook on people who misbehave socially, who operate with borderline behavior by physically confronting miscreants and social deviates. Sometimes my husband finds himself face to face with a person who acts out in socially undesireable fashion. That person could be his wife."  KHM

Oct. 9, 2013 "I have never commented in public on our lives, our family, or how we live. But now I feel I have to speak up. I am Katherine McGill's husband, we were officially married a few years back. For reasons only she knows Kate kept this to herself. But I want it known, worldwide that I am her partner, lover, husband and share parenting duties with Kate. She chose to retain her surname as many women do now but I'm fine with that. Why am I concerned? Because I hear rumors that she is a single woman, that she has relationships with other women, that we don't share our lives consistently and all manner of other drama but it's not true. We have two homes, one in Sonoma County California and a second one in Minnesota where we grew up. My job, which I can't talk about in any detail, takes me on numerous trips each year but Kate and I are together, very together with fewer separations now than in the past. Living with Kate is challenging, confusing, incredibly amusing and wonderful! We have a life most people only dream about. But that's not to say we don't occasionally find ourselves in nearly polar opposite camps. I am naturally conservative although I'm reluctant to call myself a political conservative. My wife is tricky to pin down on her social and political stances. Most of her fans think she is a leftie liberal but that's not even close to right. Well, I better let her clarify that. We are both closer to libertarian if there is a name but I work closely with federal officials and our form of government is vitally important to America. Katherine Harendt McGill and Peter Scalissi are very much a married couple raising a family together. I just hope to keep her out of jail :) "  Peter Scalissi, the husband.

Oct 3, 2013  "Conservatives, hard core right wingers have been hard at work on a plan to destroy ObamaCare. They will start by shutting down the government. You maynot believe that crazy politicians would actually shut down our entire government to stop this health care program. And it will happen again, only worse. Because this is just like Germany before the second world war. The facists destabilized the economy as part of a plan to take over the government. Remember how that happened? American ultra conservatives want to run this country. Think that is never going to happen? What happened when Hitler tried to take over the German Repubic? World War II." KHM

Oct 1, 2013  "Someone once said that to be successful on the internet you must have Nazis. They rule in abstentia because so many writers/bloggers find their way to the Nazis as being a source of constant fascination. Well I saw a tv show on the History Channel with intelligence people saying the Nazis were actively trying to build a time machine in four underground caverns in Poland or close by. There are also rampant urban myths that the Nazis built underground caverns in Antartica. And remember about the Nazis on the internet that I first mentioned? Just do a Google search with the word Nazis in it and you will be amazed. But I digress, I actually had a phone call with a woman from the Ukraine who kept insisting that I should turn my talents to exploring if Nazis fled Germany and established underground think tanks in Eastern Europe and now their offspring are hard at work reaching out to UFO's. Combine Nazis and UFO's and porn and I'd say you'd have half the entire internet. Why should I care?Because this nice lady offered to pay me. Good lord...."  KHM

Sept 28, 2013  "My mother gathered all these women who I guess are now known as Reinforcers. Let me tell you I wasn't really comfortable with my mother, Queen Royal Elixir, building her little army of talented sneaks. Oh, that may be unfair, I know all of them, they are trustable, they are good people. But Mom, with all of her delightful charms had some pretty dark goals. These women were her little army, they were extremely well rehearsed, they acted together almost in unison and they really did not take any guff. Mom had visions of putting her troops in the field to combat nasty elements in society. Does that sound strange? A mini army of women fighting criminals or that's what I thought they were going to do. Aray Powersource became a natural affiliation. I tell you no one understands all this, not even me. Can the Reinforcers dramatically alter adversarial situations, standoffs, calm people down. I don't really know but I do know they are not taking orders from anyone now, not even Katie and they number over 70 including children, maybe more. So one woman told me they are thinking of going enmasse to Washington DC the next time the American congress can't get their act together and force them to cooperate. Wow, maybe?"  Helen Aray, founder of Aray Powersource

Sept 23, 2013  "High on a mountain top in Northern California five of us who are active as Reinforcers are attempting to solve a cranky problem. We track communications from particularly nefarious sources and try to understand who is behind these intrusions? But beyond using IP addresses the rest of our process is absolutely intuitive, shared message analysis. So far we've figured out three individuals behind a thorny and damaging web attack. Then, we figured out where to find these people, their homes, right down to the location of the originating computer. Yes, that sounds like so much junk work but we found them."  Tu Lan Chen, Hong Kong

Sept 18, 2013  "The daughter of the Chinese shark killer recontacts me saying she will give money to a few nonprofits that protect animals. I make some suggestions. She apologized for her father's behavior. I thanked her. Then I hit her up for some more leads in China of the same offensive type. We'll see if she can deliver?"  KHM

Sept 16, 2013  "This is cool and slightly reprehensible at the same time. Two men, one in China who is responsible for some boats that harvest shark fins and thereby render the sharks helpless and they drown. He sells the fins to restaurants. He has a daughter, wonderful young lady attending school in America. She loves our country but is quite naive and had no clue about her father's involvement. We talked twice, she was unsurprisingly reluctant to believe me but I gave her some basic facts to check out. The next day we met on Facetime, she insisted on meeting me. She was utterly destroyed, she loves her father but had no idea he was involved in this terrible, offensive practice of killing sharks for their fins. I asked her what she wanted to do, if anything? She must be about 21, never had to really confront this kind of ugliness in her life and here it was her own father. Not fun and I wasn't really enjoying bringing her such discomfort. She wanted to physically meet, I begged off. Daddy has some minions who can hurt anyone Daddy doesn't like. The American has investments in a few companies that harvest certain fish which thereby kills dolphins among others. His daughter is a very bright woman, in her thirties, she runs an investment division for a hedge fund, let's leave it at that. She didn't want to know about my info, wanted no part of it. What her Dad was up to was his business. So I walked away reluctantly. Then, this morning she starts texting to me. She doesn't want to talk but she was sharing. In short she and her Dad had a knock down drag out argument about his involvement. A bit of satisfaction."  KHM

Sept 10, 2013  "Over the years I've done favors for a wide spectrum of people. Sometimes my favors really helped, sometimes not. But the result is I can call in a few chits here and there. I called a very well connected person and asked him to find me the cell phone and emails of two really offensive, dishonorable people, one in China, one in America. Both have in common their greed which causes them to promote crimes against animals. Bad crimes as if there were any good ones. Then I found out the names and locations of each of their daughters (one in college, one working). I already knew both these offensive men conducted their ugly activities under strict cover, almost no one actually knew either man committed these reprehensible 'crimes'. This is what happens when you're obsessive compulsive about people who hurt animals. Then I called up each man in the middle of the night. It took a few tries to roust each one out and I used a device that blocked off my phone from them. I told each man I would be talking to their respective daughters, informing them about their fathers' behavior. The two men, each in their own ways, went utterly ballistic vowing to have me done away with (strangely similar language I might add).  And next I'll be reaching out to their daughters. I wish I knew more effective ways to fight the man but this does work."  KHM back in the states to stay

Sept 7, 2013  "We never know when that mighty sword from on high will come down to smite us. I don't mean kill, I mean thrash us silly and make us wake up to our own failings. Allow us to realize it's time for a massive change. That happened to me at 4:34 AM today. I've spent years chasing dreams, unreal possibilities. I may just stop all of this including writing on this website.  One thing for sure, I have a major mystery to unwind and solve. None of this is fancy or high flown, in fact it's the opposite. All words, I know, I know...."  KHM

Sept 3, 2013  " I get so upset when I see articles about charities that are taking donors' money and then not delivering on their promises. I discovered this very thorough article from the Tampa Bay Times and Centers For Investigative Reporting naming the worst charities. You can find it at www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/. You will notice how many bad charities use names that sound similar to established do-gooders who are really accomplishing important goals. Be careful who you give money to."  KHM

Aug 28. 2013  (translated from Romania Today) "At least six former Romanian citizens who have traveled in a group working for an American company have been hired by a German national company offering security services to foreign companies. Known as Reider Kaupt, the German operation offers subcontracting opportunities to narrowly talented individuals who then work for a client firm. It is reported all 12 people including the six Romanian nationals will now work offer services to Mandiant, an anti espionage operation. The American company is only identitied as Aray Powersource with offices in California and Switzerland. Aray Powersource is controversial as it claims their products can be used to calm or even stop groups who wish to attack or harm both military and civilian groups." A. Roemer, Aray Powersource

Aug 23, 2013  "So it became true, the gas attack on innocent Syrians. But this is when, as a group, we realized there is little we can do to stop such terrible disasters. Many of us are worn out after chasing around the world hoping to make a difference somehow. We know Kate has also felt immense frustration and anguish. Compounding our dissatisfaction were two offers to have the Reinforcers work for one government and one corporate entity. Kate disclosed them to all of us saying she feels that's an inappropriate use of our talents, such as they are. This has always been a principled social experiment, definitely strange and hard to explain to anyone. There also had been other veiled offers in the past when powerful people got wind of what we could sometimes accomplish. Only once did all 14 of us actually congregate in one place. Even then we only had an hour to focus our energies collectively. But the result was sensational and upsetting both. With Kate leading we took on some 200 militants and soldiers, we were totally unarmed. It could have been a bloodbath---our blood. But this is when we learned what Kate was capable of. Essentially we brought armed troops and crazy, enraged militants to their knees, unable to attack. To our total surprise Kate gathered us on a street corner near the confrontation and made us all swear we would keep this incident to ourselves. We have until now but as I believe our days as a group are ending I'm disclosing the truth."  Lorian San Auri, somewhere in Italy

Aug 18, 2013  "We will be too late to prevent this but our female tribe of Reinforcers as we communicate constantly began realizing that we could see an event approaching. We began trading little tidbits and ideas that were popping up and this morning it crystallized. It will be in Syria, we know for sure, and likely near the largest city (that could mean Damascas or Aleppo). Write us off as investing too much of ourselves in vibrations and resonances but we definitely can sense things. The Syrian government is about to unleash an attack of some kind on its own people. God, that is an awful reality to throw at someone but it's true."  Tu Lan Chen

Aug 14, 2013  "Thank heavens, out of Egypt, terrible vibes, Egyptians seem lost, unhappy, unsure what will happen. Living in America we forget that a predictable existence is a luxury in so many third world places. Changing the subject, I am addicted to Breaking Bad (yes I have a real personal life). This is the last season, Walt is the incarnation of the devil, Skyler is scaring me with her willingness to commit to Walt----or is she? But I just have to say, I utterly miss Gus...Gustavo Fring. I loved his professional cool and utter disregard for risk. Oh Gus, please come back!!!  Alright, the Gus Man is history. And all of you who don't know about this world, tune in. BB is what tv can be if you don't mind being seriously disturbed!"  KHM

Aug 13, 2013  "We are so sad to report Dawn Trayzack, part of our third Reinforcer team disappeared in Lebanon, in Beirut we think, where she was visiting a relative, not on duty, not working at all. She worked in France when we were asked to mix it up with a group of young Muslims who had emigrated from Africa. That was no easy job, we had to essentially camp out with some rough, angry late teens who had been re-educated by hardcore extremists to go jihad in Turkey. We spent two weeks tracking them, gaining their trust, hoping to show them that a radical path was useless and destructive. Dawn was particularly effective at getting these two pivotal young guys to see the gentler side of their religion. We found out some months later both of them were killed in Syria and we think Alawite soldiers tracked them down. Then we found out Dawn went to Beirut and was followed by some of the same Syrian soldiers. We're not sure if she is alive or dead but she has been a powerful, vital part of our group."  Lorian San Auri, France

Aug 10, 2013  (transmitted from Cairo)  "I don't like being here, women are second class people. I suppose this culture has been like this so long it will not change in my lifetime. Somewhere in this awful mess is a very valuable woman who I came to locate. She had been with our second Reinforcer group (now I'm using that word). She goes by the name El Fiyad which is also a town in Saudi Arabia, I believe. She has a truly unique ability to communicate with Jews and Arabs equally, smoothly, with no rancor, no disturbance. I've seen her do it twice. She walks into a room and can create harmony in minutes. Very strange. She is in the gunsights of a radical islam group who want her eliminated. Why should I be doing this? I'm one of only a few people who actually know her by visual recognition because she has a bizarre ability to move through situations without being noticed. Yes, at Aray Powersource we have talked about this potential in the mind but she can actually do it. I hope to get out of here quickly, Egypt is a nightmare now." KHM

Aug 4, 2013  (translated from Portugese) "After the strange appearance of a womans' group associated with the Pope in Rio I became curious who they were? No one in Brazil seemed to know who these women were or why the police gave them a wide space to operate in? But a political observer and commentator in Berlin told me this story: They work for an American company that offers them like an innocent church choir to groups that want some outside positive reinforcement in controlling groups that could become heated or upset. Like nice guy crowd control. But, a fellow who works in the German government believes that whole story is just a cover to divert attention. The so-called reinforcers aren't out there controlling anyone, they are using an innate talent for discovering people who are planning mayhem like drug sniffing dogs. They can spot al-quaeda from fifty feet out. The group in Brazil are the lightweights, the heavy hitters are in Europe and the States searching for bomb plotters."  Brazilian blogger Et Tu

Aug 2, 2013   "Let's clarify, shall we? For many years no one ever heard of  groups or teams using mental concentration to change someone's behavior. Recently I decided we could share our experiences online, maybe not the best decision. At  Aray Powersource the 17 reinforcers are called Shifters, it was a prison authority in Europe who used the reinforcer term. About 15 percent of our assignments, paid or unpaid, were in correctional institutions. Roughly 25 percent occurred in combat zones. Another 15 percent had an Intelligence connection. The remainder are random. Our crew are the only 'reinforcers' on the planet, at least that we know of. Everyone volunteers including me, if you work you are paid a very modest fee, it is a grand social experiment now partially underwritten by a corporate partner, heaven forbid. Does it work, can we actually prevent violence or turn around the mood of a group? In certain cases it's a powerhouse."  KHM

July 31, 2013  "Oh my, most of the girl's gang is here. At full strength we are five so we're short a few.  We have trained and traveled together for many years, twelve to be accurate. Jo Elle is the reasonable one, Tu Lan the source of eminent anger. I'm the one trained in martial arts, studied in Asia for 4 years, lots of kick boxing. Each of us has wondered why on earth we invested so much time and energy to become a formidable power that no one ever heard of?  Good question, that. Because we're the elite in a category that doesn't exist for most people. Not even real Intelligence wonks actually acknowledge 'reinforcers'. Those who hire us rarely stick around to see the results. They throw us into the street level mix and go sip a gin fizz I suppose? We twice have been in Syria but whatever our best attempts we had limited impact. But in the right setting we can turn the tide with a sizeable group. And we're best when the Queen of Daggers locks in. That's Katie." Lorian Sain Auri, France

July 30, 2013  "I'm the girl everyone fears. Jo Elle told her side. When our troop goes to work it gets serious because we're called in when there is harsh energy. I'm trouble because I amp up the dark energy fast, I tap into some mean, scary thoughts. That's why I anchor the Wind Daggers, our actual name. I'm proud to be the mean ass in a bunch of super tough chickies. I'm not allowed to talk about where we do our thing, the rules you know. But the Wind Daggers arrive the crap hits the fan. We can stop a wall of bodies. I grew up in Northern China in a tiny village. Being female was second class. I'm angry." Tu Lan Chan

July 29, 2013  (translated from Portugese, from Brazilian blogger Et Tu) "No one could explain who they are but seven women appeared twice near His Holiness in Rio DJ in a group. They did not seem to be accompanying the Pope but people passing by walked at some distance like they were concerned about not getting too close. Who ever they may be they were surrounded by a strange aura. Not exactly pleasant, the aura, but definitely present. For sure no one would have bothered them. They were spiky feeling."

July 28, 2013  "Let's set the record straight. People volunteer for the Reinforcer gigs, it's not the military, it's not a religious cult, it's a voluntary service for which they are compensated at a modest scale. We screen diligently because there is emotional stress inherent in influencing others with your mental focus."  A Roemer

July 27, 2013  "We are asked what determines if our company does business with someone? We need to be convinced they will not employ what we offer to accomplish illegal or dastardly deeds. Well, it's not simple to figure out what fits under that rubric. So we do the best we can and we're right most of the time."  August Roemer

July 26, 2013  "I didn't honestly realize any of us would be doing this sort of outloud, talking in public. I have twelve years in with the group. This Reinforcer term is getting used? I've never heard any of us use it between ourselves. Let's tell the truth. Truth is out of three existing teams only one has a mission to quiet crowds or reduce conflict. Another penetrates defenses. The third, my team, we can be aggressive, hardened, tough bitches when required. We're also only sent out with the heavy duty Aray Powersource gear, generally models 3 and 4. The 4's are serious stuff. Our group acts as backup for especially unruly smaller crowds. This doesn't appear in any sales brochures, it's not generally discussed overtly. Years ago newspaper writers used the term 'shock troops', especially for the Israelis. We're the modern day version of shock troops." Jo Elle R., Group Beta Aray Powersource 

July 24, 2013  "When people see us as a group or hear about 'Reinforcers' it must seem pretty bizarre.  psychologically armored girl scouts. I trained as a nurse, served in the military in Iraq and ran into people who talked about Aray Powersource experiments. Then I ran into one of the A.P. devices in use which was a revelation. I didn't expect it could possibly work but I saw some actual results so I became more interested. It would take a lot of words to explain all this stuff but we train as a group in a retreat setting, it fits in well with my nursing work and I'm sure most people think it is all mumbo jumbo. We don't use the term reinforcer but it's fairly accurate when we manage to get on beam with each other, then with others. You're searching for a common thread or beam, we know each other and can collectively reach out for the beam. Weird enough for you? Really it's not all that strange. But we all continue our involvement because it generates a kind of excitement you can't find anywhere else. We use the term 'unify' a lot, that's how it feels when we manage to achieve unity as a group."  Jeri M., nine years reinforcing

July 22, 2013  "I normally stay well away from discussions about Aray Powersource. But in this case as it involves the crew now called Reinforcers (not my favorite terminology) and they originally were organized by my mother Haddassah (I never got used to Queen Royal Elixir). We normally choose not to speak publicly about our products as we've seen explanations turn into rumors or worse. I founded Aray Powersource in the early 1950's, we experimented with strange products which eventually developed into things that worked. My mother insisted we pay to have a few hand picked young women come to America for training. We were attempting to utilize the unsettling power we called the Romanian Cold Hand married to our crude devices. For years it did not work. After seven years of experiments we stopped trying to combine the women with products. The result were five women who had well controlled mental capacities suddenly became capable of dramatically impacting an attacker's intentiions. It still took years and years to develop group capabilities.  But no one else has figured out how to do this.  There's much more to explain but the contingent in Brazil can really alter a crowd's behavior."  Helen Aray founder of Aray Powersource.

July 21, 2013  "Yes, we had a contingent of Reinforcers in Rio, they remain in the city now. So what is a Reinforcer? We have some people, all but two are women, who work through extensive training which has psychological and physiological underpinnings but is fundamentally about retraining our brains to focus differently. Why more women? They demonstrated superior intuition. When Queen Royal Elixir (real name, she changed it) began importing young women from Romania decades ago they were screened for certain mental capacities which happened to be more common in Romania. Essentially, the Romanians had a more immediate grasp of picking up another person's state of mind (this takes some explaining).  If Aray Powersource devices are being used the Reinforcers can optimize their impact. Even without devices activated the Reinforcers can normally impact smaller gatherings. Groups or crowds will vary in their reactions obviously. Huge sports crowds are beyond our reach presently but in smaller gatherings we can demonstrate tangible results mellowing the mood or taking the edge off anger. If the devices are cranked up and married with a larger group of Reinforcers we have prevented outbreaks of violence. How could this be possible? We went far beyond 'Men Who Stare at Goats' and amped up only the more positive emotions. Finally, why all this in Rio? Look who's visiting, His Holiness."  August Roemer, Aray Powersource Marketing Officer

July 18, 2013  "We noticed them by chance, three women, late teens, early twenties standing quite close to the Chapel of Sao Jeronimo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was two days ago. They don't look unusual except they are clearly white, European, not that you don't see plenty of tourists from Europe here in Rio. They were dressed smartly in business casual clothing and they would periodically disappear. I spent a few years in intelligence work, I did surveillance, so you tend to look differently at people. What made these girls stand out was they show no fear or even concern about people around them. This is Rio, I've been here numerous times and I am totally on my guard, this place can be dangerous. Well, I had reason to pass by the Chapel twice daily, my visit called for that route. Then there were three more except older. Finally I asked an old friend who works closely with Rio cops if he knew who they were or what they were doing? He calls me, I'll translate from portugese: 'These women were hired to help protect the new Pope when he visits and he'll be at that Chapel. They are defense force reinforcers. In other words they back up normal troops or cops. They arrived with some gadgets in small cases from an American company, Aray Power  I don't know something, whatever. They are virtually bulletproof, even the toughest criminals, apparently, steer around them.'" Arnie Asmold, Canada

July 14, 2013  "Every single day that passes elephants are slaughtered so Chinese ivory merchants can profit. If you can, give money to any charitable group that tries to protect elephants. I like www.savetheelephants.org because they are on the ground in Africa in locations where the killing is the worst. I've been told by people who seem to really know the situation that SaveTheElephants.org accomplishes important tasks. And if I'm given the opportunity I'd gladly beat the crap out of any ivory trader. They are lower than scum. Yes that's a bit immature of me ain't it?" KHM

July 13, 2013  "Very quietly, even as big investment money continues flowing into Miami, Broward county and nearby steady stream of longer term residents flows the other way-----some toward Orlando, the highest  place in a state  you can easily characterize as very low lying. When it's obvious to everyone that global warming will gradually creep up onto their shoreline, Florida politicians (not all, just some) are in wailing denial about causes for this predicament. Current predictions for southern Florida for taking its first real dunking is around 2020. But it is no secret that investors with larger dollars are being forced to look outisde Florida for investments.  One reason that builders particularly are becoming gun shy is that what constitutes rock in south Florida is very porous resulting in water starting to creep up into building foundations. But really why should you care? Because this is starting to happen in more places than Florida."  KHM

July 11, 2013  "Do you believe that it's possible to distill the sentiment of investors by examinng Twitter feeds? There is a fund requiring a large sum investment, a fund based in the Cayman Islands which proposes to do that. Analytics now make it possible to do such distillations. I recently made a decision that I would try some investing using my own intuition. Recipe for disaster? We'll see.... Meantime how am I coming out of left field talking about analytics? Well, I'm not asleep out here in the woods. I may be concerned about protecting animals but I also enjoy making money. Oh my, what happened to this Kate? Well she's not reluctant to try commercial enterprises. What am I buying? Low cost index funds. I'll be trying my hand at some predictions soon."   KHM

July 10, 2013  "If I was so intent on disappearing why am I now reappearing? Life can be confusing and I feel I'm now hearing a calling. Where should you absolutely not go under any circumstances? Egypt. Unless you are very familiar with the culture of Egypt and have a safe refuge if you are a westerner I would not visit Egypt for the next few weeks or longer. There are the darkest forces loose in that country and foreigners should not be out in public. 

July 9, 2013   "This is certainly unexpected and unplanned. I was asked to board an international flight by a party who I have reason to trust. I actually have wanted to retire, to disappear from public view. I was persuaded to participate in this project but said I would not accept compensation. I arrived in eastern Europe at a small airport. I met there with three people whose identities I cannot reveal who requested I help them locate a person who is now quite well known. The problem is that this person must be located by, essentially, remote viewing. Then I was asked if I could predict where this person was likely to be going? Specifically, the route he would take? This required time and a few communication tools which were provided. 

My answer was this person would have to fly toward what is normally known as the Barents Sea. Then the plane would need to travel toward the Denmark Strait. Thereafter the route would involve flying only over water and the assumption presently is the person in question would be traveling toward Latin America, one of a few countries in South America. I was asked when this travel would occur? I told them no earlier than July 15 and it will require some kind of long haul chartered jet. I then told them not where this person is actually living but rather where he may not be living. Finally I suggested a way to communicate with the party in question which no one, thus far, had attempted.

Why did I get involved in this quest?  It could be misguided patriotism but I'd like to believe I was summoned and needed to respond. If I was so intent on disappearing why even comment in this manner? There I don't have a good answer but it seemed correct."  KHM




What is this website about? It started out to be a public vehicle for advertising the book you see in the right hand corner. Then in 2011 Kate began talking about contributing a few small written pieces as Katemcgill.com is, after all, about her. In 2012 Kate decided she wanted to go public herself and as this site already exists why not just take it over? That is her way so now we have Kate In Realtime with no apologies. What you see on this page and to some extent what appears on the Aray Powersource page come from her. But visitors are welcome to submit Comments on that page. We try to publish all contributions but reserve theright to edit or skip material that isn't appropriate. Send email from the Contact page. Thanks   M.S.

June 6, 2013  "There are two rumors circulating, at least I have seen them communicated about myself. One of those rumors is likely to come true. I'm not sure that my role as a blogger, if that is what I'm doing here, is the right calling. I have invested months, years, traveling pursuing goals with liberating animals and more recently jousting with forces in the middle east. This web venue doesn't attract all that many people and I am encouraging Michael who owns this site and wrote the novel about me to get on with a second book of some kind.  I'm hoping whatever he creates can appear online here. So I am strongly considering a temporary retirement from this activity. The second rumor, the way I hear it, is that I would accept an assignment assisting American intelligence interests. I do have relationships with certain intelligence groups, I actively offer my knowledge, such as it is. As you can imagine, if I became more actively involved I can't really address those relationships here."  KHM

June 5, 2013

"First, June 25, this month we again try to reach out to Asma al-Assad communicating the urgency she must try and bring her husband to see what he's doing to his own people. Now, unfortunately, it appears the Syrian government is actually getting the upper hand, he is unlikely to change his course, he thinks he is winning. But join us, it's one minute out of your day, she is in Damascus. Is this crazy? Crazy is slaughtering innocents, this is at least positive." KHM

June 3, 2013

"We began hearing rumors that Asma was beset with devils in the middle of the afternoon. But it wasn't devils. It wasn't pain she was feeling, there were voices. Maybe we couldn't actually hear the voices but we certainly heard someone speaking to Asma. She doesn't deserve the insanity she lives with and what her husband has caused for all Syrians. There are people out there who are trying to speak to her, to help her preserve her sanity which, personally, I think may now be impossible."  A childhood friend who communicates with Asma.

June 2, 2013

"When Queen Royal, my real life great grandmother, began introducing me to all the mysterious ideas and procedures including the Romanian Cold Hand which she accumulated during her lifetime she always added this warning: 'Honey, no one is going to believe you if you're presenting super natural or extreme ideas they can't really verify. Get ready for lots of raised eyebrows.' Queen R. had that right. On May 25th a certain number of you, I can't possibly know how many, took a few moments to send thoughts to convince Asma al-Assad her husband's strategy is disastrous. We now have some limited evidence that your efforts may actually have reached her." KHM

May 29, 2013

"This is simply one person's opinion but I think attempting to leverage Asma al-Assad to influence her husband and stop the insane war on Syrians is very unlikely. You need to study the history of Bashar al-Assad's family to see that brutality and callous killing has been part of their history going back many years. And he is from one sect of Muslims, the Alawites, who may not worry so much about killing Sunnis. This man was raised to by a father who commonly employed violence. But could his wife Asma actually alter his outlook and bring down the violence? Perhaps."  Sent by Churchlord who claims to be a professor in an Middle East university.

May 28, 2013

Very few bloggers exist in Syria as internet connections are tightly controlled if existing at all. But Syrians do manage to send emails occasionally.  This is translated into English: " We believe the al-Assads still live in a luxury apartment in Damascus but the ruler does work from a palace like building. His family and wife do occasionally appear briefly outside their home. Notable that Asma, the royal wife normally keeps a composed almost complacent face. She is basically an English school girl who once was known as Emma and grew up like so many English young people. I think she met her present husband at college and they began dating. What she must not have realized until it was too late was his father's famiy ruled Syrian with brutal repression. Apparently on the 25th of May something upsetting happened to Asma al-Assad, not that would be so surprising? This is a woman likely unprepared with living inside a war zone but a few reports say she lost her normal English composure on that date. Why? Who knows?"

May 27,  2013

"(from Syrian Huriyat, a newspaper published in Damascus when not being outawed)  We don't believe this will likely change anything but hiding behind the walls of the palace we're sure that one of the al Assads  was dealing with some event in the last two days. A person who spends time with their family said the wife of encountered a problem living with her husband's autotocratic rule."

April 18, 2013 Reach out to Asma al-Assad in Syria on May 25, 2013

"Suggested by my great grandmother some years ago and finally I'm working up the courage to try this. On May 25, 2013 we'll try to stage - create - launch, what is the right term? How about just 'begin' the first Aray Powersource worldwide 'power surge'. I'm sure the name will change but the idea is to harness all of you who are willing to devote 2 minutes, that's all, to an experiment. Aray Powersource offers solutions for focusing human minds and energies for self defense, attacks and the like. Mostly military forces experiment with Aray Powersource techniques and actual products. Now we'll try it with civilians and any military folks who care to join in. Is this a totally crazy wacked out idea? Not really, what's the worst that happens? Nothing or not a lot. So, how do you participate? Find a space where you can concentrate and focus your mind. And our subject will be the wife of Bashar al-Assad, ruler in Syria. Her name is Asma al-Assad, educated in England from Syrian parents. Why the first lady of Syria? Because she needs our help, reinforcement and encouragement to convince her husband to stop murdering his own people.

Asma al-Assad.jpg

We're not trying to injure or damage Asma al-Assad, we need to send her a powerful mental message that the war needs to stop and she can, at least, have some impact on the outcome. Would it be better for everyone to concentrate at the exact same moment? Possibly but for the first launch let's send the message, all day from around the world. We'll take it further one month later. What if 20,000 people attempt to reach Asma al-Assad mentally and emotionally? That's a lot of horsepower aimed at one person. If you can't focus for 2 minutes, try one minute. I believe this can actually accomplish something."  KHM

April 14, 2013

"My last comments elicited a number of responses about '...what are we supposed to believe about you?' So if I wasn't a model what else wasn't I and who the hell are you really? Good questions I must say. A fictional book was written based, in part, on my life and my family. I had to stop and ask myself who appeared in the book (Romanian Cold Hand)? First, you can easily buy the book, that's where this website came from but my deal with becoming a blogger was to tell my story my way. So, the people in the book were real, but that was in the early '90's and everyone has certainly moved on. As readers can I tell you the most amazing person in the book and my life was Queen Royal Elixir, my great grandmother Haddassah Harendt. She invented the mechanisms that become Aray Powersource and frankly she sort of invented me. Oh, not invented but let's say she had quite a hand in who I became." KHM

April 11, 2013

"Why don't I do public interviews? Because my greatest gift, other than my family, is relative anonymity. And it said in the book about the Cold Hand you were a model? Nope, no model. The author of the book dreamed up my role with the athletic clothing company. But hang on, I will say a number of incidents in the book did take place as described. For instance the meeting in the Plaza Hotel in NYC did occur but the woman named Cory was not selling clothing. Our interactions did occur more or less as described but the intention, the goal was utterly different. Cory was interested in me to be a leader for her in recruiting young women to be role models in a campaign. What no one then knew was Cory had some utterly idealistic and not so practical ideas about who and how these role models would inspire. It's a little complicated and right now I won't open that door. But her lofty goals certainly motivated me. Then what happened with all this high flown idealism? Cory had to make an exit for a few years, she had believers who funded her but her campaign had to go quiet. It didn't take long for me to understand the true and critical value of anonymity and that's where I am today. Why go into this whole song and dance now? Well, you'll just have to see what comes next."  KHM

April 7, 2013

"Is there a link or relationship between 'Men Who Stare at Goats', a book by Jon Ronson and later a movie starring George Clooney with.......me, Katherine McGill and my pals at Aray Powersource, our company that has provided capability to influence or stop attackers. You better throw in the Romanian Cold Hand which had the reputation for also controlling people's behavior. The RCH is really weaponized folk mythology. I've certainly read the book and watched the movie. 'Men Who Stare At Goats' is a recounting of how the American Intelligence services or perhaps more correctly the military experimented with employing mind control and parapsychology to develop mental powers that could stop a goat's heart. Yes, sorry, that whole image really turns me off. Obviously the intent was to start with goats and work up the food chain to humans. You should read the book, I felt it seemed more realistic and may be more accurate historically. The movie took liberties with whatever happened in the government experiments, I believe. So, then, how do I intersect with the goat story and/or government interest in harnessing mental powers as weapons? My response is pretty simple: In my time I've experimented with trying to control what my great grandmother taught me about the Romanian Cold Hand. The result was certainly mixed.. I have never truly succeeded in establishing control over this three century old folkway. I stumbled over the Cold Hand as a teen, never mastered it and it still baffles me. But I did learn to slide down to the emotional level required (and it was definitely a down reach), find the wavering mental lynchpins and exercise a certain power (ooh, maybe I could be on Game of Thrones?).

Did it actually impact other people? Hell yes!.  Could I control it at will? No way, I can wrestle with it and hope it doesn't kick my butt (which it has repeatedly). Does that mean I've already mastered the talent to control minds? Well kiddos, not exactly but let's just say I've had a few moments where I could snap a pretty vicious mental whip. And no goats died in this film."  KHM

April 3, 2013  "Back at my parents' home in Minnesota. My Mom, Sarah, has seen the limited press from our incident in China but by the time it saw any American media it was watered down considerably. The Chinese powers that be work hard to minimize public damage an incident with foreigners might cause. I  am not really concerned about what the Chinese think, my limited activity while in their country is simply not important enough to matter. However, I do now have an official 'minder', their equivalent of a tracker. I don't know her name yet but she lives outside Bejing, she works for their intelligence service tracking me and others I can assume. While in America I'm not very public purposely, in China I have a following and the government wants to manage that public image in their country."  KHM

Mar. 29, 2013

"Let's say I told you I could lift an elephant with one hand? Or, let's say I encountered spies from China and North Korea at a train station in China simultaneously. Could you believe either statement? Well, not the elephant. 

Finally I was on my way home accompanied by a young woman loaned to me as a favor by the same person who put up a small scad of money for us to intevene in the crisis.  Really very small but it's money I wasn't able to just up and spend. My companion's name is Prommise. Now how the hell would anyone name their daughter Prommise? Well, they did. Because it's my blog or whatever this is supposed to be I'll take a little side trip here. Prommise is 25, runs about 130, 5'7", really gorgeous young woman raised on a farm in Minnesota who had an early interest in martial arts but she took to karate and ju jitsu like the proverbial duck to water (yes, I am so utterly midwestern it hurts). That's how we met, her parents Dominick and Terry brought her to a contest I ran west of Minneapolis where they told me, 'Our daughter Prommise is just like you were back in the day. She is fearless and can take on any boy in a match and whip him.' Yup, sure could including me. I'd never seen anyone fight like Prommise. I'm fast, she's even faster and tougher. She's also totally polite and so well spoken it's uncanny. So we started hanging out and before my daughter Haddie could travel  Prommise became like a daughter to me as well. And we've traveled together as her folks wanted her to see the world and soak up cultural nuances. These folks, btw, are full on farmers working 38 acres raising hogs and a few crops. Every kid should have farmer parents like Dom and Terry. We don't always agree on politics but they are unflinching in backing their kid and I warned them, she might see some action traveling with me (no, not that kind action, Action, fisticuffs or whatever). Never mind, keep it clean.

Ok, so we're in a train station, small Chinese provincial town, us and maybe 5 other travelers when we're approached by two men and a woman who I immediately thought looked military but in civvies. The woman spoke fluent english, said they were sent to meet us for our own safety. Wanted to accompany us to our destination (the airport). I said, thanks but we were totally comfortable traveling in their country, would they like to see our papers? We were enjoying China, particularly rural China and so no thanks to the assistance. First impasse, they had a job to do watching us for the duration. This can be common if you are foreigners. They already knew our names, even showed us pictures of ourselves taken two days previous. Yes, we've been shadowed the whole time and we were aware of it. They are now talking among themselves in a Chinese dialect, semi whispering. Did I mention Prommise began studying Asian languages early,  knows a number of dialects including three in China? Are you still wondering why I'm thrilled to have her with me?  Prommise gives me her look, the one that says something's coming, these people are talking about you and trying to figure out how to diplomatically tell us we are the rice and they are the white (remember two midwest girls, we can't help it). So a sort of solution appears down the platform. Our Chinese 'partners' suddenly go on alert. Prommise sort of angles her body very subtely telling me the Chinese trio see trouble. They are now talking more excitedly. Prommise leans over and whispers 'Those are North Koreans, I'm willing to bet, they are definitely not Chinese'. Sidebar here: We have learned that there is an uneasy relationship between Chinese and N.K.'s. Neighbors yes but quite different and hardly trusting. Would you trust anyone from North Korea who is traveling outside their own country? Not me, that means they are in the North Korean military or intelligence service.

Now we are seven people: Three Chinese who are absolutely trained in police or military work. I can spot that from fifty paces, Prommise and I and now two semi threatening looking Korean men, also in strangely starched civilian casual clothes that were hand picked to look 'casual'. They were bigger than average Asian men, one hung back but had this malevolent grin lifted off Jack Nicholson. The other began asking directions, that's what I guessed was going on, but one of the Chinese men couldn't help but take a sort of defensive martial arts stance, his companion woman withdrew a bit and Prommise is sending me danger signals but cooly and without urgency. So great, now what? It became clear that the two new 'travelers' were there for us, likely not to nab us or hurt us, just to observe and possibly talk? Complicated enough? But for sure, you have five very tense Asian people and two on guard American women. I'm looking at Prommise sideways and the Chinese woman---she's going to be the fuse. She is likely not a trained soldier but a linguist or translator so she doesn't want trouble.

Oh boy, I'm wrong! Out of nowhere the Chinese woman (35 yrs old?) suddenly goes right after the Jack Nicholson guy with this bizarre kick attack I'd never seen before and to quote George Carlin, 'shit's on'!! These are some well trained Asian fighters, every one of them and so far, they are after only each other. Obviously we missed some important tipoffs because this is a real donnybrook out of literally nowhere. No nasty comments, not even facial tics, just KaBoom. Well Prommise yanks me back and we're both in total defensive postures but nothing's coming our way. It ends real fast. I'm guessing we've been sent highly disciplined professionals who don't like public displays. One Korean guy is not looking well, the Chinese woman nailed him unmercifully. But just like professionals the Chinese with draw, assess the damage and threat and sort of re-assume their previous guise as unassuming travelers. Meantime the few other people nearby are freaked out. The two who Prommise thought were N.K.'s pick themselves up and hobble away a short distance. The Chinese woman says in calm, perfect english, 'See that's why we were sent to help you.' Now what the hell do you say to her? Thanks? No Thanks?

I'll finish this. I got carried away. Prommise says something to the Chinese woman in her own language. All three of them are now on high alert and then Prommise laughs, big laugh. I still don't know what she said to them? What did happen? We settled with them, you follow us but not right on top of us and we'll accept your protection. I had to say having some official guards is not all bad."  KHM

Mar. 24. 2013 

"Well, as my grandparents used to say, this is a fine how do you do. I did get arrested by local police in a small Chinese prefecture. Busted as charged, I followed a local businessman who was involved in trading ivory, finally confronted him. He was utterly surprised that some Am erikanze chick standing 8 inches taller pushed him against a wall and accused him of offenses. His wife freaked out, the police showed up pretty quickly. But these were real locals, not communist party functionaries. And, for once, my physical stature and athletic preparation just seemed to fascinate these guys. Turns out, surprise! A village officer heard of me and in very broken english began asking me questions. How could this be? In a very small town this uneducated man knew some of my background . Wow, wonders never cease.  But, of course, the internet goes everywhere. The trader just wanted to disappear, he didn't like this exposure which left me with three policemen who seemed quite fascinated with me and then we got on to communicating about North Korea. This was in broken english and my limited Chinese but it became clear these Chinese people really fear the N.K.'s because if that country goes nuts the Chinese are the big losers.  They are deeply worried about the fat boy with no experience starting a holocaust engulfing their whole region. This wasn't any joke for them and no love lost with the North Koreans who were a few hundred miles distant. We parted on good terms but with a warning I had to leave the trader alone. Chinese people in rural areas are quite friendly and fascinated by anyone from the west."  KHM

Mar. 19, 2013. 

"We're sorry to report that our brazen leader Katherine got herself busted in southern China. She was tracking a man who controls two important trading companies handling ivory. Getting busted by authorities is not such a big deal for Kate but it occurred in a province where historically the authorities have been harsh on anyone who isn't following local dictates. Specifically, she manhandled this trader, actually did so in the presence of plain clothes police. We've retained a Chinese counsel and American legal adviser. There is great sensitivity to upsetting a local arrangement between legal authorities and persons trading ivory or anything else that brings in large volumes of currency. In the Chinese culture killing animals to obtain ivory is not considered such a major offense."  Aggie Roemer, Aray Powersource

Mar. 16, 2013

"What will happen with North Korea? This has to be one of the saddest stories in human history, an industrious people enslaved and tortured. You don't have to visit N.K. to see how the Kim Jong family have distorted and destroyed the whole population. Look at the generals, look at their faces and occasionally you can see moments where military people are made to genuflect to their leader like little toadies. I believe it will be up to the Chinese government to manipulate N.K. somehow and put the country on a sane path. But people who read my posts know I don't hold the present Chinese leadership in high regard. They should wipe out the ivory trade which is 70% grounded in China. And they prop up the N.K.'s because China doesn't want to see a world without the N.K. buffer state. Oh maybe I should pay more attention to hair products or Glee? Our future may be intertwined with how North Korea emerges from this reprehensible situation pushing the world closer to a disaster."  KHM

Mar. 13, 2013

" I'm so upset, a friend asks me if I have seen the TED talk where the North Korean woman talked about saving her family and the misery she went through. I answered my friend that I have seen that video and it was a factor in my accepting this assignment if you can call it that. A man called, got through our web of defense by being persuasive. He said he represented a group that is very, very concerned about what the North Koreans are going to do and could Aray Powersource actually help change some minds? I replied our devices can alter thinking but not a whole nation for heavens sake. So here I end up for multiple weeks on the border of N.K., then even inside briefly and the net result is two Aray Powersource devices are now inside N.K., possibly in a position to alter little Mr. Dynomite's awareness. They will never find them and we control remotely so there neighborhood dictator! But when you see what the N.K.'s have built,  a monstrous military industrial complex with no mercy for any who offend the Kim Jongs.These are genuinely scary people. Back to me, I'm bent out of shape, I miss my family, this is definitely no fun but I have to stick it out with these very dedicated, super smart tireless campaigners. And we're operating not inside China, not inside any of the logical places. I am so ready to get the F out of here. Just try to appreciate what our soldiers and intelligence people go through to defend our rights. It's crazy. But nearly done. Welcome to desperate...." KHM

Mar. 9, 2013

"They are opening shipping containers, holding back luxury goods, dragging trade between North Korea and outside nations almost to a halt. But don't kid yourself, the Chinese want the NK's alive and functional as a barrier against the South Koreans. For the first time in my memory, the Chinese seem to be recognizing that the NK's are an actual threat to China. Kim Jong Joke, that's why my fellow Aussies call him, is trouble and not so gradually westerners are seeing North Korea is a serious issue. Meantime when this woman shows up near the border with their Aray Power stuff in tow everyone is watching. I'm told the Chinese hired her company to influence NK thinking and right now it's an experiment. So why the hell are they unloading right in front of the Sino's, the NK's, and all attending Intelligence agents? This makes no sense to me but I'm told it's a purposeful demonstration letting the precious leader know he can't just go on threatening everyone. So two days ago she shows up, they do two hours of setup, god it takes forever. The cameras roll, apparently,  and this is supposed to scare the boy chick over there." Nathan Hellia Hallyard

Mar. 4, 2013

"Turns out the most important interaction we accomplished was not inside North Korea at all.  In a country nearby a meeting was arranged with a willowy, graceful Asian female doctor who had her own agenda. She is convinced North Korea will blow up in some fashion. It may not be a nuclear explosion, but she believes that this regime of Kim Jung-Un will not last. She is American but has been lobbying the Chinese leadership to take action against N.K.  Many Chinese are very worred that N.K. will blow up and dump refugees, and nuclear fallout on their country. The Chinese leadership are concerned also but unwilling to take significant action against N.K. She said Chinese people are nervous about a 28 year old running a military machine propped up almost totally by Sino money. Personally I'm deathly afraid that America will get dragged into support South Korea and a real war could ensue. But it may not last too long. Why is meeting this doctor important? Because she spent time inside North Korea. She believes it may be possible to influence the N.K. thinking from a distance."  KHM

Feb. 27, 2013

"Under the aegis of a wealthy and deeply concerned citizen I will very briefly be inside N.K. Our task is to employ the ultimate wacko version of the latest Aray Powersource development to, hopefully, influence the thinking of the country's young leader and two of his closest aides. Why give away this secret? We want the North Koreans to know we are very close by and this is a friendly drop-in. This is not a weapon, it won't harm anyone but might just help talk the 28 year old authority figure into giving up on this very scary game of chicken with western nations. Is this crazy? Absolutely but it's worth a try. So why tell them we're here? We want them to know, it's an integral element in our plan, that's all I can say. Counter intuitive it is, we're here hiding in plain sight. With the extreme focus on iron tight security this dictatorship is missing an obvious chink in the armor. But we'll be gone, we hope, by tomorrow. "  KHM

Feb. 20, 2013

"Still traveling and following the lead of a very connected friend who said the next real story will come out of North Korea. As to the meteor in Russia and my prediction of the town: Yes I got it right but it's not like I'm crowing or it's important. I am being told by a person who spent time in North Korea that the young ruler Kim-Jong Un has a loose caboose. He did live and study overseas but appears to be surrounded by not only yes-men but yes everythings. No one dares countermand him except, perhaps, the highest military commanders. Imagine being 28 and controlling an entire military complex. He will flex his muscles, threaten someone or something. But a few people think he may pull the trigger or move some ordinance and troops where they haven't gone before. Just because he can and no one may be capable of influencing his decisions. Young=dangerous. I'm hoping to pay my own visit to N.K. because it's not nearly so difficult to enter as is commonly thought. I will say getting out can be a little hairy. Hoping also to visit a few new acquaintances in Hong Kong who sell ivory and shove one up their bumpkins.  But then I'm going home to hunker down."  KHM

Feb. 10, 2013

"Still overseas, ok in Italy. Quite cold but it's Italy.  Ok, why can I not go to Russia? It's a story. First there is a connection between falling space objects and Russian defense installations and there are a whole phalanx of Russian defense facilities near Chelyabinsk. And that town is? I believe it will be somewhere near there that a space object will fall in this month. This is the famous instinctual data----sorry. Their government prefers I don't show up in Russia because I'm a source of problems particularly linking the steady stream of stuff falling from the sky and the military's deep interest in maintaining control over flights to the space station and especially giving their country advantages in using satelite data feeds. One more step, have you read stories about the Russians uncovering an enormous supply of diamonds at the bottom of an older space object's final resting place? It's out there, search for diamonds in Russia. They don't like people probing around near fallen space objects. I like to go sniffing around. Mind you, Aray Powersource has a relationship with parties in Moscow so it's not like I don't know folks in cold places. More to come."  KHM

Feb. 7, 2013

"Writing this from....Wait, now I guess I have to be guarded about location. Let's just say I'm in Europe for now and was preparing to catch a flight into Russia. I am very picky about airlines flying into and out of Russia as there have been 'problems', shall we say. Suddenly the Russian bureaucracy has a problem with my entering the country? Yes, this goes back to an incident in the last couple years when I spoke out about the surprising history of space objects showing up specifically in Russia. It's a big country, you must expect some the occasional falling object in such a vast country but the Soviet Union has had more than it's share.  My feed of instinctual data (I don't have real facts to work from) that I had to find a way to travel to Chelyabinsk near the Urals, at least that's where I think it is. But when I was quoted about the Russians' having an abnormally high incidence of falling stuff someone in Moscow reacted and I received a call at our office saying to basically be quiet. Our office has had contact with some of those people because the Russians wanted to purchase, at different times, various Aray Powersource devices. They kept asking and we kept turning them down. So they politely told me I can't go to this Chelyabinsk. Not that I was dying to go, it's literally in the middle of nowhere in winter but that area is also home to numerous Soviet defense installations. Lots of them. I had previously suggested that I thought there could be connection between falling debris and secret Russian defense plans or testing of secret Russian space apparatus. Anyway, glad they pulled the plug now, I'll remain in Europe. I believe there will be some kind of unusual happening in that area around the middle of the month."  KHM

Feb. 4, 2013

"Not funny. Whatever rings this bell in my psyche so I see things coming is presently ringing for, wait for it, Mother Russia. Why does everything fall on just that huge, unpopulated, former dictatorship full of ice and stalags (note to younger folks, that's what they called ugly prisons). So why does this matter? Because I now get to go there, to be near or in or around a town no one's heard of called Chelyabin."

Feb. 3, 2013

"Whenever I get this feeling I dread what it will mean. I no longer thrill at traveling to some remote place because another foreign body is penetrating our world. No, not that asteroid the scientists already spotted. This one will be scary powerful and nasty loud.  And, of course, why must it show up in the middle of some remote godforsaken...you know."

Jan. 29, 2013

"Americans are realizing that our very intelligent President is pursuing our enemies aggressively such as using drones to track  Islamic militants. So far this is not being publicly discussed but the non-Islamic cultures are realizing that it's becoming us versus them. The average American only recently began noticing Muslims, their culture and traditions. And I'm guessing most westerners still don't have a particularly negative view of Islamic people. But that is changing as every day in some Islamic country people are being murdered in large numbers. That's a trend that will not end. We're on a collision course, Westerners and Islamic people." KHM

Jan. 21, 2013

"I think someone needs to read this. It's from an African woman, country unspecified. 'We dragged our stuff when the wheels broked on our trailor but we had to get there. We knew poachers were all round usens, we could almost smell thems. But we was outgunned, really stinks. There's elephants, three rhinos and then the poachers started comin fast. We had two guns, they had fast shooters. We is pinned down. We fired, it was real terrible. Then, one poacher, big fat ugly is runnin for us and suddenly he drops in his trax. Just drop with blood spurting out his middle. Made us feel great to see this jalopy poacher on ground. Then my pals start shoutin happy. She's here, the poacher killer is here!!!! And so she was big as life and real pissed off. She walks right in front of us, no fear with just a bow and arrow. Looked glorious and all. She turns, gets in her pose and drops one more f-in poacher right threw his damn neck. Right threw. But theys shootin at her and us now. She just amazes, she can like see poachers in the trees. She drops another and I can see him twitchen and screaming crazy like. Then we hears rapid fire, thats military hardware, bad news for sure. She walks then runs right for that gunner. She runs right past two elephanzes, real close like they won't bother. Then sudden like the bad gunner staggers out holden his big gun and then he flops over. Arrow through his damn brain. You never seen a warrior so sure and steady. Then it's all quiet. She walks over like the big gun she is smilin' and does this little dance. Dancin!! God now we needs 50 more. Radiant Sal'" Sent anonymously to August Roemer

Jan. 16, 2013

"I'm reluctant to sort of blurt this out but better that's it's part of the conversation. I'm in a tiny network of people who are dedicated to and very concerned about the elephant slaughter for blood ivory (I guess that is now an accepted term?). I am at the absolute bottom rung of these exceptional people, most of whom are in the field, on the ground, actually contributing to stopping this insane killing for profit. I'm a hanger-on just starved for news and to learn how this can be curtailed and one day stopped. I've already told these people if they needed help persuading ivory traders in person to please call on me. Then I get  a call at 5:30 AM.'There will be a VIP visiting family for three hours near you, very close. You'll only have a tiny window and he does not speak good english.' Fortunately we were close to San Francisco, I dressed in business casual  but took what most people think is a ninja suit along, kissed Haddie as she slept (Peter was in Chicago). I had a helper who got me within 50 yards in Chinatown. This man, who we shall call (forgive me) Mr. Ming is known to handle ivory but also trades in technology products and was touching down momentarily to see a relative who is elderly. He normally travels with security but his presence was carefully protected and he was literally dashing in to pay his respects. I wore a business suit but was quite prepared to meet resistance. Actually I was fired up, this is one of the real culprits. It turned out I met Mr. Ming in the hallway of a not so nice older San Francisco victorian almost choked with overpowering(to me) scents of traditional Chinese herbs and spices. At 5'4", in his mid 50's, slightly paunchy you'd never known this man rakes in huge money killing animals long distance. I was given a basic introduction in mandarin with very specific references to let him know we had him identified. He saw me coming down the hall and tried to look away. Five feet apart I began speaking to him. He reached under his coat and pulled out a small pistol which I quickly took from him. And there we were. Now what? I had been advised not to attempt physical violence. Two women appeared in a doorway dressed in surprisingly traditional outfits and one asked him if he was ok. Then he startled me: 'I speak english. Will you try to kill me?' It was weird, I wanted to wring his neck, I wanted to really hurt him and I could have but I stopped myself. I assumed someone would have alerted his security already. I said, 'Mr. (Ming) you are destroying innocent animals in horrible ways to get rich. I really should destroy you but I can't. But you need to know what you are doing is completely wrong.' We stood in the poorly lit hallway facing each other. Next surprise, he said, 'Thank you for not hurting me. I know our business is very destructive. I am thinking about stopping it but I get pressure from members of the party.' I replied, 'You must stop this murder or I will find your children (one in China, one in France).' He clearly understood the implication. I heard loud mens' voices coming toward us. He took me by the elbow and walked me to the top of the stairs. Coming up were three very professional looking men I'm sure are well trained killers. He ordered them  to let me pass by. He wasn't happy but realized I had given him a pass so he gave me one as well. Did this accomplish anything at all? I'm really not sure." Katherine Harendt McGill

Jan 12, 2013

"I am Katherine's grandmother and the founder of Aray Powersource. Back when Katie was a kid I commuted between Minneapolis and Los Angeles all the time. A family in a neighboring town (Orono, MN) looked after Katie and her mom Sarah when I had to travel, they live on a rural farm in the sticks and Thomas still runs the spread even in the winter (in his '80's). He called me and I saved this phone message: 'Hey Helen, thought you'd like to know this little tale. Years back when you were mostly in Hollyweird you stored a bunch of them souped up amplifier like creatures in the barn but always told me to never open the boxes. Later Aggie Roemer came out with his brother's monster truck and took them out of our green barn. Well, I never told him or you or even Buzz Roemer that they forgot one up in the loft. Back around fall of '73 I worked up the gumption to open that box. Looked just like my nephew Alfie's stereo amplifier I thought. It had those ugly yellow stickers plastered all over saying it was dangerous but what the hey nothin' ventured etc. I finally plugged that sucker in and connected the strange pipe  also pointing it outside the barn from the loft. Of course, as you know not a damn thing happened except all the barn cats scattered away and our dogs started in howlin'. I walked away to the house to get some coffee and that meant draggin' through two feet of snow. Funny thing. Came back 20 minutes later and all the snow and ice within 50 feet of the barn not only melted but disappeared. The dogs acted real strange for a few hours and I admit goin' back up to the loft on the ladder I felt really odd but once I shut down your magic box I felt normal again. I still use that puppy to melt ice all around the front porch but I had to make sure all the pets are out of range. Thought you'd like to know.'" From Helen Aray

Jan 10, 2013

"Whatever you may have heard, seen or read about the slaughter of elephants in Africa the truth of what's taking place can't adequately portray the heinous dimension of this war. This is on a par with Hitler's decimation of the Jews except there aren't nearly as many elephants left to murder. The African countries which have traditionally been home to herds of elephants can't possibly fight off the criminals who are wholesale killing entire families by the thousands. All this to feed the appetites of ivory collectors primarily in China and Thailand. It's not an overstatement to say if an army of defenders does not materialize very soon there simply may not be elephants left in much of Africa. These are paid killers shooting from helicopters apparently killing so they don't miss out on the ivory that remains."  Katherine Harendt McGill

Jan 6, 2013

More of Katherine's Predictions for 2013

9. While they should simply hang this doofus out to dry permanently the Italian justice system will hem and haw giving Francesco Schettino some jail time even though I think they should shoot the dumb bastard. He said he had no real regrets. Wow? Put him in charge of of something requiring absolute insensitivity.

10. Oakland, CA will get some help from the feds to cope with a murder rate out of control. Personally I think they should try using volunteers, pay them modestly and put more feet on the street. Better education, absolutely but it takes decades to improve schools.

11. 2013 will be the first year that mainstream media, for the first time, will shine an accusatory spotlight on the growth of Islamic militancy around the world. The dialogue will be largely reserved for North America and Europe plus Russia. More specifically, a few brave souls will begin suggesting the obvious in public that Islamic radicalism has now become a greater problem than almost anything. Westerners have been bending over backward since 2001 to not point fingers at the Muslim population. Most muslims want peace and a decent life like everyone else. But the radicals now have an upper hand. There is an answer, it's pretty obvious, that  non radical Muslims will start taking an active role in identifying troublemakers. 

12. The N.R.A. will come to their senses and support a ban on assault weapons. (sadly quiet laughter)"

Jan.2, 2013

Katherine's Predictions for 2013 (some of them)

"Nothing better than making a fool of yourself foretelling the future. Here goes:

1. Bashar al-Assad will not last out the year unless the Russkies, Iranians or Chinese physically move him out of Syria. Guaranteed he will make public pronouncements reaffirming his committment to carry on. If his countrymen manage to break into his headquarters he is toast, literally. What of his Vogue stylish wife and their children. My guess is she will have arrangements in place to exit although you wonder where would they be safe? Ironically it could be safer for the Israelis if he  sticks around.

2.  The Drought. How sad, I believe it will continue and likely worst in the midwest.

3.  Home schooling will continue growing because parents fear for their kids' safety.

4.  Ford Motor Company will reveal a surprise but it won't be 'the new Lincoln division'.

5. Happy to say Taylor Swift will get bigger. I'm not the only parent who is glad to see a solid, intelligent female role model having fun.

6. Hillary will not run for President and after she leaves office she will wisely disappear. She will return in about mid 2014.

7. The Republican Party, finally, will find its new footing with a more radical remake than anyone has been expecting.  Specifically, the Tea Party will be shunted to the side. And you'll see the beginnings of the Republicans welcoming minorities. It has to happen.

8. The rise of Women in politics. Count on it, women are tired of watching men botch up running the country politically speaking. I think it will happen much more quickly than is expected."   Katherine H. McGill


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